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  1. When I say it was his play it was his play in regards to his salary cap hit that got him cut. If he was high performing they would have found a way to keep him...ie extend him or move on from another player instead.
  2. Bringing this full circle to Rhodes...he is available because of his play last couple years and especially late last year. My hope though is we use him differently.
  3. I saw nothing out of line. Just people disagreeing with his position. I’m not even a Cousins fan either. Definitely think he is overpaid but so are a ton of qbs right now. That said to come to a teams board who suffered through one of the most frustrating seasons ever and quite literally going from championship contenders with a great qb to a less then mediocre team suffering through some painful qb play this year and then to complain about your pro bowl qb is insensitive on his part if anything...but it’s alright. I’ll leave this thread to the Vikings fans...of course their opinions can’t be questioned on a Colt fan board.
  4. I think our staff will put him in position to be successful. Keep him away from bad matchups. Hopefully this will mean fewer missed tackles. He has always been good in run support. I like that.
  5. Wait...he comes to our board and we have to agree with him? Uh no. If he doesn’t like our opinion tough. He can go back to his Vikings board and cry about his top 10 qb. And nobody has been insulting or disrespectful one bit. I don’t go to other people’s boards to argue about how crappy Jacoby played last year when someone defends him. People have brought up stats and reasons to support their arguements...isn’t that what we ask people to do...back up your opinion with facts and give an honest take. Nobody is asking him to change his mind but to ignore the fact that their defense has clearly fallen off...the play calling on offense is different under a new OC and Zimmers game planning has become stale. Like him or not Cousins is one of the best qbs in the league..and they should worry about what is falling apart around him then what he isn’t doing for them.
  6. As for Rhodes who this thread is all about. Again familiarity with the staff should mean we know his positives and negatives. Hopefully we try to keep him in position to play his best ball. It’s one year prove something deal so we are both hoping to get the best out of this season. I’ve not heard he is a bad locker room type etc so should be good with our young secondary if even just sharing his knowledge even if his skills are diminished.
  7. If you think Ryan Tannehill would get you over the top tells me all that I need to know. We simply disagree and will never see eye to eye. I’m not a Minnesota fan so I have no dog in the fight but I have seen enough from Cousins who outshined RG3 to take the job in Washington and seen him help you to some big wins as well. He has plenty of fight and leadership. He may not be Joe Montana but he ain’t Jay Cutler either. If you want to say his contract limits you guys...sure...most qbs are overpaid outside a few elite ones but man you would think you would appreciate the qb you have because it’s seldom you get a Brett Farve, Warren Moon, Fran Tarkenton. You could easily go back to Matt Cassells, Christian Ponders, Tarvais Jackson’s, Gus Frerottes of the world. Good luck!
  8. Teams with good pass rushes usually make qbs look avg at best. You couldn’t run the ball againdt SF and that was the downfall there. Whatever you think of Cousins you aren’t going to get better qb play from 25 of the other 32 starting qbs in this league. You should be thrilled to have him. I’m sure who ever Keenum is playing with now would trade you him in a heartbeat. Teddy can’t stretch the field...I’m not going to say who is at fault but Kirk isn’t why you aren’t taking that next step. The defense the OL play lots of areas have diminished. Can Kirk carry you despite that...probably not..but outside the handful I mentioned earlier...you need to look at other areas to why. That’s just someone from the outside giving his nonobjective opinion because I could care less about Diggs, Cousins, or anyone on that team. All I know is it’s pretty special to make the playoffs and even more to win on the road in the Superdome. He wasn’t phased and he dropped a handful of dimes that few can including the one that set up the game winning Td. Good luck next year!
  9. Kirk has his haters and supporters. It’s never all fully about him. After all it’s a team game. He certainly played well against the Saints along with the defense in winning that game. I mean he made some incredible throws in that game and certainly out played Brees. I think you put him on SF they win that SB for instance. He wouldn’t have overthrown a wide open Sanders in the last drive by 10 yds like Garappolo did. Is he a HOF qb....most certainly not. No one is mistaking him for Brady, Manning, Brees, Rodgers. He isn’t Wilson or Mahomes either. That said is he as good if not better than Garappolo, Prescott, Goff, Wentz, Rivers, Tannenhil, Watson or anyone else out there. He has some flaws but he certainly is good enough to win a SB. To me it’s about putting the right guys around him and most importantly the coaching and play calling. If you have superior talent or even and a divisional rival is beating you...that is the coaches fault not your qb. It’s about diversifying you game plan and not being predictable. I’d say you have top 10 qb and bottom 10 coaching last couple years.
