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  1. The Colts have nothing much at all; they are going to be at the bottom of the division for at least another 5+ years. This team needs a complete rebuild from the bottom up; they have very little ties to top 50 college football let alone top 25! The starting lineup is filled with players from schools like Grambling, Louisiana College, Mars Hill, Montana State, Harvard, North Dakota State, Western Kentucky, Ferris State, South Florida.... and sure there are plenty of diamonds in that rough; but you can not field an entire team of long shots and expect to prosper! I used to blame Pagano, but lordy look what he has to work with! Colts fan welcome to the 1980's .... maybe by 2020 (IF the NFL is still around) they will be competitive again.
  2. Was totally confused why we kicked it into the endzone from the 50 .... should have popped it up high and tried to pin them inside the 10. Not sure it would have mattered our D made Stafford look like the best QB in the league.
  3. Guess we are looking at a 6-10 season - we made Stafford look like a HOF QB!
  4. Throttled by the Lions at home .... this team did not show up to play football today! VERY SAD!
  5. WTG Peyton .... now 3-1 vs Brady in AFC Championship Games! I hope you get that 2nd ring!
  6. This! IMO Horrible hire ... hope he proves me wrong!
  7. I agree he needs a hair cut and for that matter every player who wears it like that.... but it was more than a coach trying to hold up a player. The replay IMO clearly shows Muchchak making an attempt to toss / throw / pull Nelson aside by he arm and subsequent hair which got in the way.
  8. It was coming from both sides of the field! Munchak trying to toss player to ground via his hair? Shazier being himself .... Porter running onto field late to argue and curse at players? The entire game was a pathetic example of sportsmanship. IMO if this game had been in Pittsburgh and it was an opposite on the field - their fans would have been tossing water bottles .... its the nature of this inhumane beast that is now America! Its "in" to be a THUG! Heck you can be dumb as a box of rocks, but if you can run fast and jump high, etc etc you can make millions and run around acting like a fool..... SAD SAD SAD state of affairs all around!
  9. Trade Andre Johnson for Joe Thomas .... yah thats the ticket.
  10. Did they fire Greg Toler yet?
  11. He could only coach the guys he was given by Grigs ... fact of the matter is our D was no that bad this season - considering what he had to work with he did a pretty darned good job! For everyone saying great move - we arent going to get drastically better on D unless we bring in the talent on the field to get drastically better!
  12. Agree really stupid comparison - Grigs is not BP and likely will never be. Further the drafts /moves his first four years IMO are much worse than BPs! I dont care about the team record - his draft picks/moves clearly werent the reason for those "team" records! And there were way too many ummmmm uhhhhh ummmmmm uhhhhh ummmmms from Irsay last night - and Grigs used it way too often as well. Tells me there still exist a whole lot of uncertainty right now ...
  13. I am starting to believe the rumors - and that is yes Irsay is to blame for all of this! I see the no changes as him puffing out his owner chest as to say - I am in charge and I will make this work and look like a genius ,,,, At the same time, Grigs came across very nervous in that presser last night - every time they would take about his contract he would grab his water and gulp it ... as if he knew something was up. This body language seemed to really give off a lot of information. That gave me some sort of long shot hope that he still may be a goner!
  14. According to Irsay he had won 44 games .... HAH! IF Grigs meddles as much as rumors have it not sure how much credit you give him for the 43 - specially the first year when he missed most the season. At the end of they day I am ok with keeping Pags on board, I am not happy that Grigs will still be here meddling. From the presser it was clear that they butt heads all the time - they were doing so in the presser. Sadly I think we can expect more of the same ,,,, As for Irsay saying Grigs has surpassed BP ... give me a break!
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