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  1. Glad to see Ballard believes this roster is so stacked that he can use a second round pick on a 2022 defensive end.
  2. They would reverse the trade for sure because they could turn around and flip Jacoby for a lot more than Dorsett if they wanted to. I realize this thread started six weeks ago but for anyone to argue now that this trade was a win-win is just arguing for the sake of arguing. This trade is looking like one of the steals of all time unless Jacoby gets hurt. Too bad we don’t have him locked up for more than next year.
  3. Call me flat out insane, but six weeks after the last post in this thread does anyone seriously doubt NE would reverse that trade today in a heartbeat? As long as I am totally bonkers, I would even venture to guess the Colts might trade Luck if he changes his mind about retirement next Summer.
  4. It's about time for this thread. The Colts roster is absolutely loaded with talent yet to see the field, or something.
  5. I think your posts are the best ones on this site. So does that make the answer Yes or No?
  6. And/or.... Three... Irsay will be hiring a new GM to replace the current genius when Luck retires later this year.
  7. MTGA! So what if the Canucks suspended him? And even if the Colts pass on him we desperately need another thread on this board. Seven pages of discussion about some injured free agent named Breeland. Pathetic.
  8. True. It makes no sense to even discuss a season that is four months away. We should both leave until September. You first.
  9. In the good old days when 5 or 6 division wins were almost a given, we could probably count on 10 wins with Luck. Those days are past. 3-3 in our division would be an achievement this year.
  10. So says ESPN today. What better way for Ballard to start rebuilding than to be the worst team in football.
  11. Nelson may well be an all-pro olineman for the next decade, but unless Luck returns to elite status for the next decade Ballard will never live down his decision to pass on a qb in the first round. I can’t see this working out well for the Colts. How many hits will Luck be able to take?
  12. Ballard is a genius according to Irsay, so I guess it takes another genius to understand his draft. Don’t feel bad. I’m only a two-dimensional chess player, too.
  13. Not a bad idea. Get something for him before he retires this Fall.
  14. Good point. With a better fan base, this team could be a Super Bowl champ. Trust the genius but don’t bother trying to figure him out.
  15. Heck of a trade. Anderson was a good player and hopefully will be playing for a much better team. Ballard really is a genius. No one can figure out what he’s doing.
  16. I think one of the ESPN or NFL Network talking heads made that prediction a couple days ago and boy were they right!! Our GM is obviously the smartest guy in the room because no one else would have made the four Colts picks today but Ballard, “Einstein of the NFL.”
  17. He wasn't a star at OSU but is worth trading up to second round according to our GM.
  18. Makes sense. No point in reaching a third time.
  19. All of the draft analysts had these two guys down their boards, certainly not at the top of the 2nd round. If anyone should be embarrassed it’s fans who come to this board with nothing to offer but attaboys for the Colts management no matter what they do.
  20. Another GM who tries to be clever and reaches way down the board. Love the first round pick but these two are head scratchers for so high in second round.
  21. Didn't they give us a D grade for round 1? If so,I wouldn't pay much attention to them.
  22. Probably not just you, but I think the opposite also could be true. Old timers remember Bert Jones and his injuries and how most fans were sure he was too good and too young to be washed up. Old timers also remember how the Irsays screwed up the John Elway situation and set back the franchise many years. Youngsters may be more apt to believe the Colts management when they assure us everything will be fine, when we oldsters know the opposite may be true. PS It seems like a lot of people in these threads are confusing skepticism with worry. I worry that my flight attendant wife will be safe. I am skeptical when Colts management assure us all is well. But the Colts success or failure is just a diversion from life, not a source of worry.
  23. Ballard may never live down his chance to get a potential star qb while gambling that the king of Nerfball ever plays at a competent level again. Nearly May and still not throwing footballs? Defensive linemen and linebackers will be licking their chops if/when he finally makes his next appearance in a tackle football game.
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