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  1. Even as a 21 year old I know that LT means Lawrence Taylor and not Ladainian Tomlinson(despite how much I like him)
  2. Just one good game from them. Gonna have to see it consistently to even dream of calling anything "improved"
  3. Maybe they're friends and Chuck confided certain things to him? Doubtful but that's the only way any of his claims would make sense imo
  4. That one of our Defensive or Offensive coordinator will be fired after we get blown out of the building by the Cards
  5. Might as well let Wilson start as well. Maybe it's not a lost season but these Andrew Luckless games are all lost regardless. A lost stretch, if you will. Let's see what we got. Thought I don't like the vibe around Wilson not starting over our #2 or getting less playing time than Hairston. Pretty disappointing
  6. Ahhh yes. I member the infamous 0-100 start of the 2011 season.
  7. Very telling that a guy who just now has learned every bodies name is starting over Tolzien. What a screwup that was
  8. The Colts are incredibly unlucky with olineman. They do their due diligence in trying to acquire good ones but they either get hurt long term or just plain suck lol
  9. Sucks to hear about Luck. I knew he'd be out awhile but I thought it was just to be overly cautious. But no, he can't even practice yet which blooooows
  10. Meh. Even with him our line loooked like hot garbage.
  11. Told you dudes that Hankins and Sheard are trash. I'll never understand how so many of you get excited over mid level signings like that. Those are the type of dudes you sign when you already have good players at the position as it'll make them look even better
  12. Theyr hot garbage. Our coordinators blow. But keep in mind Luck isn't playing yet so the offense is dumbed down for the severely football handicrapped Tolzien
  13. Can't say I agree with you man. For 2 reasons. 1. Anyone watching can clearly see that Pags is a lame duck (same with Chud too). Ballard obviously has no faith in the man and probably wants us to lose many games this year for a better pick and a justified reason to fire Pagano. You can just look at the plays we call and see that they literally adjusted NOTHING in the offseason to make a more effective offense. The defense I want to give a pass to due to all the new players but it's still obvious that we have nothing in terms of Pas rush or coverage skills. 2. Luck is g
  14. My favorite NFL team is the Colts. My second favorite NFL team is whomever is playing the Pats
  15. It's been a loooooongtime since we've been graced by the presence of AMfootball and the bradybunch. Pretty sure Manning took dragged them behind his horse when he rode off into the sunset
  16. Doesn't really matter since Williams went before him.
  17. No need to be pedantic. Most laymen wouldn't know the actual definition of a theory, especially not some random sports blogger like the dude who wrote the "article"
  18. Nothing really to take away from it. He outright says it's a "theory", even though he has a Colts medical staff source saying that Luck is gonna miss at least 6 games if not the entire season... Either he's right or he's wrong. All sports front offices are shady anyways and all are money driven
  19. Clark is a classic case of fans overrating their own players imo. Not that I think Jeremy Lane is all that, but Clark sure isn't.
  20. He's garbage in coverage. We don't need another stuffer, we need someone who can actually make a play on the damn ball/man up against a receiver
  21. HEy as one of Green's primary haters here I'll be very happy to admit that any good news is great to hear for the guy. Anything that means he might be a player for us and not an athlete. I'm a Colts fan first, and a haterade drinker second (and third)
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