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  1. YEah obviously he felt that way...he made the trade lol...I can’t argue against that...question becomes was he right?....and did one of those 10-15 fall and we pass....I thought Sweat could be in that category. ANYway...it will be a busy night tomorrow!
  2. Well except it is entirely possible a top 10 pick fell because of a bad medical...anyways Ballard has proven he can turn these 2nds into starters so I’ll trust him..but this isn’t theoretical players...we know who we gave up to move back...hope it pays off.
  3. So you are saying there is no value in the first?? I think Ballard values quantity...especially in rd 2....but no doubt who was at 26 had more value than who will be there at 46.
  4. A year from now we will know a little more on the value...it isn’t just a spot..there was real guys sitting there we just passed on...for theoretical players..who knows. Again...Ballard has earned some trust with last year but dang to move that far back...hope he didn’t get to smart for his own good.
  5. Ballard really really trusts his evaluation process...he hit a home run last year in rd 2...if he repeats it then I give him all the credit...but he has some balls to drop that far imo...he better nail it!
  6. On top of who went off the board with our pick. Just went way too far back for my liking.
  7. Imagine those that drove down to watch it live!
  8. That is going to tick off a bunch of people!
  9. Washington pick will be high next year but I would want more than a second. Maybe Ballard just loves collecting 2nd rd picks.
  10. So there is two questions...does he fit our scheme...because the guy is talented there is no doubt about that but he also can be exposed in certain instances...and how much does he want. I trust Ballard to decide if we would get pro bowl Collins or what we saw last year. Luckily safeties don’t typically command top dollar.
  11. Indeed...playing with a lead means more attempts at rushing. More interested in hurries/sacks per then total.
  12. I would look at teams with multiple first rd picks available. Normally I would say look out for Oakland but they doesn’t fit their time line nor money issues. Green Bay but again they don’t spend a lot or money. Some reason Minnesota seems to keep coming to my mind. Pair with Cousins...maybe move a lb or someone else from that defense in return. 49ers make most sense I agree..I think NFC is most likely.
  13. Maybe because we’ve seen OBJ in the playoffs...he spent the week partying on a boat and looked hung over and was a no show in the playoffs...so yeah I’d rather have Inman who at least gives us everything he has instead of playing a diva. If he wants a trade what makes you think he will be happy here and not ask for a trade? He’s a malcontent...I’d rather not have him on my team...guys like him don’t win Super Bowls. Leaders are like Tom Brady...who sacrifice for the team and put in the work...not complain all the time.
  14. Rough weekend...Cats dropped a bad loss in Sec falling behind UT for that #1/#2 seed in South so they can play in Louisville in Regionsls. IU took one on the chin at Michigan. They are really good. Final Four good. We actually out played them from 10 min mark in first half to the finish but we got blitzed out the gate. Romeo and Morgan 2 quick fouls and had to sit...Michigan goes 15-20 from floor to take a commanding 16 pt lead. We battled hard but just couldn’t get over the hump...we are back to the injury bug. Davis, Robert, Race, Forrester, and Jerome our with injuries. Never seen a team so plagued. Archie should have bought them bubble wrap for Christmas!
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