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  1. It says a lot that we have not had a legit #2 WR since he's been here. It's time to draft a 2nd or 3rd round WR, preferably with some size. That Sutton kid that the Broncos have is sort of the mold we need. That kid is going to be special.
  2. And not even that, but if we had an average NFL kicker we'd be 7-2 or even 8-1. Literally every loss we've had this season we've missed XPs or make-able (45 yards or less) FGs. And every game has been decided by one score. This team with barely any WR talent and playing a backup QB still has a chance to make the playoffs even with the backup QB hurt, best offensive threat hurt and kicker kicking us into a top 10 pick. I'd say Reich is the furthest thing from blame right now.
  3. Luck? We're gonna need it!!

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      Are you 'Li-on?)'

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      no, he ain't lion at all!

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      Nice Kitty Kitty!!! Luck will be a Purrrrfect fit for the Colts this April don't you agree tikyle?!!

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