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  1. They also got a decent comp pick after one year of Revis
  2. As the offense progresses, especially the running game, play action opportunities will certainly increase along with its effectiveness. I want to see TY go deep.
  3. Top 20 according to Frank. I tend to give Jacoby credit for starting 15 games with that awful roster, especially the oline, and finishing his first season with 3000 yards 13 tds against only 7 ints. Granted, it was not great, but the sample proved efficient production following just 1 week of preparation.
  4. http://worldpopulationreview.com/us-cities/ Rank Name State 2019 Population 1 New York New York 8,601,186 2 Los Angeles California 4,057,841 3 Chicago Illinois 2,679,044 4 Houston Texas 2,359,480 5 Phoenix Arizona 1,711,356 6 Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1,576,596 7 San Antonio Texas 1,565,929 8 San Diego California 1,453,775 9 Dallas Texas 1,379,735 10 San Jose California 1,033,519 11 Austin Texas 1,001,104 12 Jacksonville Florida 920,984 13 Fort Worth Texas 913,939 14 San Francisco California 897,536 15 Columbus Ohio 890,228 16 Charlotte North Carolina 889,019 17 Indianapolis Indiana 863,771 18 Seattle Washington 766,893 19 Denver Colorado 732,144 20 Washington Dc District Of Columbia 713,549 21 El Paso Texas 696,610 22 Boston Massachusetts 694,784 24 Nashville Tennessee 679,318 I actually said top 10 populated NFL city and Indy's 11th. My bad. Indy is 11th out of 32 NFL cities and growing fast, and that's not including 1/2-3/4 of a million from surrounding counties that should be included due to sprawl. In reality Indy has nothing to worry about, as many once great NFL cities are decaying.
  5. If sold, why would the Colts move away from Indy? Indy is actually one of the NFL's 10 largest cities with a population larger than Boston, Cincy, Cleveland, Detroit, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Baltimore, KC and on and on. This is not 1984 anymore.
  6. I really can’t hate a man for admitting that he is neither mentally nor physically capable at the moment. In his case rehab wasn’t going so well, and so he decided to leave. I don’t think he was selfish, he literally took one for the team to protect this organization from persistently having to answer questions about mismanaging his health.
  7. Via Rotoworld, Jimmy Kempski of Phillyvoice speculated that Nate Sudfeld could be a target of the Colts.
  8. This happened near The Country Club of Indianapolis. Perps also shot houses next to his.
  9. Although I am not worthy I am honored to join the pantheon of greats in Dr. T's Annual draft contest. Thanks Dr. T, I will be back to defend this crown in 2020.
  10. Ballard has created a great culture by targeting system players that fit his needs. Regardless of the naysayers he picks based off his board, which is based off thousands of hours of actual research. In that respect maybe he does emulate BB.
  11. He has a lot of similarities to Percy Harvin. Luck is going to eat well next season
  12. He runs a lot of short routes the opposite of TY. I think he will compliment TY and Funchess very well.
  13. When you say change your grip are you suggesting widening your grip? That definitely makes it easier to press but the NFL supposedly enforces a policy that states one's grip must be shoulder width. At shoulder width is there an advantage to shorter arm length vs longer?
  14. Round 1 - #26 A - Jeffery Simmons, DL Miss. State B - A.J. Brown, WR Ole Miss C - Jerry Tillery, DL Notre Dame Round 2a - #34 A - Nasir Adderley. S Delaware B - Kaleb McGary, OL Washington C - Deandre Baker, CB Georgia Round 2b - #59 A - Hakeem Butler, WR Iowa St. B - Parris Campbell, WR Ohio St. C - Mack Wilson, LB Alabama Round 3 - #89 A - Joe Jackson, DL Miami B - Amani Hooker, S Iowa C - Connor McGovern, OL Penn St. Round 4a - #129 A - Ben Banogu, EDGE TCU B - Kahale Warring, TE San Diego St. Round 4b - #135 A - Jachai Polite, EDGE Florida B - Benny Snell, RB Kentucky Round 5 - #164 A - Jalen Jelks, EDGE Oregon B - Isaac Nauta, TE Georgia Round 6 - #199 A - Joe Giles-Harris, LB Duke B - Shareef Miller, EDGE Penn St. Round 7 - #240 A - Martez Ivey, OL Florida B - Landis Durham, EDGE Texas A&M
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