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  1. 5 million for just one season is still a great deal for him regardless.
  2. No surprises so far every coach mentioned here are on the Stampede Blue list of possible HC candidates. I do feel Ballard will stay with who he knows and has worked with in KC in Nagy or Toub.
  3. Morrison sucks! Edwin Jackson was a huge loss at ILB this season.
  4. Damn, they should have hurried up. He didn't come close to a first down.
  5. People need to stop. Neither would Brissett if Luck was healthy. Dorsett will get opportunities in NE also. Problem is we need Brissett NOW more than NE needs Dorsett. NE had nothing to lose trading a third string QB for wr depth even if he's deep on the depth chart right now.
  6. Which just means it was a good trade for both teams no question about it.
  7. Our wr's must have had all you can eat crab legs with extra butter sauce before the game.
  8. Brissett is playing a great game today. Just goes to show that Tolzien should have never been on a NFL roster.
  9. With this coaching staff, you can bring your A game and still go home.
  10. Okay, lets see if the division winner can win a first round playoff game then.lol The division has improved no doubt. With as bad as it's been all the early draft picks are beginning to somewhat show. But it still has along way to go.
  11. It's really wide open. The division still sucks! Regardless of who wins it they are one and done in the playoffs.
  12. Banner and McGill are making the roster IMO. I dont see Daniels or Good making it. I believe that we could possibly pick up a better option at cb when all the cuts start over White.
  13. I would rather have Luck hand off the ball and throw 20 yard passes than watch Tolzien start in week one. On the other hand I want him to sit half the season and get and stay healthy.
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