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  1. I would rather wait for cuts and bring someone in. Maybe Ballard can talk to his buddy and bring Garett Gilbert over from Cleveland he's most likely not making their roster. He looked great against our 1st string defense in pre season. I still like Kelly as the #2 QB though.
  2. I don't see Ward not making the roster on the DL. And i doubt Franklin makes it at LB.
  3. From what i saw at 3 days of camp its going to be hard to keep Ya-Sin off the field. I kmow its just practice but even as a rookie he jumps out at you. He looks bigger, faster, more athletic, more physical than anyone we have on the roster right now including Desir.
  4. Thanks for sharing that was awesome! Always knew he was a class act young man from his days at NW. He has steadily improved each of his last couple years as a pro. I'm expecting a huge year from him at MLB.
  5. Not that Clowney is a Beast but the productive player that he is, I couldn't see the Texans willing to trade him to us within the division.
  6. The audio was all i needed to hear. When the mother said your son is scared to death of you and Hill's reply was, ''He should be and so should you +!''
  7. I really like Okereke but i dont see him starting at MIKE over Waller yet anyway. I think our starters will be Leonard at WILL, Walker at MIKE, and Banogu at SAM... Olereke will get plenty of PT in rotation in sub packages though.
  8. The only true 1T we have is Stewart. But we are loaded at 3T. Looks like we're going to go fairly small across the IDL. I expect Hunt, Stewart, and Ward to move over in sub packages and fill the spot.
  9. I'm not surprised about Metcalf. He will make a great model for a teams uniforms. But hes not a great football player.
  10. Thornhill or Rapp at SS Murphy or Johnson at CB
  11. I agree! I would trade Brissett for a 3rd right now. But if we don't and he goes somewhere and starts and is half way efficient in FA in 2020. We could get as high as a 3rd round comp draft pick for him in 2021.
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