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  1. Reich just got a 5 year extension, he's not going anywhere
  2. His knee was down. Watch the video This isn't a talking point
  3. Blankenship is a major concern, injury or not
  4. Did you forget about the Bills game? He's a shaky kicker with a weak leg
  5. He's been missing important kicks for longer than just this game He's not good
  6. There's no reason for Rodrigo Blankenship to be on the team come next Sunday
  7. And yet Andrew was still better than Wentz ever was
  8. Kyle Hamilton and Derek Stingley Jr are two top 10 talents at DB
  9. If the defense turns it around and Wentz gets healthy there's an outside shot at the playoffs I don't see us beating Baltimore, SF, Buffalo, Tampa, and Arizona
  10. Henry is a top 3 RB if not the best back in the league AJ Brown is a top 10 WR... Julio Jones is a top 3 WR... It's not close Tannehill is more proven and better than Wentz is right now We have them beat at Tight End skill player wise
  11. - Put up more yards than any Colts receiver last year in 7 less games - He's missed 10 games since 2014 and 7 of those were last year - Still setting career highs - TY Hilton and Zach Pascal barely have more yards combined than he does in the last 3 years - 86.3 grade on PFF, which is higher than everyone on the team - He's still a top 3 WR in the league - Pulled more double teams than everyone on the Colts And on and on The only concern anyone should have with him is the price tag He's 100% a Ballard move and everyone complains about not having an elite threat on offense and when one becomes available he's "washed up and injury prone" I'm taking one of the best receivers of the last decade over two actually injury prone wide receivers and a rookie tight end
  12. Saying Julio Jones is injury prone and past his prime is completely a lie
  13. He's nowhere near past his prime or injury prone Just blatant lies and misinformation
  14. He was terrible in coverage in 2020 He took a big step back from 2019
  15. He's not great in coverage, this isn't a surprise
  16. Cool to see that he got to announce it via Pat's show. Greatest kicker to ever play, Thanks Vinny!
  17. I didn't realize half the forum was close friends with Ballard and know his every thought
  18. Bringing in one of the best WRs of the last decade who also happens to still be a Top 5 WR in the league doesn't negate development of young talent.... We've needed a player like Julio for years... And Wentz is still an unknown
  19. Julio would be a game changer for this offense... He'd be the #1 we've been needing and he's missed 9 games in the last 7 years, it's not an issue Not to mention he's still very very good and his age shouldn't be an issue because of the player he is I think it's insane people think he's washed up and over his prime when's he still an elite receiver in the league. He's better than everyone that we have in the receiving core He had more yards than every Colts receiver had and he did it in 7 less games... Not sure why everyone is against it, you want to get Wentz some true help, send a package for Jones I'm picking over a top 5 WR over betting on a rookie and an injury prone Campbell The only issue that anybody should bring up is how much would it take to get him
  20. It'll have been a rough year if we're in the position to draft any of these 3
  21. Favorites: Michael Pittman Jordan Wilkins Jacob Eason Quenton Nelson Malik Hooker Least: Julian Blackmon Ben Banogu Tyquan Lewis Kemoko Turay
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