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  1. That’s the players fault. MLB wanted to do the bubble thing in Florida and Arizona at the spring training venues and the players nixed it. I don’t even know if the Blue Jays have even found a place to play their games yet because they aren’t allowed into Canada without quarantining. MLB players union is pretty strong...but I don’t think they were totally looking out for their players as much as the money.
  2. https://www.foxbusiness.com/sports/dolphins-owner-turns-to-company-he-invested-in-for-covid-19-protection Dolphins using special UV lighting to sanitize locker room and meeting rooms. Pretty cool stuff and the kind of ingenuity it takes to move forward.
  3. Here is where I sit. Which is a safer situation to be in. A controlled environment that is constantly testing and taking measures to limit contact, sanitize, and limit the spread of the disease and because you are being tested so often could likely notify you that you caught it sooner and help protect you from spreading it to your family and allow you quicker treatment all the while making millions of dollars well i think that would be a better option. Staying at home isn’t exactly safe...and I’d be surprised these guys aren’t at more risk by opting out then opting in. That said it’s a free country and if they are worried about their health that is respectable....I mean sure they play the most violent and harmful sport/activity that one could so obviously worrying about their health goes so far but it’s their right to choose. Just know you while you are sitting someone is taking your job and that money you pass up there is no other job after football that you can make up that money in.
  4. There is a lot of talk that Wilson has been looking to get out of Seattle. Maybe they are just trying to stay competitive for the now to keep him happy. Agreed to much for a safety but the defense Seattle employs great safety play is almost as important as cb play. I think they will make the most of him but that indeed is a high price. Honestly the GM hasn’t had the best track record with early picks but rather later rd guys. Maybe he feels having the certain thing is better than rolling the dice on an early pick.
  5. I know I’ll catch heat but imagine if Tom Brady was half as up his own * as Aaron Rodgers. He couldn’t even live on this planet if he walked around like Rodgers did...6 Rds past over...and still manages to love his parents, wife, and teammates. The 22 pick thing is interesting though...maybe why Luck and Manning were such lovable characters...they haven’t been wronged enough lol.
  6. Seattle is in win now mode. The West is no cakewalk anymore and they are making the most of Wilson’s prime.
  7. Maybe until he lost his spine.
  8. The thing is..the Jets have to turn that haul into something and in the end I put my money in Seattle getting the better of the trade lol.
  9. I don’t know for sure but I get the feeling that Aaron isnt the most likable guy.
  10. I can think of only a handful of safeties in the history of the league worth that type of trade...and while Adams is a solid player...he ain’t worth all that.
  11. My solution to Thursday games is to go to two bye weeks with one before the Thursday game. NFL could go to the 18 game schedule it wants anyways and to do that they will have to have multiple bye weeks or players won’t survive the season.
  12. Since Rodgers just signed that huge contract I think I read he is basically untradable for the next two years or GB would have something like 50 million in dead money. That said after 2 years it would be possible and likely given what they have invested in Love.
  13. Remember these guys may not even have a training camp...or very limited offseason. Reich is going to go with guys he trusts and knows the offense. Taylor might have a bit of an advantage because running the Ball is probably one of the simplest and more instinctual parts of football but even there you need to know your protections etc. I expect both to be worked in slowly.
  14. Or maybe he realizes it’s a sunk cost....we are going to have almost no training camp and lucky to have a couple preseason games so almost nobody he brings in this year that is unfamiliar with the system is going to help much. We have a 38 year old qb on a playoff caliber team in a year of the most uncertainty anyone has ever seen. Bringing back a leader in the locker room and a guy that knows the offense inside and out and lead us to wins. Jacoby is the perfect insurance policy and back up for us especially this season. I’ve never been a big Jacoby fan but for this season...I see his value. It might not be 20 million but he can provide something that no one else in the league can. Insurance.
  15. One thing we all should just admit right now....if anyone thinks they know Chris Ballard enough to know what he is going to do in free agency or the draft.....they are just fooling themselves. This guy is playing chess while the rest of us are playing checkers. The only thing predictable about him is that he will prove himself to be unpredictable.
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