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    <p>I'm a football fan and a Colts fan since the 2006 season.</p><p> </p><p>Stayed a loyal Colts fan after Peyton left, and he was the reason I started following football..</p><p> </p><p>The future is bright.. GO COLTS!</p>

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  1. The best part of this news/tweet, if true, is pagano would soon be gone.
  2. Colts defense and especially lbs are so devoid of talent that we are hoping for EJs, Morrisons, sio moors and likes to "continue to develop" and become good starters.. Those guys are backups / special teamers in other teams at best.. I hope we actually improve our talent level through fa and draft by bringing in difference makers.. We'll see what our new GM does this spring..
  3. Do you think colts had an idea about pat's retirement plans when signing a future contract punter?
  4. Not really.. Recent colts and chargers history: when sd gm spot became available (2012 i believe) jimmy was still with the chargers and interviewed for gm.. When they decided to hire tom telesco from the colts, jimmy decided to leave sd for indy, for same job, even though telesco said he wanted him to stay in sd as vp of football operations.. Or something like that.. So if he gets passed upon for the in-house promotion for the second time, he could leave again..
  5. Jim irsay is not going to give a dime out of his own pocket, he's not the owner of the stadium. If a new surface is going to be installed, expect yet another tax raise in indy ;)
  6. So a long story short, this was an ok season, cause it could bave been much worse. At least we're not the browns.
  7. So a long story short, this was an ok season, cause it could bave been much worse. At least we're not the browns.
  8. Did you also factor that points for other teams defenses? If not, then you would be comparing apples an oranges. This colts defense is pure trash, no need for scraping for silver linings in misused and manipulated statistics.
  9. exactly. it never works (for the colts, at least). defense is soft as it is, going into "prevent defense" has only produced easier touchdowns for opposing team's offense.
  10. Imagine if he had some decent coaches.. Or teammates.. Maybe someday..
  11. You mentioned "good coach" here a lot.. You say a good coach doesn't bad mouth his team. I agree. But i would also expect a good coach to have his playes ready to play every week. Especially a suposed defensive guru to have his defensive "talent" (as you called it) prepaired to execute, or chop wood or whatever.. You say a good coach "wisely talks up his remaining players". Would be nice if remaining players weren't jackson, morison and mcnary. Might be a more of a grigson issue here, but why not call a spade a spade? And to hyperbole it by calling it "we ar
  12. Pagano comment in the article was a vomit inducing lie.
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