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  1. Round 1: A: Azeez Ojulari Georgia/EDGE B: Samuel Cosmi Texas/OT C: Kwity Paye Michigan/EDGE Round 2: A: Gregory Rousseau Miami (FL)/EDGE B: Liam Eichenberg Notre Dame/OT C: Kadarius Toney Florida/WR Round 4: A: Hunter Long Boston College/TE B: Tommy Togiai Ohio State/DL3T C: James Hudson Cincinnati/OT Round 5: A; Keith Taylor Washington/CB B: K.J. Britt Auburn/ILB
  2. 100% This year is going to be a buyers market unlike any other in league history. Cap space will be insanely valuable putting the Colts in a perfect position to capitalize. Chris Ballard is rightfully maximizing the Colts influence.
  3. Golladay. I like him but prefer Marvin Jones at half the price.
  4. With the 77th selection the Patriots select Jaime Newman * QB * Georgia @EastStreetis on the clock.
  5. I'd rather the Colts look elsewhere for a receiver/s. There is an opportunity to restock the receiving corps with legit veteran options whom collectively would be cheaper than paying TY. The first such player on my radar is Marvin Jones. His numbers are slightly better than Golladay's over the past few seasons plus he will command only a 1/3-1/2 of TY's contract. This thread has mentioned Agholor as well. So why not sign two receivers instead of one? For instance: Marvin Jones 3/$21 m and Nelson Agholor 2/$10 m = $12 m per v/s
  6. With the 46th pick the New England Patriots select Joseph Ossai * Edge * Texas @EastStreetis on the clock with LAC.
  7. Carson was borderline elite during seasons 2-4 so if he can regain that form then we've got a franchise QB. All things considered I am genuinely happy that the Colts finally have a QB and the fact that they didn't have to overcompensate the Eagles was brilliant.
  8. It's possible as I had my eye on Waddle. Let me digest this over dinner and I'll let you know in short order. Edit: Care to share the offer you received for Surtain?
  9. With the 15th pick the New England Patriots select: Patrick Surtain II * CB * Bama @Smoke317is on the clock with Arizona.
  10. New England’s 15th pick is on the block just send me an offer if you’re interested
  11. For sure the Eagles and Bears could force a trade, but apparently the Bears want a commitment from Wentz before pulling the trigger.
  12. I drove to Plainfield from Methodist Hospital this morning around 6 a.m. and I can confirm that the road conditions are awful. I strongly recommend driving a 4x4 if you have to venture out.
  13. Thanks @NFLfan If New England is still available I will take them.
  14. Mariota fo a 5th seems about right.
  15. When it comes to the draft no one really knows. Last year a lot people believed the Colts would have to trade up from 13 to get Jordan Love and we saw how that turned out. 21 would be a good spot to select whomever drops, or a good position to trade back from to potentially select Jones or Trask early in the 2nd, while gaining more picks.
  16. I think it’s #2 on your list
  17. Enough to where the narrative going around in sports media was that Chris Ballard and Tom Brady could not agree on the duration of a contract.
  18. Fair enough. I'm just speculating under the assumption that where there's smoke there's fire.
  19. I guess it was this forum and Twitter where I heard the chatter. From a financial standpoint TB’s options were limited to only a few teams, so it’s not a stretch to consider the Colts were very high on his list of choices.
  20. Tom Brady considered Indy his top destination and so did Josh McDaniels before he backed out. They are certainly of the highest profile. This isn't the NBA. Rodgers would gladly play for the Colts if he left Green Bay.
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