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  1. Who cares if we lose a draft pick! We finally have a Qb that may stay for the next 10 plus years. Can you Get a guarantee we get another Qb anytime soon. You guys need to stop looking at today and come to the realization that we are still building this team and it takes time especially when you keep losing your starting qb for the past 3 years
  2. You made the trade so honor your part. If he is healthy and gives you the best chance to win you play him
  3. I agree with that also. It just seems they have gotten stubborn in their play calling. I would also like to see less empty backfield and more chip blocks and quick slants. Take more shots deep, but I understand that our online play is taking that option away at the moment
  4. Colts are 0-3 and it sucks but its not the end of the season. They have played three top tier teams in a row and have been competitive in them all. They need some rhythm on offense and that starts with Frank's play calling. I think a majority of us knew there would be a slow start due to the missed time in training camp and preseason for Wentz. I really think once Carson gets dialed in and the o-line gets healthy (that looks almost impossible this year) we can get on a roll and have a chance at playoffs. Its not going to be easy but there still is a chance.
  5. If this happens it just means our defense is way worse than most suspected
  6. If the doctor's clear him to play they need to play him. This is a division game.
  7. Why do we keep talking about Foles. This topic has been beat to death. I wish we would just move these topics to F/a topics or just lock them
  8. I myself would rather he be more Manning like
  9. Its easy to say that with hindsight. I just think if you can make it a one possession game you take the points. If you look at it like your not going to stop them anyway you need to just go to the locker room and forfeit the game.
  10. A touchdown and 2 point conversion ties the games. So you would've only needed one more stop to have a chance to tie the game.
  11. It had nothing to do with the horrible offensive line play and questionable play calling and missing most of training camp with injury. I didn't know if the Qb was vaccinated it made everybody on the team better and the coaches. Geesh
  12. Why would you not kick the field goal. You would only be down 1 possession. Now we are down 2. I am good with going for most of the time but sometimes we need to just take the points
  13. I think both play as good as expected but to me Eason offers higher upside. That running is entertaining to watch at times but me myself I would rather have a Qb that can make all the nfl throws
  14. Just because they have high character doesn't mean they share your same beliefs!
  15. How can you say he has regressed the last three years. 2019 he threw for 4039 yards 27tds and only 7 picks. 2018 he threw for 3074 yards 21 tds and only 7 picks. 2017 he threw for 3296 yards 33 tds and only 7 picks. So your opinion is not accurate. Minus last year and his rookie year i would love to see him perform the stats he has the previous 3 years
  16. If I didn't think Eason was my guy I would be willing to offer a 1st round for Stafford. He could possibly give of 5 plus years of of top 5 qb performance
  17. Free Agent Lt and draft one in the top three rounds! I don't want to see Nelson or Smith in at LT.
  18. I don't think ty should be in the game for a hail marry
  19. Challenge that play really! Frank you are kidding me
  20. Reich needs to learn the game of momentum! He clearly handed it right to them with the cute pitch to Taylor and going for it on 4th. If you are going for it on 4th just hand it to Taylor 2 plays in a row!
  21. I agree if you ever lose a 17 point lead the majority of the blame should be on coaching.
  22. I am all for being aggressive but take the 3 and take lead up by a touchdown
  23. The ball was already moving before he made a football move. Should've been incomplete pass especially since that is what was called first!
  24. Last year we ran the ball even if they stacked the box or not. That's why I was saying we must use the passing game to establish the run. To prevent them from stacking the box.To me its obvious we are missing Mack and no longer can run the ball if you know we are running
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