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  1. ok but after awhile keep giving up 10 yard plays dont you think the coaches would make the adjustment of tighten the coverage up? lacey knows he will get burned, powers can hold his own but after while when something doesnt work changes should be made so the players need to make a change themselves
  2. and what you think we would do better in zone coverage with the cb's we have now? you have to have very good cb's to pull off a good zone coverage we cant do that we would do better with man coverage especially against the short passes that's why we're getting beat just about every other play because they play off way too far
  3. This just didnt start happening, this has been a problem for a while even we were in the lead I still didnt like that type of coverage but hopefully they will make adjustments very soon
  4. That's the main problem with this zone everytime they play it they play 10 yards off like wth? man coverage would be better tell the cb's to tighen up the coverage plus they leave the middle of the field open on 3rd downs most of the time which is bad smh they need to tighten up period
  5. STOP running that zone defense we're not built for that we're better at man coverage.....the zone we run we leave all types of wide open holes and another thing when powers was covering andre johnson he tried to bump him off his route smh....dude johnson is way better than you dont even try that just play a little off coverage and jump in front of his route if he cuts to the middle and pick him off but if I lived in indy I would suggest that to the defensive coordinator because we suck in zone coverage
  6. seriously why is the idea of peyton being out for the season even being mentioned?? stop panicking people
  7. cool but blair needs to work on the catching the ball better
  8. Why do some of ya'll keep saying that? manning is not done for the season.....we're talking one game atleast....that doesnt define our whole season smh
  9. Yeah that's what it's look like now since he cant practice no need to get prepared for sunday's game
  10. exactly....I think they're really nervous about his recovery but he's just human he aint superman
  11. how much you wanna bet they're gonna say it will be a last min call on game day?
  12. well it aint about tressel espn just said the colts suspended him for 6 games
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