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  1. Still think Jameis gets resigned in NO and cannot see them dealing him to Chicago. Kinda like Watson with us, doubt Lions will trade in the division. I'm thinking us and the Pats are the 2 most likely destinations with Wash right behind. I'd give up #21, 2022 2nd rounder and another conditional pick in the 3-4 range for Stafford in a minute.
  2. Isn't 7 out of 20 35% and not 30%? I get what you're saying though and I completely agree. Sorry, just my OCD at work...plus I am a numbers guy as well. Great post though!!
  3. Not bad. However how does 800+360+60 = 1240? Shouldn't it be 1220? Also, don't forget don't we have Tell as a DB too?
  4. I would prefer to see the number of challenges changed to 2 UNSUCCESSFUL challenges per game. If the crew doing the game gets the call wrong, why should the team be penalized? I would also like to see the challenge timer used. Once they get under the hood, if they can't come to a conclusion by then (90 secs), the call STANDS. Obviously, there isn't enough conclusive evidence if it takes longer. Now, they could go back under if need be or call new york for timing and/or ball placement issues, but the original call 90 secs or less. Holding the ref to that 90 second rule on reviews would mo
  5. I don't think he would be much worse though. But I agree with several other posters in that a 1 for 1 would not get it done. IF Dallas would do a deal involving those two, we would have to add a 3rd rd pick to the deal or give them a 4th for their 6th or something along those lines. Just my dos pesos.
  6. Trade deadline happens WAAAAYYYYYY before that. Coming up in 3 weeks I believe????
  7. I'd like to see a little more "up tempo" and more no huddle. Is this something that fits Rivers style of play or is he more comfortable in the slow it down and look over the defense type of game?
  8. With the WR so depleted, is there any viable options still unsigned that could REALISTICALLY help out in the short term? Names like Taylor Gabriel, Demaryius Thomas or even Paul Richardson stand out as guys that could fill the role. Any thoughts?
  9. Me too! I live 50 miles SW of Chicago. I had a bunch of Bears fan friends over for that game. Had Colts jerseys hanging all over the house, including the bathrooms so they had to see them while "relieving themselves". Good times!!!!
  10. Me too....in BOTH my big $$$ leagues, mainly cuz Taylor was already gone.
  11. It all boils down to $$ and ability. If the $$ matches the ability, I think its a no brainer. But like someone said earlier, he's not a HIGH priority. I think he would help the depth for sure but again, if the price isn't right.......
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