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2022: Colts at Dallas Post Game Thoughts


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3 minutes ago, chad72 said:

I just see a team incapable of playing smart or playing complementary football. We’re incapable of playing 4 good quarters.

Matt Ryan is not capable of giving us 4 good scoring drives every game without turning it over, it seems like his routes continually get jumped due to weak arm strength that gets exposed as the game goes on. Once he’s let go by the Colts, he’s never getting a starter job again.


The losing is getting to everyone on the team and I expect more games where we give up 40 plus points via turnovers and short fields.

he afraid throw over 20 yards on reg basics. tonight afraid throw over 10 to 15 yards. think he play get the money not to win the game. season is over he need too be bench , let sam play get used as a back QB .

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I am eating crow! Last week I thought Ryan could make every throw from a clean pocket. After today's game I have checked completely out of the Matt Ryan experiment. From throws being behind the target to even the balls being caught seemed as the receiver had to wait on the ball to get there. I hope we are in a position to draft our franchise qb because if not we are doomed

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1 minute ago, John Waylon said:

I said it in the game day thread and I’ll say if here. Start Matt Ryan the whole rest of the way no matter how rotten it stays. Leave no doubt he has nothing left to contribute to a football team because he’s getting us in good position to draft a QB. 

But if he isn’t man enough to admit what we all see and retire after this season then screw him. We can do much better things with that cap space than let him steal more of Irsay’s money. 

Also, not real jazzed by the coaching right now. I don’t think Saturday is the permanent answer by any means, so we’ve got plenty to evaluate, and I definitely don’t want a Matt Ryan cloud hanging over any of that. 

Saturday was in a no win situation. Reich should of been able to finish the season. It was just another dumb move by Irsay.

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11 minutes ago, Defjamz26 said:

That has to go down as the most embarrassing loss in franchise history. I’m disgusted. I don’t think I’m watching another game this season. And if Ballard is back next year, I’m not watching next year either.

No that 62 to 7 loss to the saints in 2011 was

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I am going to take the 4th quarter out of it because things snow balled and got embarrassing and the Colts clearly just quit which is a problem but I just laid it out it’s a problem and it happened for the reasons that’s been a problem all year so there just isn’t more to say about it.


These WRs run awful routes and don’t get open and if they do they don’t get YAC because they can’t get separation.  More than once tonight you saw Matt yelling at guys because they didn’t run the right routes.  It’s too late in the season for that to still be happening.  

The Colts offensive playbook is trash.  There is no creativity to it and it’s all slow developing plays.  Even more so you have a QB in Ryan who does better under center (stats back this up) and you are asking him to work out of the gun which is not what he’s done the bulk of his 15 year career.  Rather than tailoring the offense to him they asked him to be Carson Wentz and I think that’s part of the reason for his struggles.  

Parks needs to never call plays again after this season.  I’d rather almost Ryan draw it up in the dirt because he’s way too predictable (hello try ANYTHING but a hand off to Taylor up the gut on first down) and Ryan has shown he can hit deep passes down the field when the plays are called they just aren’t being called.  It’s all quick dump offs which are either slow developing screen passes, or telegraphed it’s better if the back doesn’t catch it because the defender is going to drop them for a five yard loss if they catch it, or dump offs to tightends or WRs who can’t get separation.  



More outside runs please but that goes back to the Colts offense playbook being trash.  It’s just the same three or four plays and other teams know what’s coming.  Rather it’s Frank or Parks there aren’t enough tendency breakers in there.


Enough with the Leonard jokes.  Anyone who doesn’t recognize the value he provides to this defense by now is just lying to themselves.  They don’t get turnovers or key stops without him.  As soon as the offense scored to make it 21-19 I said I know what’s coming a Dallas drive for a TD to pretty much end it and sure enough that’s exactly what happened because this defense is great if there is no pressure on them.


Whoever was in charge of ball security with this team needs to be fired yesterday.


Why on earth is Pryor still playing?  


All and all this team has talent it’s just been horribly miss used and I put that mostly on the coaching staff.  

The lone good thing about tonight besides the game being over is the Colts are up to 9th in the draft order now.  They should get a really good player next year if they don’t screw it up by going on a late season charge but with their schedule I don’t think there is any danger of that.  In fact after tonight you might see this team fold up tents for the season.  This is what happens with an interim coach short term boost but then it gets worse.  Not saying Reich didn’t deserve to be fired just saying the Colts are showing what they are a bad team that only does one thing well, shoot them selves in the foot.


Hopefully the Colts can land one of the big three QBs in the draft because the answer at QB is not on this roster but make no mistake this team has several problems beyond QB.

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I feel like the last two seasons Ballard and this regime has been like an airplane out of fuel slowly coasting towards the ground bracing for a crash landing. (Slow decline). And tonight a wing just blew off and the plane crashed in a fiery explosion.

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1 minute ago, Restinpeacesweetchloe said:

There was no other QB out there that was going to get us over the huml. But they chose the wrong one. I would rather have seen what Wentz could do in year two then this mess.


It didn't matter either way.  Wentz could just as easily have gotten hurt here.  He has a history of it.

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    • 3-14 mostly cause AR is still a question mark. I do like what I did see but until he proves he can make it a season, no one knows. So I’m setting bar low
    • They didn't win a game that AR played the majority of snaps. I am not even factoring in his injury risk. Even assuming he's healthy, he's basically repeating his rookie year. While everybody would agree his upside is higher than Minshew's, there's still nothing definitive to point to AR automatically equaling more wins.    Also, as you mentioned, the Colts fundamentally stayed the same, meanwhile, AFCS teams got stronger, especially HOU and TEN. TLaw beat both Minshew and AR last year. Stroud is now in year 2. Levis will be in year 2 (and if we think AR will make a jump, we have to consider that Levis could as well).   Yes, they won 9 games last year with Minshew. But their schedule isn't the same nor is it easier. So it's weighing the impact of AR returning + some young player development) vs. a much tougher schedule of QBs + offseason improvements for other teams (in most cases) + some young player development.   When I compare what happened last year to what they are facing this year, I don't see where they are supposed to make up the ground in the win column. I suppose there could be a rash of QB injuries again. But barring that, the win improvement has to come against good-great teams, which is a tall order.  
    • History says you win with a great qb or a great defense.  A great d hasn't won in a long time.   What does that leave??
    • https://www.pwmania.com/wrestlemania-summerslam-royal-rumble-coming-to-lucas-oil-stadium-in-indianapolis   This is AWESOME for the city and state. 
    • Oh brother. Bill won championships when Brady was a game manager in the early years. They had a drought of not winning and those were Brady's best year's statistically. People just cant admit that it comes down to more than just one piece. You most likely win a Superbowl due to great coaching, drafting, free agency, and great qb play that all come together in that one year. It is all of those things coming together to win the championship
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