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  1. Good pick! I kept going back and forth between him and Gandy-Golden.
  2. With pick #103, the Eagles select Liberty WR Antonio Gandy-Golden LA Rams up next
  3. You may be right. He's definitely underachieved and underwhelmed so far. I may have a bias as he went to U of ILL and I live in ILL I was debating whether to go with Dulin or maybe even drafting another WR (4th or 5th rd) instead of Allison but I figured its a toss up.
  4. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Starting Z: TY Hilton Starting Traditional Slot: Parris Campbell Backup Z/Traditional Slot: Daurice Fountain --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Starting X: Chase Claypool (draft..thinking at #44 as not sure he lasts past that point) Starting Big/Bully Slot: Claypool X2 (if starting X and starting big slot are same person): Pascal ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tweener or X3: Geronimo Allison as X3 (I think he could be had on a 2 yr-$4 mil deal...Still somewhat young at 26 with much to prove IMO)
  5. Mims couldn't qualify for X under above rules as he is NOT 210 lbs.
  6. Unfortunately not. Lost 2 picks in the Slay trade, in which I personally would have rather had the picks but a REAL GM is far more in tuned than me so I will go with what I got left.
  7. Was going to but need a solid edge as well. I thought the value was better at the Edge here than the WR, especially with the depth of WR classs.
  8. Sorry for the delay. I work for the electric company in Illinois and its been hectic so was hoping to be online before now. If it stays that way I will be sure to send a list ahead of time. Eagles select A.J. Epenesa, Edge, Iowa
  9. Honestly, I think Jefferson and Love are FOR sure gone by end of first round. Jones and Jackson may be as well. Reagor and Higgins could be there at 34. I'd be happy with Higgins, Mims or Reagor as far as WR in one of those slots and Jones or even Cleveland at 44.
  10. Or depending on who the Eagles are targeting at WR, if Jeudy, Lamb or Ruggs are there at 13 and they don't think one of them falls to 21, they could look to trade up as well. Give them R1-13 for R1-21, R2-53 OR R1-13 & R5-160 for R1-21, R3-85 and 2021 2nd rounder
  11. I was thinking along the same lines as you. I would hope for even something like this: Colts give up R1-13 and R4-112 (1220) Dolphins give up R1-18, R2-56, & R4-141 (1275.5) Not that it matters cuz I can't see why Miami would do it as they have TONS of needs so why not keep as many picks in first 2 rounds as they can.
  12. In the OP trade proposal, we wouldn't be getting the 3rd. It said 1st, 2nd & 4th so it would only be 1463. I am thinking Dallas would offer 1st, 3rd & 4th at best. That would be Colts 1150 to Dallas 1253.
  13. They would likely deal the #1 pick for a king's ransom OR trade Tua and get a prince's ransom.
  14. Per earlier post: Same rules, trades are allowed using this year's picks only. ALL trades after both teams have agreed to one, MUST be submitted via Private Message and APPROVED by either the commissioner (@csmopar) or one of the co-comissioners. Again, BOTH team GMs MUST submit a PM to the commissioners in order for the trade to be approved. If you do not, the trade will not be approved. The approving commissioner will be the ONLY one to announce the trade on the thread. This is to help eliminate confusion and ensure accuracy as some trades happened and weren't caught and led to some confusion in later rounds.
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