  10. Yes. Familiarity in an off-season where there will be little to no time to get familiar with new teams/players. We see this with guys that Ballard has brought in like Rivers and Rhodes who are already familiar with our coaches and schemes. With little to no offseason to work out or practice or even go through the normal draft process Ballard is going with familiarity over the unknown. Can’t say I blame him.
  11. I think a big thing to remember is that OTAs and offseason will be extremely shortened if not almost non-existent. Bringing in guys familiar with the system like Rivers and Rhodes and an immediate impact player like Buckner instead of taking a draft pick that will be behind the 8 ball getting up to speed with the NFL sends a signal to me that Ballard is trying to field a team that can hit the ground running and make a real run at the playoffs and our division. He probably sees that rookies who can’t come into facilities and practice are not going to make a huge contribution this year and he would rather bring in vets that can help more right away...at least this year.
  12. There are forms of chloroquine that are not as harsh on the body and still have the similar effect of limiting the virus's ability to replicate. I imagine they are looking at these versions because their side effects are less severe and the drug is already being used to treat people with arthritis and lupus. I don't think the goal is to use them as a vaccine/cure long term but to at least stop the severity of the virus initially until a proper vaccine can be produced and distributed globally.
  13. No. I have no reports. Seems like a simple conclusion to come too considering the nature of the contract years/amount he received and his position on our depth chart and who we retained. I am sure when Ballard gets questions he will address it. It's the only assumption I think we can make. I would be hard pressed to believe Ballard had no interest in Haeg at that salary.
  14. Oh..no doubt there are individuals that aren't. I mean honestly we have seen some pretty dumb takes on a WHOLE HOST of topics over the years on this forum. Just because a few people aren't doesn't mean the gov't and leaders and our medical community and society (as a whole) aren't. I'm pretty encouraged by the responses by our leaders in the private sector and the direction the govt is taking. Companies and people see a need..they see how they can fill that need and they get cracking. This whole issue shows the positives and sometimes negatives of capitalism. Negatives of course being price gouging and how crippling people being laid off and quickly the economy can be shut down but positives of where we see companies all over the country realize where there is demand and need they can quickly turn their production lines to producing what there is great demand for. What makes it great is that it isn't the govt coming in and mandating changes/taking over...these are people that have much better expertise in how to efficiently and effectively produce goods and services unleashed to meet the needs of the public and community...and yes they get compensated for it. In the long run the advances in study in viruses and medicine will be jump started from this. The advances and unleashing tele-md and fast tracking life saving medicines hopefully will benefit. It goes on and on. We will come out stronger because of it and hopefully society will have learned a lesson as well about caring for those in need and less fortunate and those we often overlook like our elderly. I don't take this lightly when I say this will be a net positive for the country. There are some people that don't understand that in a case like this...over-reaction will be what saves lives and brings this to an end sooner. Hopefully we also learn that it will be the actions of all of us...families, caregivers, production workers, grocery stockers, delivery men and so on can band together and be the ones that make a difference...and while I appreciate the steps the govt is taking...the best thing they have done is slow it's spread into the country and then freeing the private sector to make solutions for us. I wish they would have done that sooner but as much as we are disgusted sometimes by huge corporations and drug companies etc they are the ones right now at the forefront providing solutions and products to fight this. Hope we realize that answers often don't lie with the govt and giving more power to them and putting more assets of our precious society in their control but the free markets and ingenuity of it's citizens. They already control so much and they show time and time again that they are often poor stewards and poor at providing answers and solutions. Thankfully we continue to have one of the strongest and brightest economies in the world to lean on in helping get us through this time.
  15. Young qb...take the pressure off him and run the ball. They are getting him in his prime at a discount. Smart move by Elway.
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