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  1. Whether we win or lose this game is a loss. Can't play like that......
  2. Cuz the Noodle Leg Kicker missed a 50 harder short already today!!!
  3. I've literally never seen anything like that in my life. More fouls than the last minute in a NBA game with Shaq!!!
  4. Man, who are you telling. 3 TOs, 3 pts...... c'mon Colts!!!
  5. I know mistake free football is hard but if the Colts can eliminate holds and TOs we can beat just about anybody with this defense and this offensive line.......
  6. The offense got the ball twice on the Packers side if the field off of TOs and got a whopping 0 points!!!
  7. I agree but that last TD GB got was totally avoidable. It had to be a blown coverage or terrible play call but it wasn't a blitz so there has to be a safety or 2 deep there.
  8. Zero safety with 25 seconds left and they have to go 70 yards? How is that even logical???
  9. They ran a double pick play. He didn't exploit him it's an illegal, legal play.
  10. Man that was not Rock's fault. 25 seconds left on the 30 with 2 deep safeties and he's left 1-on-1 with the fastest man on the field with no safety help? Nonsensical!!!
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