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  1. Hoosiernsavga

    The Safety Position Moving Into Next Season

    I don't want Collins for the price and he's not much different than Geathers. Both are not good in pass coverage. We can get a starting SS to play along side Hooker in the draft no problem. I'm all for resigning Farley though for depth and he's very affordable.
  2. Hoosiernsavga

    Bored at Work Mock 2.0

    Sweat will be drafted before Wilkins. But i think they both are gone before we pick at #26.
  3. I think we will resign Desir also. As far as Melvin I'm glad we didn't resign him. I know he had a decent season with us but he's still not that good.
  4. No way Ballard is drafting two WR's that early back to back!
  5. Roger Carr, Tall physical WR. Averaged 19 yards per reception in his career 25 in one season. And never fumbled in his career.
  6. Hoosiernsavga

    Former Colt Denzelle Good talks about the colts

    I tbink the Colts did him a favor for keeping him on the roster as long as they did due to mainly injuries and performance.
  7. Hoosiernsavga

    Welcome back Erik Swoope

    He didnt last long as a Saint.
  8. Hoosiernsavga

    T.Y. Hilton or Marvin Harrison...

    Imagine Luck with all the weapons Manning had... As great as Manning was, Luck is closer to Manning than TY is to Marvin.
  9. It obviously depends on how this off season FA period goes before we have any clue on what our needs will somewhat be come draft time.
  10. Hoosiernsavga

    How long until we have a legit defense?

    What is a good defense in the NFL today honestly? The so called best two defense's in the league this pre season were the Jags and Vikings and they have not been good. With the NFL making it a pass happy offensive, don't touch the QB, and no aggressive coverage for DB's league. It has made a lot of really good defenses look mediocre at best. I don't think we are that far away. If we invest heavily in a pass rush in FA like Flowers or Ansah. Then get a young shut down CB and and DT high in this upcoming draft. Add in some rotational guys and i think we could have a very solid top D next season.
  11. Hoosiernsavga

    How did Wilson look?

    I sure hope Collins works out physically and mentally. I'm ready to see what he can do.
  12. Hoosiernsavga

    5 most important current colts?

    As good as Kelly is playing, I trust Evan Boehm to fill in for him at C way more than anyone to fill in at LT for Castonzo. AC back in the lineup at LT is the main reason for this team's vast improvement on offense IMO. Not saying he's better than Kelly. But he's much more valuable (important) in the fact that we can replace the center position more so than LT.
  13. Hoosiernsavga

    Kenny Moore II

    Besides another skilled WR and depth on the OL, We should be all in on defense this off season.
  14. Hoosiernsavga

    Refs blew the call

    The ball was clearly come out. I knew it was going to get over turned when i saw the replay.
  15. Hoosiernsavga

    Colts sign FA Safety Mike Mitchell

    Oh Okay i thought he was on the Vikings PS?