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  1. The Colts hit paydirt with Ray Buchanan (5'9" 185lbs) in the 3rd round. As was mentioned, Rodgers is a little too light in the pants. After he adds a few pounds he won't be undersized.
  2. No. That video is from Michael and his gf's youtube channel.
  3. Agreed. You can't overlook Buckner when evaluating this draft. Ballard added an All-Pro, entering his prime, to address our biggest weakness.
  4. The fact Aaron learned under Brett for three seasons before taking over is what made the transition seamless. Maybe they weren't besties, but it was three years of learning from a HOF QB. Maybe I am wrong but I don't think a similar process will apply to Rodgers and Love.
  5. Aaron Rodgers shouldn't be too surprised by this. It is because of him that GB feels they can replace a hall of famer with a future hall of famer. But, unlike the previous instance, I don't see Rodgers grooming Love to the extent Favre groomed him. This transition will not be like the last.
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