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    Hello people, My name is James Harden.I'm a basketball player and I play for the Houston Rockets. I support every teams that play in Houston even the Texans. But inside I secretly love the Colts. Of course I can't publicly tell people I'm a Colts fan so I use this forum to express my inner "BLUE" feelings. GO COLTS!!!

    Don't tell JJ Watt this or I will be in deep trouble. >.<

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  1. Alright guys I'm here to calm everyone down. I have an exclusive source with close ties to the organization. I'm not suppose to really say this but I believe the fan base should know. Right now, the mindset is sticking with JB. His contract will be up in 2021. If there isn't anyone Ballard particularly like in the upcoming draft,(most likely in the first two rounds) we will stick with JB. Also, Mr. Irsay will call Luck over the offseason to see where he at in life. *wink wink* There is also rumbling that if Ballard/Reich believe this team can be in the WIN NOW mode, Cam Newton have come up as the guy they are looking at. Bear in mind, If we add dynamic pieces in free agency, Newton will be the most likely outcome. Take it with a grain of salt as you will. You heard it here. Peace out, James Harden
  2. Before the season began, I predicted this team would go 11-5 with or without Luck. Now, I'm not so sure. Hey, the team could still win out and prove me right but I highly doubt it. I thought Brissett could be THE GUY. I'm not sure anymore after the performance on Thursday. Either Reich run the ball too much(predictable gameplan) or he doesn't trust Brissett with the ball. Like everyone else has said, Brissett is a game manager. He checks down too much. He stares down WRs. He throws are so slow when receivers are open. Brissett slow indecisions/trigger is what give defenders time to cover back wide open WRs. I could be wrong on all of this and maybe it just was a bad game. But, its very troubling sign for Brissett. If this season doesn't work out, I hope Luck comes back out of retirement. Maybe, just maybe, Tua or Joe Burrow fall to us in the draft and we can scoop either one of them up. Just my two cents. Back to ballin in basketball Schwaaagg, James Harden
  3. Sup Colts nation, haven't been on this forum in awhile. Just chiming in my two cents as the regular season is creeping up. My opinion: I'm more on the optimistic side. Luck should be back by week 1 if he really wants to be out there. But, in all likelihood, he'll probably come back by week 3. Luck still have to get reps in and link up with WRs. I really like our team this year. Other than the QB situation, our team is loaded at all the right places. I'm pretty confident we will go 11-5 with or without Luck.
  4. Frank "The Tank" Gore first 100yards rushing game this week please.

    1. CR91


      he would have had it if we stuck to the run

    2. Moncrief


      The inconvenient truth will get it this weekend.

    3. crazycolt1


      According to Keven Brown Gore is on a pitch count. I look for Bradshaw to have more carries.

  5. Sunday Night Football!!!!!

  6. Grigson still continuing to build the monster!

  7. NFL combine is finally tomorrow! Can't wait to see Manziel and Clowney.

  8. Peyton Peyton Peyton!

    1. southwest1


      That's a high quality win against BB & Tom Brady. No doubt about it. You played flawlessly Broncos & Wes Welker was money with no dropped passes. Yeah Baby! :)

  9. Black Friday sales.. going to be crazy tonight.

    1. BrentMc11


      I have only done it once in my life....no more....awful time. If I want to stand in lines I will go to Kings Island :)

    2. James Harden

      James Harden

      haha but i read at Walmart tonight, can grab bracelets to reserved the items they want and can continue to shop around
  10. Where did you get this? I want one....
  11. Its Game Day!!!. Time to watch football all day and ignore my girlfriend.

    1. basketballsteve


      I like your philosophy but can you practice this philosophy with a wife?

  12. Just turn on T.V. NFL network happens to be on and could you guess what was playing? The 2007 Colts vs Patriots AFC chapionship game. One of the best Peyton Manning comeback game EVER!

    1. southwest1


      The Colts comeback against the Tampa Bay Bucs under the Jon Gruden regime in 2003 is a nice underdog victory for 18 too actually.

    2. shakedownstreet


      that's easily the best conference championship game of all time

  13. I can't seem to be off the forums for atleast 5 mins.

    1. kjyb


      yea your right me too

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