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  1. Finally looked like he knocked off the rust yesterday. I would've loved it if the Colts had went after him a couple of years ago when it was evident that the Pats were going to let him rot on the bench. I think as long as he can stay healthy, he's going to have a really good season this year.
  2. How nice of the Colts to give him a $25 million dollar parting gift.
  3. Dude is a really good football player. It's a great pick-up for the Texans.
  4. The Browns should murder Gonzalez. He is god awful.
  5. Man, he blew the doors off the Steelers today. It was video-game like. Chiefs look filthy right now. Too bad they don't have the same defense they had a few years ago.
  6. I'd retire too if I played for the Bills.
  7. If you think ties are good for the NFL then you are a maroon.
  8. Colts won't even win eight games this year.
  9. Pretty presumptuous. I'm not young at all. And ties are stupid. They are especially stupid in the NFL.
  10. Man, this kid can sling it. Watching the Mahomes-Tyreek connection for years to come is going to be a treat.
  11. They're not that rare. They are terrible. They serve no purpose. None.
  12. Explain how players blow out their knees on non-contact plays when they are at practice. The floor is yours.
  13. Ryan Fitzmagic looking like the greatest qb of all time out there today.
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