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  1. This is one of the stupidest takes I've ever seen on Bell and flat out shows you hate the dude for more reasons than he held out for more $ His "rap career" means literally nothing to any team "Spoiled brat" who wants to get paid and was only a "proven distraction" because the media hyped it up so much, he himself said he's not showing up and everyone made a big deal about playing the guessing game of if he'd show Bell and Gurley are the 2 RBs worth top tier $, so why would I have a problem with an elite RB who is also a very good WR wanting to get paid what he's due And people want to be drafted by Pitt because they tend to be a winning team year in and year out. Nobody has came out and said "they willingly pay their players, so I really want to get drafted by them" Can pay both and still have a trillion left in cap
  2. This shows me you know literally nothing about the situation between Bell and the Steelers
  3. We tried And failed And the rungame was abandoned Bell helps the passing game aswell, not just the run game
  4. CB, DL, or WR in round one We're not going OL
  5. tvturner

    Patrick Peterson wants out of AZ

    Send a 2nd, best CB in the game
  6. tvturner

    Raiders wanting to trade Cooper? [Merge]

    Cooper catches as well as our WRs do
  7. tvturner

    Colts need a WR!!

    Dez Bryant Dontrelle Inman Rishard Matthews Danny Amendola Jeremy Maclin Le'Veon Bell** any of them please
  8. Grigson passed on him once**
  9. They're searching for trade partners, and if they don't find one they're releasing him..
  10. Browns are rumored to trade him now, not release him
  11. Gordon is subject to waivers. The Giants are the only team in front of the Colts, so there's a high chance he'll be here if Ballard wants him