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We look like a team that isn't fundamentally sound on either side of the ball making dumb mistakes and that is on Coaching IMO. Getting outsmarted basically. I expected that from the Defense but Offensively I thought we would be able to move the ball better against the Lions. Our Line hasn't done too bad but has given up 2 key sacks to stop drives. Down 14-3, not looking good ladies and gentleman. TJ Green is now injured! We do this crap every season for some reason as in losing on opening day! Even if we lose I am not going to panic but I admit if we do lose this game it is not a good sign.

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1 minute ago, poaponies said:

are the lions suppose to be good 


1 minute ago, Floydian said:

And this is one of our easiest games of the year!

Told you guys we were underrating this team. Anyone that thought this would be easy was sadly mistaken. There defense isn't just gonna let this slow starting offense put up major points. And Matt Stafford is a good enough quarterback to see our weaknesses and injuries on defense and take advantage.

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    • Saturday going historic and taking bad losses to a new level seems to have made people forget how bad the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022 were.  Frank oversaw what, at the time, seemed like one of the worst losses in franchise history, the collapse in Jacksonville in 2021, then spent a whole offseason trying to fix what went wrong, only to tie Houston in week 1 and return to Jacksonville to get humiliated.  Considering how 2021 ended, many coaches would not have survived the shutout in Jacksonville.  
    • Holder keeps mentioning Winston as the bridge. He forgets Winston has to be cut or traded. He has a 11 million dollar dead cap if cut.
    • Actually do the "bridge QB" the correct way this time?   Instead of buying the vet and counting on him for the next 3 to 4 years and investing 4th rounders in guy's with limited ceilings...... buy the vet, but then actually use a high draft pick to get a guy with talent and a real ceiling.   I would be fine with that.   I don't know if that guy is Jimmy G, but the concept I agree with, and have for the past 4 years.  Its just has never been followed up with a proper investment in a young QB.
    • I'm hooping that it is not a rookie QB at the helm.   I'm not sold on any of the QB's in this years draft.  I would love to bring Jimmy G in to QB the team for a couple years while a young QB is groomed.
    • I think I'm agreeing with you, if the end of the season means after the SB.   The issue is that if Coordinators are offered jobs during the playoffs, and assistant coaches play musical chairs, it disrupts the continuity of the teams that are in the playoffs.  The newly promoted coaches may lose interest in their present duties.   The NFL playoffs could end up being a little like the college bowl season, where coaches (and players in the case of college) move on to the point that the team playing in the bowl isn't really the same team that earned the bowl game.   The time to do any NFL coaching hires is for every team to have to wait until the season is over, which is the day after the SB.  JMO.  Unless a team wants to hire a college coach or a retired coach, like Payton.
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