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  1. I’m pretty sure we all mean it as a joke...but some college coaches just seem to send used goods to the NFL. Take Alabama lineman and linebackers for example. Too often Saban gets all he can out of them and then they come to the league already used up physically it seems. Conspiracy maybe...but I can see where it comes from.
  2. Sure OSU and Alabama etc have lots of stars over the years...they put tons of guys in the league. I think we were all just saying we have been snake bitten with them. Kinda tongue in cheek....it’s a little disturbing though how many for us have had injury issues. Maybe because we take a ton of B1G school players being in the Midwest but it’s definitely getting old. That said I still wouldn’t turn down Chase Young or any top player from OSU...just we have terrible luck.
  3. That kind of vicious attack not only on their lineman but their qb is tone setting. I know it came later but it started early in the game and just become more obvious as the game went along...no doubt it had affect on Minnesota’s offense and Cousins performance.
  4. Been waiting for a guy like this. How many years did we see this happen to our OL (Linkenbach and others). We’ve begged for guys like Suh...well Ballard now has studs on both sides of the line (Nelson/Buckner). I like his brand of football!
  5. We aren’t as bad as it looked after the Jags game nor as good as after Vikings. I do think when we get rolling we are going to be a tough out for anybody if we stay healthy.
  6. Sure...better for injuries but we can make a list of Michigan draft busts not named Tom Brady and Charles Woodson. At this point give me the small school guys. Look at the guys from Alabama and OSU they just seem to be broken down by the time they make the league. Used up too much wear and tear. Maybe those smaller school guys don’t get beat up in practice and tough competition over the years and are fresher.
  7. Should have learned from Polian’s mistake when we drafted Anthony Gonzalez in the 1st rd when we let Stokely walk....then we got literally the same production we were shooting for from like a 4th rd slot man in Austin Collie and replaced Marvin with a 5th rd pick with Garçon although that had mixed results (Marvin would never have dropped that pass in the SB and would have scored on it). Theme...certain positions you rely on your stars to make them better and invest high picks in areas that rely more on individual talent.
  8. What happened to your defense? Thought with Zimmer and Capers it still should be good. Green Bay was scoring at will. Thankfully you only face Rodgers once more.
  9. Yep....we have a lot of casual fans on here. They only watch the skill positions and think the game is won and lost there. Anyone can see that we lost the battle at the point of attack and it had us on our heels all day...our game plan on both sides went right out the window.
  10. Hmm....you think Brady over Rivers... After Rivers stinker Brady says hold my beer! He looks incredibly old...I don’t think either are the answer...especially if you lose the battle at the LOS.
  11. That’s the players fault. MLB wanted to do the bubble thing in Florida and Arizona at the spring training venues and the players nixed it. I don’t even know if the Blue Jays have even found a place to play their games yet because they aren’t allowed into Canada without quarantining. MLB players union is pretty strong...but I don’t think they were totally looking out for their players as much as the money.
  12. https://www.foxbusiness.com/sports/dolphins-owner-turns-to-company-he-invested-in-for-covid-19-protection Dolphins using special UV lighting to sanitize locker room and meeting rooms. Pretty cool stuff and the kind of ingenuity it takes to move forward.
  13. Here is where I sit. Which is a safer situation to be in. A controlled environment that is constantly testing and taking measures to limit contact, sanitize, and limit the spread of the disease and because you are being tested so often could likely notify you that you caught it sooner and help protect you from spreading it to your family and allow you quicker treatment all the while making millions of dollars well i think that would be a better option. Staying at home isn’t exactly safe...and I’d be surprised these guys aren’t at more risk by opting out then opting in. That said it’s a free c
  14. There is a lot of talk that Wilson has been looking to get out of Seattle. Maybe they are just trying to stay competitive for the now to keep him happy. Agreed to much for a safety but the defense Seattle employs great safety play is almost as important as cb play. I think they will make the most of him but that indeed is a high price. Honestly the GM hasn’t had the best track record with early picks but rather later rd guys. Maybe he feels having the certain thing is better than rolling the dice on an early pick.
  15. I know I’ll catch heat but imagine if Tom Brady was half as up his own * as Aaron Rodgers. He couldn’t even live on this planet if he walked around like Rodgers did...6 Rds past over...and still manages to love his parents, wife, and teammates. The 22 pick thing is interesting though...maybe why Luck and Manning were such lovable characters...they haven’t been wronged enough lol.
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