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  1. What would you think of trading our 2020 1st rounder to let’s say Carolina (who’s going to be in a total rebuild and possibly a top ten pick next year) for their 2020 2nd and their 2021 first? That would give us 3 picks in the top 44 this year and ammunition to go after Trevor Lawrence next year.
  2. Can’t bring up practice squad players, if we do we would have to drop players down and expose them for other teams to pick up.
  3. I’ve always enjoyed watching Lydell Mitchell growing up. One of the most underrated rb ever.
  4. It was a push, with that 4th Rounder we chose Banner who didn’t even make final cut.
  5. We N’Keal Harry out of ASU played on my sons high school team. He’s a beast!!
  6. It all looks good on paper. I truly hope everything pans out, but for me just to many question marks. You’re right we’ll know more throughout the summer.
  7. 8-8 is a very optimistic record we have to many question marks. 1. Andrew Lucks health. 2. No PROVEN running back. 3. Wide receivers we, only have one PROVEN receiver. 4. Tightends I think we’re fine. 5. Offensive line we only have 2 PROVEN starters and maybe starting 2 rookie guards and still don’t know who our right tackle is. 6. D- tackles don’t know who we have that are going to fit the up the field penetration scheme. Maybe Ridgeway. 7. D- ends no PROVEN one. A lot of potential, but no standout PROVEN one. 8. Linebackers maybe starting at least 2 r
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