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  1. What do you all call them over there? Just curious lol.
  2. I do like that he has post season experience....and when I say experience I mean WS MVP. He went toe to toe with Scherzer last night and didn't blink...that is what it will take in the playoffs. Magnificent....guess he was pitching uninspired in Texas because of the situation. Just thrilled he has fit in so well. My only concern is that our top 3 pitchers are all lefties...and we run into a team of heavy right handed bats (like the Yankees). We really need Nomo to come back and pitch like he is capable. Just to split up the staff. Lester and Hamels pitch very much alike...need a righty to start between them. Anyways it was the best pitching dual I've seen all year...then the best finish I've seen....overall a great game to watch.
  3. Thank you Hamels...I’ll admit when I’m wrong he has come in and been an ace. Never thought he still had this good stuff. Then we had no hope and bam bottom of ninth walk off granny...just couldn’t script it any better...hope this wakes up the team..they’ve just been sleep walking this second half.
  4. Thats how awful management has been to you guys...they have you defeated and not expecting anything and thus they don’t have to even try. Either way they need to do something. I think Machado and bring back a veteran like Murphy and add a closer and maybe some hope and some life in your guys. I guarantee the players share your same sentiment..and that’s the very thing you have to change by going out and showing them you are bringing in some talent and flip the script. Have a good night! It wasn’t that many years ago the Cubs had me feeling the same way you do. It can change.
  5. I think we will know what we need to know about Chris Ballard in a couple more years. This past draft and what he does next year with two seconds and likely an extra compensatory pick plus what he does in free agency next year we will have enough information to really start to judge him. By the the end of the 2019 season we will either be building to winning our division and being a playoff threat or if we are sputtering then it will be safe to say we aren’t on the right track. This rookie class should be really contributing and next years should show some signs. That’s when I’ll really start expecting us to make a run.
  6. dgambill

    Schwartz on Nelson: Mostly real good...

    I agree he had some hiccups in pass protection. He isn’t a finished perfect player...he has work to do and I’m sure he knows that. These mistakes in college mostly go unnoticed because the defense can’t take advantage of the mistake or your strength etc will make up for it...in the pros you are exposed all game pretty much. I’m sure he will clean things up...but he will have some moments this year playing against the NFLs elite.
  7. Which is why my point being you need to be tearing down and rebuilding to get that core or you need to add some leadership and instill some confidence in that lineup and going all in. This playing around in the middle not selling or buying...that is just pu$$y footing around and I despise GMs like that. Just trying to play it safe. The fans deserve better. Mets have a core..it’s mostly made up of their staff but they have some decent everyday guys and sometimes you need someone to have faith and bring in some guys that set some expectations for you...else you get a bunch of guys playing with no sense of urgency and not playing with great effort everyday.
  8. I just think that pitching core is good enough. You don’t have to score runs like the Cubs or Yankees to win. You just need consistent 3-4 runs a night. Bring in a couple big bats to help drive runs in and show you are working to something. Otherwise who are you waiting on to come up and be your core? David Wright is back in single A...maybe a year or two he will have worked his way to the bigs again...or are we waiting on Tebow? Love the guy but he ain’t helping you. If you are not ready to build your team around the staff you have now...then you should trade them because it’s pointless to do nothing and wait for help from your minors when you will lose your pitchers for nothing by the time anyone develops. You honestly don’t need much scoring with a staff like that. Hey I get it...putting a team together like Houston or Chicago is the model...but you don’t have the talent in the minors to get there in the next 3-4 years...in the meantime you wasted your staff. Go all in or trade them...doing nothing is just an insult to the fans you deserve better. that staff could be the Atlanta Braves of the 90s...just keep adding offensive pieces...some meat in the middle of the line up...then build around that but the front office has no vision...you but or sell this offseason...you can’t do nothing and wait.
  9. I appreciate that....but football and baseball are very different imo. You have your core. That pitching staff is fabulous!! You just need to add some run production and tinker with the bullpen. You only have a small window until guys like Degrom etc will be moving on if you don't show him you want to win now. Mets just typically are cheap. They won't commit to winning because they are afraid that then they will have expectations...if you don't win with expectations then you lose your job. It's a weak front office if you ask me. Based on what they have they can make moves to win their division I fully believe it. I think your biggest issue is your front office more than the core of players. But if your happy having more seasons like this one and then watch all those aces walk...be my guest.
  10. In the preseason you don't want your best backs to be taking that many hits...especially when number 2 and 3 offenses are on the field. I think Darkwa would be a good signing and let him carry the rock early on and keep our best backs fresh. We have some "little" running backs. They won't be able to take the same work load that Frank gave us. They just aren't built for that.
  11. Hendricks when pitching well hits the corners and gets guys to hit weakly. Kind of amazing since he doesn't throw that hard but he just puts the ball in a place where they can't really barrel it up. If he isn't getting calls he has to put it more over the plate and that spells disaster. He just has a low margin for error.
  12. On paper you guys should definitely be in the playoff hunt this year. A lot of things went wrong...players hurt...young guys making bad errors...some bumps in bull pen etc...but it is really coming together and now that lineup is all hitting at the same time. I don't want to face you!
  13. Nobody is winning with just home grown players. Houston wouldn't have won the world series without trading for Verlander, Boston signed JD Martinez to a huge deal, Yankees do the same, Cubs go out and buy Lester and Heyward and Chapman....everyone supplements their youth...and I totally get that you've done an AMAZING job of that staff but you can't let one bad signing deter you from doing what is the right thing. You need offense bad...and if you wait til your young guys are ready half that staff won't be there any longer. Now is the time to make moves and the great thing about a free agent like Machado is he only cost money. You don't have to give up a thing. You can't win with just your own guys...if you don't like Machado or Harper on their skills that's fine then you are going to have to make a trade. But if you wait til your young guys are ready (who may or may not ever make anything of themselves) that excellent pitching staff will all be playing for another team I'm afraid. I think you just don't trust your management to make the right moves and I get that..but the right move is to go all in now for the next 3-4 years while that staff is in its prime. In 6-7 years yes those big contracts you have to pay the piper but you have a chance now if you play it right. Eventually you have to spend money and acquire guys...a couple batters and a reliever to go with your young hungry guys and you have a great shot!
  14. dgambill

    Colts lead first ejected player...

    It’s self explanatory. Text book what not to do. Had that been Hilton getting hit there would be no doubt our feelings. If you don’t want to have to launch into a guy to break up a pass then maybe you should get your butt in position to knock down the pass instead of trying to dislodge the ball with a vicious hit.