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  1. I would probably put Luck at #6 or #7 behind the current top 5 or 6. No way right now Luck cracks that top 5 without a Superbowl or at minimum AFCCG run. Name one other guy on the Seahawks roster from last year who's worth a damn (besides Bobby Wagner, Earl Thomas missed about the entire season so he doesn't count)?
  2. It would surprise me if we had a #2 WR on the outside who had as much or more catches than TY.
  3. So was Aaron Hernandez, Ryan Leaf and Lawrence Phillips and we saw how those ended up.
  4. Right now he is a top 5 QB. When Cam Newton and Matt Ryan won their MVPs they were top 5 QBs at those times. Why is that so difficult to admit? Right now Peyton Manning is not a top 5 QB. When he was on the Colts for most of his seasons he was. This isn't an all time list, it's a right now list and right now if he does not play another down in the NFL at this very moment Patrick Mahomes is a top 5 QB and every general manager in the NFL would agree.
  5. I think you meant.... Mahomes? After one good MVP year and all of the sudden he's top 3? And the answer would be..................YES
  6. We signed a thug at QB? Ballard, your words about how you draft and choose players become more hollow with a signing like this.
  7. Your best ability is availability.......this isn't even close.
  8. I call nonsense. New England is always what people point to but it's not the culture there that's the winning formula, it's the scheme. The owner, HC and star QB were in a pissing match and none of mattered. The owner frequents rub and tug spots before AFCCG's, doesn't matter. They get guys who come in and flame out or don't pan out, doesn't matter. The scheme is what is king there. Talent is key. Scheme can be used to augment or even unlock the talent, but some talent must be there to win. OBJ is not a bad culture player. Antonio Brown is different. Beckham gets upset when they are losing and not getting him the ball. The same way Brady gets upset when they are losing and he yells at his entire bench. We need to stop giving certain players outburst labels and others totally different labels when they are the same exact thing. /Rant
  9. Drunk uncle strikes again...............now you know you have to take his keys AND keyboards away we he's inebriated.
  10. I think all of that stuff is a factor but let's not overlook the mental and physical state of the athlete as well. Glowinski may not have been ready to be a starter in 2016. He may have grown physically and mentally from then til now and that could account from him going from a marginal starter to a top 20 G in the league. I think all of this stuff factors in and there's no simple formula or algorithm for it. Some guys develop faster than others and some guys just need the right situation and opportunity and some guys just have it all when they're drafted and never look back. For every Odell Beckham there's a Antonio Brown. For every Jerry Rice there's a Terrell Owens. For every Andrew Luck there's a Drew Brees. For every Peyton Manning there's a Tom Brady.
  11. What is on top of his head? Is that a mop or is he going for the balding on top with locks in the back look, a la Jerry Rice circa 2002.
  12. Too many factors and scenarios to give a good prediction. I will say this, if weather is a big factor the Colts win. If the Colts secondary is banged up (Hooker specifically) and weather isn't a factor then the Chiefs win. If everything is equal and good weather we're in for a heckuva ride!!!
  13. Exactly. And it wasn't pretty. And I know all those years of futility sucks but guess what, I bet it feels real good to have Baker Mayfield and Garrett and Ward right about now vs not having them and winning 4-7 games those seasons and having inferior talent now for it. That's what the Jets/Lions/Redskins did.
  14. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000710408/article/hue-jackson-browns-arent-tanking-or-after-no-1-pick I mean, I can say I'm an honest man but if I do so while sneaking into your home and robbing you, will you really believe me? Tanking in the NFL (and sports in general) is like people cheating on their spouse, no one actively comes out and admits it but we all know people do it and there are clear and obvious signs of it even if we don't see them "in the act."
  15. You don't tank when you're good. Who ever suggested that? We would all rather be good, but as I said before tanking is for team building. This all started because someone rehashed and old thread and we (myself included) were advocating for the Colts to tank when they were 1-5. I ate my crow but reiterated that more than like at 1-5 you are not going to make the playoffs. I agree that we will be picking in the 20s (or 30s hopefully) for years to come as long as Luck stays healthy. It's amazing how the premise of the strategy gets people so infuriated yet when the outcome is favorable they love their new found roster. It's just a strategy people, but you don't go from Jets/Lions/Redskins to Pats/Steelers/Ravens without draft success (and some better front office people making those picks). Because all six of those teams try to win. Some just consistently do it better than others.
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