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  1. Leatherwood announced he was going back to school a few days ago.
  2. I'd have to look at the particulars of the contract to see penalties and cap hits as far as cutting him and what it would do to our cap space. Getting another early 2nd definitely piques my interest. What would we be giving up in the process? Foles and a 2nd round pick for ??????? A 7th rounder? You listen to EVERYTHING even if you are not likely to act.
  3. Another Draft Network one with NO QB picked: 13 - Javon Kinlaw, DL South Carolina-- Helps with our interior line and will make it much better. 34 - Curtis Weaver, EDGE Boise St.-- I would be ECSTATIC if he was available with this pick. Makes our rush better and also will help with some of our secondary deficiencies with the added pressure. 44 - Mekhi Becton, OT Louisville--Again, this is a player I really like and gives us another option if Anthony C. retires. He also could go to right side and push Smith to guard or just give us a solid T depth player who could develop into starter in near future if not now. 75 - Colin Johnson, WR Texas--Best receiver available here IMO and from what I have read he is solid and also is a good blocker. 112 - Colby Parkinson, TE Stanford--Another good blocking TE, but also can catch in short to intermediate routes. He's not as good of a pass catcher as Doyle but doesn't need to be. This is someone who could be a solid 3rd stringer or push ahead of Cox possibly. 142 - Michael Pittman Jr., WR USC - Another decent WR who hopefully could develop to be a contributor. It is time to move on from Rogers, Dulin and those types. 173 - Evan Weaver, LB Cal - I like what I have seen and he was impressive in the Redbox Bowl. The fact he led the nation in tackles doesn't hurt either. 188 - Jaron Bryant, CB Fresno St.- At this point most players are projects but he was one of BPA in this mock. We can always use improvements in the secondary. 204 - Jaylinn Hawkins, S Cal - A safety who could possibly make the team or be a PS guy to develop.
  4. This is one I did today on TheDraftNetwork: 13 - Javon Kinlaw DL South Carolina 34 - Jordan Love QB Utah State 44 - Mekhi Becton OT Louisville 75 - Cameron Dantzler CB Mississippi State 112 - Denzel Mims WR Baylor 142 - Zack Baun EDGE Wisconsin 173 - Mohamed Barry LB Nebraska 188 - Tyler Clark DL Georgia 204 - Kalija Lipscomb WR Vanderbilt Went with grabbing a QB and could be used with or without Castanzo retiring. I like Becton alot.
  5. Well, first of all....Philly doesn't have the 18th pick. The 18th pick belongs to Miami. The best pick they can end up with is 21st I believe. Second, using the fairly reliable draft pick chart, 18th (900) & 85th (165) is 1065 points whereas 34th (560) & 44th (460) is only 1020 points. So even IF eagles had that pick, we would have to throw in our 4th round pick (#112), as it is worth 70 points. That would be closer to equal as they are gonna definitely want more back than they give up (1090-1065 in this case). Now if they had the #21 pick, it is worth 800 points so they likely would only ask for our 5th round pick added to it #142 (35 pts). Just my 2 cents.
  6. MVP--Nelson OPOTY--Mack DPOTY--Leonard OROTY--NONE DROTY--Willis Biggest surprise--Pascal Best addition--Houston Biggest disappointment--Ebron/Vinatieri
  7. Yes, it is WAAAAYYYY too early but hey, it was slow at work today. I don't think this is realistic either so you don't have to tell me that...again, I was bored LOL. I used Fanspeak On the Clock 7 round on difficult and this is what I came up with..they had us picking 14 from a few days ago I am sure..... Rd 1 14th pick---Justin Herbert QB Oregon Rd 2 4th pick--Javon Kinlaw DL South Carolina Rd 2 14th pick--Curtis Weaver EDGE Boise St. Rd 3 14th pick--Prince Tega Wanogho T Auburn Rd 4 14th pick---James Proche WR SMU Rd 5 13th pick---John Simpson G Clemson Rd 6 14th pick---Tyler Johnson WR Minnesota Rd 6 26th pick---Jeremy Chinn SS SIU Rd 7 14th pick---Davon Hamilton DL Ohio St. Like I said, some are good IF we get them there, although the first 4 picks are likely to go higher than where I was able to get them. I'd be happy with a draft like this, although I am not one that has spent a TON of time on tape and articles. Anyway, have a look and have a Merry Christmas all!!!
  8. I don't think anyone would want to go out with dropping balls.
  9. The bank is not open on Sundays. ;)
  10. I'd rather he be ready to go Thursday considering that is the day we play ;)
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