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2022: Colts at Dallas Post Game Thoughts


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Ryan shouldn't see the field for the rest of the season, keep him inactive and let Foles or Sam play. He is the biggest detriment to the offense this year with 13 interceptions and 14 fumbles. He is making the WR look worse by throwing the ball late and behind the WRs.

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We need (2) Tackles (2) pass rushing ends (and a QB) all with whatever our first rounder is......oh and a coach, gm, and offensive coordinator.........but were close......we already got the uniforms, just need a team to slide into em.....ok thats the heavy duty seasonal frustration rant....Now in all seriousness ever thought about NOT running the ball on first down? ever?

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Just now, Defjamz26 said:

That has to go down as the most embarrassing loss in franchise history. I’m disgusted. I don’t think I’m watching another game this season. And if Ballard is back next year, I’m not watching next year either.

That Saints beat down was by far the worst 

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2 minutes ago, New Zealands #1 Colts Fan said:

Top ten pick here we come!!!!!!! (Currently 9th but can go to 8th if Saints win tomorrow)


I think even Irsay should know the score by now.  Focus on hiring a new coach, do anything you can to get the QB.

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I just see a team incapable of playing smart or playing complementary football. We’re incapable of playing 4 good quarters.

Matt Ryan is not capable of giving us 4 good scoring drives every game without turning it over, it seems like his routes continually get jumped due to weak arm strength that gets exposed as the game goes on. Once he’s let go by the Colts, he’s never getting a starter job again.


The losing is getting to everyone on the team and I expect more games where we give up 40 plus points via turnovers and short fields.

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Staring "mixed"....


  • Mixed...
    • Good 1Q. Decent 1H. Weak 3Q. Comically bad 4Q.... 
    • Most expected a blow out... we got it... lol
    • Pierce - good on 9s / 50-50s. bad on other things.
    • Pass D was good sometimes, but sometimes bad. DBs were pretty good overall, but coverage by LBs seemed horrible. 
  • Good
    • Scoring first two drives... 
    • JT was pretty decent
    • Parris was pretty good
  • Bad
    • Matt horrible after the 1H
    • Run D... horrible... let Pollard go 7.6 per rush... 
    • Horrible blocking by Granson. Multiple whiffs, both on run blocking and pass pro. And the play call using him outside instead of others. 
    • The fumble from Mo... normally has strong hands and goes for YAC... 
    • OL. Ryan Kelly whiffed multiple times. General OL penalties, one from Q, and one from DKelly on a great drive. I'm surprised we didn't have more sacks. 
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5 minutes ago, CR91 said:

Well when you lose by 35 when you're only down 2 going into the fourth, that basically sums up this dumpster fire of an organization 

I blame Irsay. This team has been so poorly run. It starts with who you hire, but his interference last season and this one has lead to a collapse. 

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  • Ballard is a genius.
  • A smart coach would know that you can only be a conservative play caller with this roster.  Other than conservative play calling results in a blow out for the opponent.


Is this the worst Colts loss in 6 years?   Or since when?   Interesting stat.

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I said it in the game day thread and I’ll say if here. Start Matt Ryan the whole rest of the way no matter how rotten it stays. Leave no doubt he has nothing left to contribute to a football team because he’s getting us in good position to draft a QB. 

But if he isn’t man enough to admit what we all see and retire after this season then screw him. We can do much better things with that cap space than let him steal more of Irsay’s money. 

Also, not real jazzed by the coaching right now. I don’t think Saturday is the permanent answer by any means, so we’ve got plenty to evaluate, and I definitely don’t want a Matt Ryan cloud hanging over any of that. 

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    • I read something that said the leaked scores were only partial. And now that I'm thinking about it more, I think they were saying the low score that was published was from his first attempt, and he might have retaken the test and done better. It's kind of fuzzy, but that might be the case.    Either way, my point was that I remember notable pushback against the leaked scores, and their importance. So if certain people are now saying that they didn't care about the S2 scores a year ago, that doesn't sound like revisionist history to me. One of those unnamed execs could be Ballard, who was very vocal about not liking how Stroud was talked about. And we know the Colts subscribe to S2...     Some suggestions... basically unsubstantiated rumors that get repeated enough that they begin to be accepted as fact. Who knows what the Panthers were doing last year, but if they let the S2 test decide which QB to draft, they deserve all the dysfunction they've experienced. I don't think even the Panthers are that lost. More likely, Bryce Young was the guy they decided on, and maybe the higher S2 was in his favor, but would have just been one of several factors that they used.      The way it's described, there's potentially value in the S2 testing. But using Stroud as the example, if you watch him play, and then look at a low S2 score, and can't figure out how to reconcile the disparity between the tape and the test score, then you don't know how to evaluate. Overall, I think way too much is being made of the S2 thing, similar to how way too much was made of Wonderlic scores. It's just one piece of info, and probably carries a small amount of importance overall.    But if a team wants to use S2 testing to prepare a development plan, especially for a QB, there's no real reason they can't have him take the test after the draft. If that's really part of the value, and the player declines the test before the draft because he doesn't want to be scrutinized over it, then ask him to take it once you've drafted him.
    • Ask Philip Rivers to give him advice on parenthood, AR should stick around in the NFL for a while then. 😉
    • Yes, I think so too.
    • It's very telling that nobody actually came out and said that Stroud's published test score was inaccurate. Yes there was pushback about the scores, but they all were very general and non-specific. "I've seen published scores that aren't correct", "Those scores miss a lot of context", etc.    And especially when Stroud himself was asked about those scores. Do you remember what his answer was? He didn't dispute any of it. He just said he's not a test-taker, he's a football player.    I think several big time reporters/analysts reported it. I think I first heard it from Zierlein. But can't find the original. Here's Pelissero reporting on it too: https://www.nfl.com/news/2023-nfl-draft-pro-execs-scouts-coaches-rank-and-evaluate-the-qb-class           There have been some suggestions that the Panthers took Bryce Young over Stroud partially because of the S2 test, because they valued it highly.    Yeah, I don't remember if it was reported as players refusing it or their agents not allowing them to take it, but this is what one of the podcasts I listen to reported. Not 100% sure which one it is because I consume a lot of those draft podcasts.    They probably can... not sure if the players would do it. But if the teams knew it in advance they might have better idea of whether development in certain areas is even possible. 
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