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  1. Clem-Dog

    Darius Leonard Wins DROY

    Looks like Big Q finished 3rd amongst offensive rookies, receiving two votes. That's really impressive.
  2. Clem-Dog

    Little confused

  3. You are extremely thorough BlueShoe. Do you think NFL GMs rank 956 players (which equates to roughly 28 rounds)? I'd be lucky to effectively rank 50 players right now lol. Thanks for the content.
  4. Well at $10m per, as you posted above, I do like Tyrell. But I wouldn't be on board to exceed that number.
  5. That makes sense. Mike Williams is going to be a fantasy beast. As far as free agents I think Robby Anderson has more potential than Tyrell.
  6. Clem-Dog

    Hakeem Butler

    To piggyback from this, say we trade Jacoby for a late 2nd/ early 3rd, it could look something like this. 1 - DT Christian Wilkins 2 - DE Brian Burns 2 - WR Hakeem Butler 2/3- RB David Montgomery 3 - WR Paris Campbell I would have a few pops after this draft.
  7. Ballard wasn't part of KC's staff when Hunt was drafted, so there is no connection thru KC.
  8. Clem-Dog

    Inman on the herd

    I think Inman knows that he will be re-signed. As @Colt Overseasmentioned, now Ballard must add more talent.
  9. Clem-Dog

    Kenny Moore Highlights

    He reads plays very well.
  10. Clem-Dog

    Joe Flacco to Jaguars ?

    As a b/u Foles has proven to be phenomenal but as a starter he has proven the exact opposite. Please take either.
  11. Clem-Dog

    Dee Ford

    Somehow if Ford reaches the market I'd cap out around 5/70, with about 28 of that guaranteed. While this season was productive for him, he is inconsistent at best. A contract in this range is a moderate risk/ high reward scenario that wouldn't interfere with re-signing homegrown talent.
  12. I should've been more specific in what I meant by prove it. Simply it would be in the Colts' best interest to sign him to a 1-2 yr prove it deal before commiting long term.
  13. I'm not opposed to adding a player like Tyrell especially in the range of Spotrac's projection. But with KAllen constantly injured and MWilliams consistently inconsistent, I was really hoping Tyrell would progress up the ladder but clearly he has regressed to third option since his breakout sophomore season. Maybe a change of scenery could help revert him back to form but he'll need to prove it before signing a huge contract.
  14. Why would Tyrell Williams 'demand a big contract?' No thanks on that. Kevin White would have to be super cheap to even consider. I would pursue Robby Anderson as long as the Jets don't place a 1st or 2nd round tender on him.