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  1. What happened to your defense? Thought with Zimmer and Capers it still should be good. Green Bay was scoring at will. Thankfully you only face Rodgers once more.
  2. Could be...I think the real problem is if that is all it takes to side line a season you have the wrong coach...and wrong leaders on your team. That said...Jets have the wrong coach and with guys like Bell I can’t say the best leaders. Darnold is just too young...didn’t help he missed like 4 weeks and by then everyone packed it in. I like your Bills. Depending on the matchup I think they might even win a playoff game. I like the direction they are headed.
  3. Congrats on the win. Pulling for you guys after the Colts! Not sure how long Jackson will last in this league so I say strike while the iron is hot.
  4. It might be skewed because of WHO they played but it isn't skewed about how they played. Opposing qbs have a passer rating of 35......now just for reference you get a 39 for spiking the ball. Think about that. 18 ints to 1 td. That is insane!! Basically their opponents should just run the ball every play or take a knee rather than try to throw on this defense. It's not even close but the best historically by a long way.
  5. SD has been pretty disappointing. Our two AFC West losses are pretty bad. That said their coach is going to be on the hot seat. Very lackluster.
  6. I looked at NFL network and ESPN...they only had Dallas/GB breakdown and highlights and no mentioning for at least an hour after the game. Normally they breakdown the game immediately and say how great Mahomes is but not tonight. Guess it didn’t fit their narrative...sounds like the rest of the news media.
  7. That isn’t a negative. That is just reality. I could care less who it helped as long as we won. I was just stating the obvious. It’s only negative if you worry about NE winning the SB...which I don’t care anymore.
  8. Mahomes will be in a walking boot this week...he took a beating.
  9. We were SB contenders with Luck....now we can scrap into the playoffs but it’s a huge difference still.
  10. Your welcome New England. Not only are we wrapping up HFA for you but the game plan for beating KC.
  11. The rule changes and the no run up pretty much makes it almost impossible. Too bad that rule wasn’t in effect for our SB against the Saints.
  12. I would have thought an air cast...either way it’s season ending.
  13. I respect Adam...and thank him for many years of great service. We don’t beat Baltimore to get to the SB without his fgs. He is a legend. That said he definitely looked like it was the end last year with how the year ended. Kinda like Peyton did at his end. I chalked it up to injury/dead leg from a long season. Now...I’m not a coach or GM and I don’t know if they watched him kick during the offseason and how much testing they did of him but I can’t let that go. Every man plays for his position...earns it in the offseason. With his issues and age he should have had to kick in the preseason. He should have had to earn his spot. You can’t take for granted such an important position. I guess this whole thing could have been avoided. That said good luck to Adam moving forward and hopefully we can still land a good kicker this late in the season. Just seems between Luck and Adam we weren’t prepared this offseason as we should have been.
  14. dgambill


    Imo Bret Favre 2.0 as far as gunslingers go. To me this is what Favre would have looked like in the new age NFL.
  15. It would take him too long to get up to speed with the offense. No he is going to stay in NY and mentor the rookie after they get eliminated from the playoffs.
  16. I don’t know what is wrong with Winston. This is a contract year. He is looking at free agency next offseason and I bet Arians will draft his own qb.
  17. Honestly their back up played very well the other day. Their defense is what failed them.
  18. Grigsons incompetence was only matched by the coaching staffs inability to develop anyone on this team. It was bad all around. As far as the trade goes...we both got something needed out of it. NE got wr depth (he is never going to be a pro bowl player) and the Colts got a good back up (but he won’t be a franchise qb either). Now the Allen trade is a whole nother subject. We won that one....at least we beat NE in something.
  19. dgambill


    Yes we could. I believe 500 might win it....doesn’t mean the season will end up going anywhere in the playoffs.
  20. I thought the back up played well. Their defense will get better. Division is definitely up in the air still.
  21. dgambill


    Let’s be honest...our SB hopes ended a week left in preseason when Luck retired. Add to that NE is poised to win another Lombardi before getting AB and now look even more unstoppable this forum will not take much to stoke the fires here. Congrats with the win. I wouldn’t poke around too long or it will only get worse.
  22. dgambill


    It’s going to be a long season for us. The saltiness will only get worse. Good luck with the rest of your season! I hope Rivers wins a SB before he rides off.
  23. If you have a child (or know one) in college you can get the Sunday ticket streaming app for $99. All you need is their name, DOB, and college name. You can even use your own email address to get your confirmation. I’ve done it the past few years and it worked flawlessly. I won’t this year for obvious reasons. I guess my Sunday afternoons will be reserved for deer hunting...anything productive. Watching mediocre football doesn’t appeal to me...especially when we could have been contenders. It was like the Pacers without Victor...pointless because you know they can’t win it all. Sport being entertainment I can find something else to better use my time.
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