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  1. TY for 2 in what may be his last game in Indy. sad.
  2. We are a completely different team after the half, and not in a good way.
  3. Living through the Cardiac Colts years where we would pull It together in the 4th, I feel like I am living in the opposite world! Cardiac Colts, but we stop playing in the 2nd half. it happened last week too. We manhandled the first 30 minutes.
  4. Good Luck. I'm looking forward to seeing what a new coach can bring to the team. It feels like we have been on a slow decline since he got here.
  5. I have worked for teams where we had great leaders... and teams where we had great managers. The leader was able to pull the best out and the manager managed the process and while they were knowledgeable, they never got the most out of the team. There is a great debate... are leaders BORN or MADE. I will make the argument that while you can LEARN leadership skills, there are those where it is simply hard coded in their DNA. Are we preparing our guys to WIN or to PLAY? What is more important... harmony or improvement? When we look at
  6. I have been a Colts fan back when they were in Baltimore. I have been a season ticket holder since they moved to Indiana. I currently live in Virginia and still hold on to my season tickets because I can't let them go after so many years. My Virginia License plate is "Colts53" and I wear my jersey every Sunday to watch the games on Sunday Ticket so please do not jump on me for not supporting our team or call me a fair-weather fan when I make my comments. I think over the years we can all say that we have had some exceptional players and teams in Indianapoli
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