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  1. SP_21

    True or False: Week 2 Edition

    To be Top 10 you'd need about 1000 yards. That's only 62.5 yards a game. I am very confident TYs got this
  2. SP_21

    Mychal Kendricks released

    Does anyone have any insight into his play? Never really focused on him but people on here seem to like him
  3. SP_21

    What's your take on the Ravens QB situation?

    Jackson has a quite a bit to learn before he is ready to be an NFL Quarterback but I really like the guy. He's shown steady improvement throwing the ball in each season at Louisville and I think he has underrated arm talent. I think he'll be a successful QB. Josh Rosen will be the best out of all the QBs in this draft though.
  4. My first reaction was to laugh but when I stop to think about it I believe this could work for both players. I try to see the best in people and I really hope Calloway can learn from a guy who was so close to throwing it all away. Best of luck to both guys.
  5. The Seattle Seahawks select Jonah Williams OT Alabama.
  6. SP_21

    Pump up video of our draft class

    Wilkins almost ended Justin Evans
  7. SP_21

    Your Surpise Starter(s) for 2018

    Jordan Wilkins
  8. SP_21

    Colts Rookie Minicamp 5/12/2018

    You're taking this way too seriously. I'm sure he's just having a blast and enjoying his NFL journey. Even the toughest most professional players like JJ Watt joke around from time to time.
  9. @danlhart87 is there an easy way to dig up old threads like this or did you go through all the pages?
  10. Too small. We need someone with size
  11. SP_21

    Wilkins vs Hines

    I think you're right. Hopefully he can carve out a role in this offense but I think in the long run Wilkins will be a bigger contributor.
  12. SP_21

    The dreaded screen pass

    What is this screen pass you speak of? Short throw?? I don't understand...
  13. SP_21

    Anthony Walker Jr.

    Walker had some spectacular plays in that video. Chasing down Josh Dobbs and Bryce Love, and covering CMC on a wheel route. If he can makes those kind of plays for the Colts I'll be quite happy.
  14. SP_21

    Ranked #32 -- I love it

    I think that ranking is fair. We are still at the bottom of the league in terms of talent and our QB is a complete mystery. With our current roster we are betting on a lot of players that are either inexperienced, coming off an injury, or both. I believe in Luck and this team so I know we won't be last at the end of the year but I completely understand being ranked where we are.
  15. Your draft analysis is better and more informative than most anything Bleacher Report puts out. Keep it up