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  1. Gabriel Alexander Morillo

    FIFA World Cup 2018 thread

    I can’t believe it had to come to that for us to make on to the next round... France May have the better squad, more momentum, etc etc but never count us out. Having the best player in a game where one goal is enough you can never underestimate. It also helps that Messi is a 10 and not a striker so no one really has to create his chances like some other players... This Cup is great. After losing two copa finals and having a horrendous qualifying campaign salvaged by last game magic from Messi I have no expectations or delusions of winning the whole thing. I’m just here for the ride. Vamos vamos.
  2. Gabriel Alexander Morillo

    6/7 OTAs

    Enron must think he’s so slick
  3. Gabriel Alexander Morillo

    Anthony Walker Jr.

    Jesus some of you put way too much stock in players losing or gaining weight...
  4. Gabriel Alexander Morillo

    Report: Jack Mewhort back on one year deal

  5. Gabriel Alexander Morillo

    Colts sign Matt Slauson

    Good signing. If he isn’t automatically a starter then he will be at some point when our big boys start to go down with injuries
  6. Gabriel Alexander Morillo

    Pugh to Cards

    How does he grade out v Jensen @ Guard? Jensen is projected to get 9+ mil so you all better be butthurt if we end up giving him that much too lol. Be consistent
  7. Gabriel Alexander Morillo

    CB Phillip Gaines to visit Colts

    I didn’t put any words in anyone’s mouths. I was very specific in that I said “Those banking on him being better” Do you include yourself in that group? im not dissenting. I don’t even care about this upcoming Colts Season. This is the year of the World Cup and my first year of Vet School. I have much bigger worries lol. Ballard can be stingy or carefree in his spending as long as he gets good people. But Gaines succccks
  8. Gabriel Alexander Morillo

    CB Phillip Gaines to visit Colts

    Oh man. You guys that are banking on him randomly being good in a zone shame despite him sucking the big one in Man are a special kind of Optimistic lol
  9. Gabriel Alexander Morillo

    Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    As in you don’t think he’ll be a disappointment? That’s fair. I just think he’ll be average at guard, which is fine, but not worth the 10 mil it’s most likely going to take to get him
  10. Gabriel Alexander Morillo

    Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    Cam Newton isn’t making any OL look better lol...
  11. Gabriel Alexander Morillo

    Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    He’s good at center. Average graded at guard at best. There. Now you all know. Imo if we intend to play him at Guard (which we absolutely will) it’d be a mistake to sign him for the 10+ mil a year it’s going to take. I know lots of you think we probably bid the same amount for Norwell but I’d honestly have been comfortable upping that offer for an all pro guard vs the 10 mil we’re going to have to pay for an average at best guard. Just my honest thoughts on this but this dude is going to be a guy we’re going to sin and cut as soon as it makes the most “financial sense”. A disappointment, if you will
  12. Gabriel Alexander Morillo

    FA Theory

    You wish
  13. DAMN that boy is fat. I’ve always wondered if two Olineman weighed he same + same height is there any disadvantage to one being much lower Bf% vs The archetypical fatboy lineman? i was only a kicker/punter so i have no idea
  14. Gabriel Alexander Morillo

    Jerrick McKinnon to 49ers 4 years 30M. WOW!

    If a guy like McKinnon can get that much we might as well just gracefully bow out of free agency this year. No way you’ll get anybody, even average players, without “overpaying”