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Colts Vs. Lions Game Day Thread


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are the lions suppose to be good 


And this is one of our easiest games of the year!

Told you guys we were underrating this team. Anyone that thought this would be easy was sadly mistaken. There defense isn't just gonna let this slow starting offense put up major points. And Matt Stafford is a good enough quarterback to see our weaknesses and injuries on defense and take advantage.

I don't think we denied how good the lions defense is. Offense, maybe a little. But I think it's more than that... It's us... The Colts... We are super terrible! Within 3 seconds a defender is in Lucks face. Which in turn = pass incomplete. We need some upside here and get more fired up. They certainly look lazy out there.

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9 minutes ago, James said:

Looking at 0-2 right now. No way we beat the Broncos in Denver. Not even sure we can beat the Chargers and Jags. Possibly 0-4 to start the season.


How many games do we need to lose in order for Pagano and Grigson to get fired?

The Jags nearly beat Aaron Rodgers and the pack they could possibly kill us 

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