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  1. RIP Brother.

    1. JPPT1974


      What happened?!

    2. HOZER


      Don't know, and out of respect for Brandon(Gavin) and his family we didn't want to pry. 

  2. I'm going to wait to get to stoked about this until I see who Grigsons replacement is
  3. Probably means Irsay has somebody lined up in my opinion. I don't think Irsay would have fired him otherwise. This move still makes not much sense to me 1 year into a new deal but it does factoring in the previous 4 years
  4. He wont be handed a HC position just because he is Peyton Manning
  5. I'd like Manning for a QB coach and probably as Offensive Coordinator. GM? I'd have to say no simply because he has no experience as a coach of any sort let alone being responsible for roster decisions and scouting other positions
  6. Sucks the Colts did not earn the right to get in the playoffs but no I'm still going to enjoy the last bit of football we have for quite some time regardless if its the Colts or not. We still have quite a long winter ahead...That's what I'm sad about
  7. Ya know this is totally off topic and random but I was think that there is enough of us I was kind of wishing the Colts forum was able to offer voice chat option for those that wanted to use to hear the person they are talking to. That would be cool
  8. I'd rather find an ILB that has the spatial awareness, coordination, speed and play recognition ability to know how to cover so we can be able to employ Geathers in many other ways to make our defense more versatile
  9. I've said for a while now neither will be fired 1 year into being re-signed and Irsay make his continuity speech. These guys are here for the remainder of there contracts
  10. No I don't think he cares that much about the contracts. I genuinely think that he believes Grigson and Pagano are the men for the jobs long term or that he will give them 4 years to prove to him they are not. Of course I hope for the best whatever Irsay decides. I want to get back on the winning track asap. I know Irsay does as well. I just don't think he is ready to give up on Grigson and Pagano soon
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