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  1. Clem-Dog

    Luck at the Indy 500

    Luck could have had VIP amenities, police-escort, etc. What a commoner.
  2. Clem-Dog

    Indy turns down trades for Luck

    I wonder who assumed Luck was available.
  3. Clem-Dog

    We traded back from 49 with Eagles

    Philly jumped in front of Dallas to select Goedert. Good for them.
  4. Clem-Dog

    We got Nelson at 6

    Nelson's presence should accentuate one of Ryan Kelly's primary strengths which is getting to the second level. Having a generational talent (ie. Larry Allen, Hutch) anywhere on the offensive line will positively impact the entire offense, and if this is the case with Nelson, then we did very well.
  5. Clem-Dog

    Will there be/is there a live thread for the draft?

    Visit the Chat link at the top of the page.
  6. Round 1 - #6 A. Tremaine Edmunds B. Roquan Smith C. Quenton Nelson Round 2a - #36 A. Isaiah Oliver B. Isaiah Wynn Round 2b - #37 A. Connor Williams B. Lorenzo Carter Round 2c - #49 A. Carlton Davis B. Courtland Sutton Round 3 - #67 A. Nick Chubb B. Darius Leonard Round 4 - #104 A. Tony Brown B. Terrell Edmunds Round 5 - #140 A. Shaquem Griffin B. Austin Corbett Round 6 - #178 A. Chad Thomas B. Jaleel Scott Round 7 - #221 A. Alex Cappa B. Antonio Callaway
  7. Clem-Dog

    John Elway Announcement

    The premise of your scenario is quite similar to the time Polian traded up for Ugoh except he gave up a late 2nd and 1st the following draft in order to obtain an early 2nd. I'd do something similar with one of our early 2nds.
  8. I read somewhere the average lifespan of an NFL RB is 2.7 years. Edit: 2.7 seasons
  9. @Track Guy is on the clock with the Lions pick.
  10. With the 81st pick the Cowboys select: Duke Dawson CB Florida
  11. The second round should be ripe with a bunch very good OL prospects (Hernandez, Price, Wynn, C. Williams, B. Smith, Oneill +/-). It wouldn't surprise me if Ballard selects two of them.
  12. @Track Guy is on the clock with the Lions 51st pick.
  13. With the 50th pick the Cowboys select: WR Courtland Sutton SMU
  14. With Doyle and Ebron in the fold, and Swoope waiting in the wings, we can afford to wait another season or two before giving such a valuable asset for a 3rd-string TE.