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  1. Yep...there are a few TEs out there that would be of interest to me. I am probably in the minority...but unless MAC starts getting targets again...I find the current group underwhelming. But mostly...I have little faith that they will all stay healthy...as all three have missed games this year. Not to mention that MAC is really the only dynamic TE on the roster...if we are talking about being a downfield threat. Burton and Doyle are just guys you dump off to...MAC actually stretches the field. Would also be nice to have a younger TE on the roster...who can be here next
  2. Julio - Would love to have him...but I just don't see Ballard going for it. Julio is in the discussion for GOAT...but he's older now and has constant injury issues. JuJu - I can't imagine PIT trading JuJu during the season...especially since they appear to be a Super Bowl contender...and this could be Big Ben's last best chance. But I bet they don't re-sign him...which is an interesting discussion for this offseason. On a side note...PIT's strategy in regards to the WR position is exactly what I have been ranting about for the past few years. Colts should be drafting a
  3. I mean...I would take him for free...and see what he could for a game. It's not like the Colts couldn't use WR depth. But it seems like Marcus Johnson is occupying that deep threat right now...so not sure how Ross would get on the field...except maybe in the Campbell gadget role until he comes back.
  4. They are...but some are definitely more of a projects than others. I was more referring to either being drafted for a position change...a player that is athletic but really raw...and/or a player that played against lesser competition. Like I don't consider Pittman or Taylor to be projects...but the rest largely have fit under the "project" description.
  5. I am sure there were people who had the 49ers beating the LAR. They are (mostly healthy now)...and have their full complement of weapons on offense. The TB/GB game was crazy though. Seems like GB (and Rodgers) lays a stinker or two each season.
  6. The offense was really good after the 1st quarter. Taylor needs more touches...even in a negative game script. Only good drive in the 2nd half was because he picked up 40 yards in two plays and drove them downfield. Need to unleash him in the passing game more. He's averaging almost 4 yards per catch more than Hines. On defense...I thought Buckner played well...but overall...the DL didn't get a ton of pressure. Burrow was only pressured on 9 of his 42 dropbacks. Fortunately...two of those resulted in sacks...but most of the time...he was pretty comfty back there. Stayin
  7. That’s the Ballard special...the 2nd round defensive project picks. Seriously...Rock, Banogu, Turay and Lewis...were all projects for one reason or another. Lots of draft capital there. I was glad to see them get away from that this past year...even if I’m not crazy about Pittman’s ceiling. I think Rock is a decent player...we tend to overreact to both the good and bad plays.
  8. Getaway games are the last game of a series with another team (in baseball typically)...where the team has to then travel to another road series. That’s why MLB games have so many day games.
  9. Garrett clearly turns to go after the ball carrier and moves with the entire pile. He doesn’t even go to the ground...Nelson does. It’s a good rep for both players...but definitely not a pancake. This is what I saw. Garrett just occupying that gap...and then he turns to go after the ball carrier (who should have been met by then). Of course he is pushed back...he’s sideways and Nelson is strong as hell...and the whole pile is moving that way. But he never even goes down somehow.
  10. Mathis was had one great season without Freeney (2013)...and there is a PED cloud over it. That was also his only All-Pro team. I loved watching Mathis...his bend was insane...but I don’t think he will get in the HOF.
  11. They really need to stop reporting false positives. I know it's headline-catching...but until there are confirmed positives...I wonder why this keeps getting leaked.
  12. Lots of Colts fans have been on a high horse (pun intended) since this season started...thinking that no way the strong and disciplined locker room would do anything to risk COVID on the team. I saw several fans wanting TEN to forfeit that BUF game AND lose draft picks...haha. Let's just hope for false positives...or staff members that can be quarantined.
  13. Favre is sort of another example. He wasn't bad with ATL per se...cause he never played. But he was traded to GB after his rookie season...was bad for two years (similar stats to Darnold)...before a light turned on at age 24.
  14. There probably isn't a strong track record for this happening. Tannehill is sorta unique in that MIA didn't already have the replacement in house...unlike when Brees left SD and (likely) when Darnold leaves the NYJ. Cousins got better when he get to MIN...and Teddy got better when left MIN. It will be interesting to see how and where Winston ends up. But it does happen. I think, with Darnold, you are banking on his talent and age.
  15. For those saying Rivers has a no-trade clause...do you have a source for this. I know he had one with LAC...but I can't find anything about his deal with IND.
  16. It's a fantastic idea to do it now. Get the deal done before they do secure the top pick...and then it opens up to all suitors. But that's why I can't imagine the NYJ doing it right now...because after the season there will be other teams with older QBs possibly looking to pick up Darnold at a discount. And with a handful of teams in the mix...some team might actually give up a 1st round pick. Right now...the best they can hope for is probably something similar to what Barnwell posited. But with the relationship that Ballard has with the NYJ...maybe he could get it done. I would lo
  17. The NYJ do goofy things...but you are right. I think they will get that shot...but it's not a done deal until ATL or the NYG start winning games. And there is also a chance that they hire a HC who loves Darnold...and they decide to trade that pick for a haul and try accelerate a rebuild. That's not a likely scenario...but Darnold's age makes it more "plausible" than if he was older.
  18. If they did (I can't find anything definitive on it)...I assume it was more symbolic than anything. It's a one year deal...the Colts weren't going to trade him anyways. Brady has a no-trade clause...but he also has a two-year deal.
  19. Pathetic? I mean...this is the same group that wanted to commit to JB...Darnold is much more talented...so I doubt they are above grabbing a talented 23 year-old QB...especially from an organization they have a great relationship with. Darnold has been stuck with Adam Gase the past two years...on a really bad team with a really bad OL. The Gase disadvantage cannot be overstated...and the NYJ this season are one of the worst in recent NFL history. But as for Darnold specifically...last season he was the most pressured QB in the NFL. In the second half of the season (We
  20. IF they commit to Eason and it fails...that's possibly the only shot they will get...so they will have to be 100% sure that Eason is the guy. I don't think that is the plan though. Ballard is much more pragmatic than that. I think we will see a big move at QB this offseason...unless Rivers completely turns it around.
  21. I don't mind the Pittman pick either...but I don't think he's Brown or Metcalf.
  22. Yeah...there is a lot of chicken little mindset here. Season is far from over. But anything below 10 wins has to mean another approach at QB this offseason.
  23. Or Diontae Johnson. Or Deebo Samuel. Or Terry McLaurin (though I was wrong about him). Hell...even Mecole Hardman looks to be a good player to have. But yeah...missing on both Brown and Metcalf is very disappointing. I know it's sacrilege to question things...but Ballard (and Reich to an extent) have not really shown a nigh level ability to evaluate and pick WRs. Pittman still has plenty of time though...and so does Campbell...so I won't write them off. I just can't help but look at the WR group...and feel meh.
  24. I don't think I said they were better off without him...but I did say Watson would be fine. And lo and behold...Watson actually has a higher passer rating and is on pace for more yards and TDs without Hopkins. That's because Watson is a great QB...him being not a great QB is something people around here like to try to debate for some reason.
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