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  1. That has nothing to do with being PC, it is just flat out incorrect. Russell Wilson is a top 5 QB in the NFL. I really don't know what more the guy has to do? He did it with a HOF RB and with no RBs at all. He did it with good up and coming WRs and basically no true #1 WR at all. He did it with an all time historic defense and with basically all those guys gone or hurt. And when I say "did it" I mean make the playoffs. What more do you want from the guy? If you take away the wow factor he's basically had the same exact career as Aaron Rodgers and his teams have been more consistent. You may think people are more talented than he is (a lot are), but most of them are not as consistent. That's the difference. Just like Brady is not as talented as a lot of QBs (Manning, Rodgers, Brees, etc.) but his consistency makes him better. I hate to say it, but it does.
  2. I would probably put Luck at #6 or #7 behind the current top 5 or 6. No way right now Luck cracks that top 5 without a Superbowl or at minimum AFCCG run. Name one other guy on the Seahawks roster from last year who's worth a damn (besides Bobby Wagner, Earl Thomas missed about the entire season so he doesn't count)?
  3. It would surprise me if we had a #2 WR on the outside who had as much or more catches than TY.
  4. So was Aaron Hernandez, Ryan Leaf and Lawrence Phillips and we saw how those ended up.
  5. Right now he is a top 5 QB. When Cam Newton and Matt Ryan won their MVPs they were top 5 QBs at those times. Why is that so difficult to admit? Right now Peyton Manning is not a top 5 QB. When he was on the Colts for most of his seasons he was. This isn't an all time list, it's a right now list and right now if he does not play another down in the NFL at this very moment Patrick Mahomes is a top 5 QB and every general manager in the NFL would agree.
  6. I think you meant.... Mahomes? After one good MVP year and all of the sudden he's top 3? And the answer would be..................YES
  7. We signed a thug at QB? Ballard, your words about how you draft and choose players become more hollow with a signing like this.
  8. Your best ability is availability.......this isn't even close.
  9. Luck? We're gonna need it!!

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      Are you 'Li-on?)'

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      Nice Kitty Kitty!!! Luck will be a Purrrrfect fit for the Colts this April don't you agree tikyle?!!

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