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  1. I’m In love with this team and our approach to playing football. I don’t think anyone wants to play us.
  2. I believe Brissett plays well this year but passing on a great QB talent like Fromm would be a bold move. In any case, I would be disappointed with a WR in the 1st.
  3. @stitches Fromm has the ability to make all the throws IMO. It would be interesting to see UGA open up the playbook for him, but ultimately they don’t need to with the weapons they have at RB and their defense. Do you think he lacks pocket awareness and mobility or was he not moved from his spot by the defense?
  4. I think this Qb draft class might be something special. So many quality players flying under the radar
  5. Cardale Jones is the guy I’d go after. Big, strong arm, and pretty mobile for how big he is.
  6. I need to watch Herbert. I literally haven’t seen a single Oregon game in years. He definitely has the size and leadership you like to see though.
  7. Jacoby Brissett is a great teammate and I am very thankful he is a Colt. This season should tell us what we can expect from him moving forward. I’m hopeful he will succeed and lead this team deep into the playoffs. That being said, this draft class is very interesting. Tua and Fromm have shown they’re elite and will go early. But there are so many QBs with huge upside also available. Eason, Milton, and Bentley can all play but have their issues. Personally I’d be willing to give up quite a bit to get Tua. He’s incredibly talented and behind a good OL and with our QB friendly offense I think he would tear it up. Milton is someone I hope we draft regardless of Jacobys play. He’s a TD machine and a winner. If he can recover from his gruesome injury he could be a steal. (There’s no guarantee that he enters the draft or is health). IMO he’s a wildcard worth taking a shot on. What are your thoughts?
  8. Beat me to it. In Lawrence we trust
  9. I don’t know what to say. After all the love and support the fans have shown him he blindsides us!? Not only us but his teammates, the coaching staff, and the organization. Totally unprofessional and I hope his memory is completely removed from Indy.
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