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  1. It all boils down to $$ and ability. If the $$ matches the ability, I think its a no brainer. But like someone said earlier, he's not a HIGH priority. I think he would help the depth for sure but again, if the price isn't right.......
  2. My latest on NFL Mock Draft Database got me this: Trades: DEN trades #46, #95, #118 to IND for #34 & #122 NE trades #125 & #173 to IND for #118 So I basically traded #34 and #122 for #46, #95, #125 & #173 Picks: #44 J. Reagor WR #46 I. Wilson T #75 C. Claypool WR #95 Harrison Bryant TE #125 J. Blackmon S #161 D. Hamilton DL #173 C. Heck T #194 A. Brooks Jr. S #198 S. Quarterman LB I am thinking Wilson will be gone before #46, possibly in first round and Bryant may be gone before then as well. I know TE isn't as high a priority now as it was yesterday but Bryant was too tough to pass on at that point. Reagor & Claypool fill our WR needs, Blackmon and Brooks give us some depth to develop at S, Heck is a project to hopefully be able to be a swing tackle in a few years and Quarterman is a project who could develop into a solid backup ILB and special teams player.
  3. I agree. I wouldn't mind Gordon in one of the mid rounds. I'm still not overly sold on Love, especially as an early to mid first round pick. I'm intrigued by Eason as well.
  4. sorry got hung up with not being able to get back online til now. Ismael was in my list of 3 to pick so I am good with it. LOL.
  5. With the 145th pick, the Philadelphia Eagles select: Jacob Phillips ILB LSU With the 146th pick and final pick of 4th round, the Philadelphia Eagles select: Brandon Jones SS Texas
  6. Good pick. I was targeting him with one of my end of round picks for Eagles!
  7. I have actually seen a few mocks over the last few weeks that had him going as high as end of first round. I think that is a stretch but I would imagine he will be off the board possibly by our second pick in round 2, but DEFINITELY before we even pick in round 3.
  8. Good pick! I kept going back and forth between him and Gandy-Golden.
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