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  1. One very important stat that no one is mentioning is Carr's ability to win. Only once in six seasons has he had a winning record, in 2016. Overall, his career record is 39-55, which is a generous enough sample size to show that he is less than average when it comes to the bottomline. Sure when comparing him to JB he looks great but it is only an illusion to the fact that he is sub par.
  2. Teddy is worth 20 per +/- 2. I might have interest in Hill as another Slash (WR/RB/QB) type. In no way would I trade a high pick nor would I pay him QB money. My cap for him is approximately $10 m similar to Funchess.
  3. How can Payton trust a QB with 6 career NFL completions against 13 attempts resulting in 1 TD? Sean's comparison of Hill to Young is indeed a lofty one. The connection between them is that they both played at BYU, and the overwhelming conclusion is that Young was far superior. We'll see if Sean really believes it soon enough.
  4. Agreed. It's kind of important to know the return in a trade that involves passing on Kinlaw.
  5. lol You're an extremely shrewd negotiator. 6 per is the max I would want to pay him, 10m is just silly.
  6. Speaking of not being able to challenge elite teams we beat Tenn and KC. I agree. Our team is not as bad as some suggest.
  7. Marvin was drafted before Peyton and look how that turned out. Take BPA regardless.
  8. Kinlaw is such a good pass rusher, I’m not sure if he isn’t better than Brown, and I like Brown a lot. Either would do at 13 followed by Lamb or Jeudy. QB can be addressed in the mid 2nd (Eason, Gordon, Hurts)
  9. Although he wouldn't be my first choice, I would prefer Dalton over Brissett.
  10. I'd be down to reunite Foles with Reich and pick up a 2nd in the process.
  11. I am against giving up high draft capital for an average QB at best, and Carr is the definition of average. The Colts would be much better off acquiring a cast-off like Tannehill for nothing. This year's list might include the likes of Mariota, Dalton, Manning, Rivers, Foles etc... The difference between Carr and Dalton is not the 34th pick, let alone the 13th pick.
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