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  1. I know he didn't play in the pre-season game when he retired at halftime.
  2. Colts are working out a guard today also (Jesse Davis)
  3. My bold prediction is we win a winnable division and host a playoff game. Jax has a tough schedule, Texans are too young and the Titans are too old. A Wildcard is improbable but we have a punchers chance to win the division. Week 1 is a huge game.
  4. I think Minshew should get the majority of 1st team snaps. He knows the offense and could help the entire offense with the learning curve.
  5. If he's available at 4 I would take him.
  6. If we were to get Lamar we could be a playoff team thus giving us a late 1st rd pick. That might be what he meant.
  7. Where does the J come from? Shouldn't he be CB Stroud
  8. Only the person driving was drag racing. Maybe the passenger was vehemently opposed to the idea.
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