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  1. dgambill

    Looking Ahead

    What I find amusing as soon as we have success after building this team through the draft and not wasting money in free agency we immediately want to abandon everything we have been doing the past two years to get to this point to change course and do the opposite. Why?!! Just keep doing what we are doing...it’s working and we are getting better...why change the plan now?!! Trust the process!
  2. I would love to hear the excuses of a dome team going into snowy weather and winning. I haven't had the best start to my weekend but this game could turn it all around.
  3. Rough weekend...Cats dropped a bad loss in Sec falling behind UT for that #1/#2 seed in South so they can play in Louisville in Regionsls. IU took one on the chin at Michigan. They are really good. Final Four good. We actually out played them from 10 min mark in first half to the finish but we got blitzed out the gate. Romeo and Morgan 2 quick fouls and had to sit...Michigan goes 15-20 from floor to take a commanding 16 pt lead. We battled hard but just couldn’t get over the hump...we are back to the injury bug. Davis, Robert, Race, Forrester, and Jerome our with injuries. Never seen a team so plagued. Archie should have bought them bubble wrap for Christmas!
  4. Because then you give the Rams 3 years head start in winning over the LA fan base. Best to get there and start competing for those LA marketing dollars and fans. That said they should never left San Diego. When they have more opposing fans then their own that is sad. Same thing will happen when the Raiders move to Vegas. How many away fans are going to take a cheap flight and weekend in Vegas and take in a game? I know I will...wife is actually more excited than me.
  5. U2...we are both trying to exercise demons with NE. Good luck!!
  6. We really missed Rob Phinisee last night against Illinois. Second player on the team to suffer a concussion and expected to be out long term. Another has been out the whole season. I don't get how guys in football get cleared for the next week yet our basketball players are kept out for months because of it. Honestly, I think it was because of the Wilson incident with the football team now the school is afraid to put athletes back out there after a concussion. That all said Romeo looked amazing last night. Dropped an easy 28 and really took over the game. Tough Michigan coming up next...without our starting pg going to be tough on the road. Still 12-2 and 3-0 in the B1G...good start.
  7. I don’t know who we pick but I’m excited it’s the second pick in the second rd! Might as well be another first rd pick. Man that trade last year looks even better! I mean look how GB gave up the 14th pick just to get perhaps the last pick in the 1st rd this year. Three seconds and who knows if they all turn out to be starters.
  8. dgambill

    College Football 2018-19 Thread

    I heard some Purdue fans talk about how excited they were as well with Brohm staying....hopefully you don't fall flat like that...that was an embarrassment to all us Indiana folks. A bad showing can set you back after a great year. Nothing like chopping all that hard work right out from under you if you get embarrassed on National TV. That said I don't see any way possible you guys lay an egg like Purdue did.
  9. Ashton Hagans has really stepped up. Obviously if Herro starts knocking down 3's consistently you are a whole different team. Yes....it was overdue.....he has been a train wreck. Question then becomes who replaces him. I'm sure they will go high profile...the natives won't stand for anything but a big name. That said Billy Donavon isn't walking through that door.....and Mark Few is never leaving Gonzaga. I would go with Jamie Dixon....I know he is at his alma mater now but he is the most solid coach that has ties to the Bruins that would make sense.
  10. That was a big win for you guys. Really should give you a big shot in the arm for confidence. Reid Travis is just a beast out there....really improves everyone on the team. It was a great move by Cal to see the team needed a veteran leader because without him I'm not sure the Cats would be a tourney team. Really smart to add a player of his caliber...all-pac 10 center. Looks like you guys got back on track!
  11. Luck would get a penalty if he did that now for leading with the crown of his helmet.....but I love it! Almost as much as this tackle.. Move over Pat Mcafee.....there is a new sheriff on the block now!!!
  12. dgambill

    Malik Hooker

    Great play....yes it should have been made but it is nice to see us make it. As for the Debbie downers...I'm sure if they won the Mega millions they would be upset they didn't win the Powerball....some just never happy with anything.
  13. dgambill

    Rather the Texans win South?

    Does Mike Scifres still play for the Chargers??? Nope.....then let's play a home game!
  14. Stars want to play with other stars more than just about anything other than money. Unfortunately Victor's health has kept him out of many of the big games this year. If he can develop relationships with some guys might be the only way I can see someone choosing us. In the end most of the time it's money...and just about every team in the league will have max money slots available next offseason.
  15. dgambill

    Brady to lose out on 5 million in incentives??

    Honestly I did not know he had fallen down the list so far in most those categories. He might finish 5th in yardage but it's a long shot. This year is starting to remind me of Peyton's year before he retired. Was looking strong and still deadly coming off that record setting season and then injuries and body started to turn on him...and he finished hobbling towards the finish line. Tom looks pretty healthy but it does look like he is going to limp home. It's a crazy AFC and NE can win it about as much as anyone but he has to start contemplating the end is near I would think....especially with Gronk also looking like his body is giving out too. Edelman looks a little worse for the wear too. I can't see Tom wanting to go through a rebuild.