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  1. Side bar factoid (ahem as it were:) I believe I read on MMQB, that 61.2 percent of "marquee" free agent signings never make it to the 3rd year of those contracts, thus supporting all the front loaded/guaranteed money by most players who fall into that category. Thought that was interesting to read.
  2. Ballard, said it best last year when asked if he ever considered trading Luck at any point. "I'm not putting that on MY resume"
  3. I can't say there has been a splash player signed yet that I would have been happy with the salary they got if it would have been a Colts move.....so I'm good.....
  4. Hey we signed Chris Milton to a one year flyer....if you say it slow, and in French....it might "sound" like a big splash.......warning disconnected thought on the same theme....read with caution.............What makes a big splash? A rock? what does it do right after that splash? sink straight to the bottom.....puddle jumpers for the win!
  5. I was an advocate of trading for him last off season, due to potential (and at the time his "I have grown up/reformed stance" ) but now that a season has passed nothing really changed for him....He could be a phenomenal force on the D-line for us......but he is apparently just as disruptive in his personal life as he is on the field......that's too bad.....sometimes those types of players eventually "get it" and it clicks, and they change, and sometimes they never get it......and its a train wreck signing.....if we could turn him loose on the field and then put him in stasis after each game and transport him to the next venue and bring him out of it at the start of the next game, I am all for it lol
  6. Although I would agree expectations are higher, and deservedly so, I never feel comfortable at this stage putting a win loss total to it. Each season is its own beast, I think this season was that as it unfolded with our start of the year vs our finish. Injuries and other things you can't factor in, and can effect the outcome each and every year, so until we get closer to September, I will refrain from assigning a win loss prediction. So for me, improving on our talent base, improve upon our execution and the ability to stay a bit more even keel. I think the KC game illustrated this point perfectly in that it was a perfect storm of talent, coaching and want to, to get us there but it took all of those things clicking to even make it to the playoffs, there wasn't enough talent behind that curtain if any one of those areas faltered. We need more base of talent and resource to draw from so that if one thing lets down, we can still hang and run with the big dogs......
  7. Tough sledding right now, no offense no defense......ugh
  8. I think I could build a good team with all those draft picks, ok maybe not, but if he hasn't built a good team after the dust settles he will be gonzo a hundy mil or not if Jr davis didn't build in some out clauses in that contract, then he's a fool.....
  9. Bottom line: Results oriented business. If you are a coach on the way out with a new GM in the hizzle (Pagano) you gonna voluntarily tank for your new boss (he's gonna think your soft and have no competitive fire) If you are a coach on your way in you gonna voluntarily tank (Gruden) Lets get rid of our best players gather up as many draft picks as possible and I will show you what a genius I am......you better be a genius cause you just put all your eggs in that basket..... I don't believe anyone sets out on a season to tank it, and I don't think any coach worth having could be coerced to do it in season...... So to me tanking is a generalized term for any team that is under talented...
  10. Injury is the greatest equalizer in this modern NFL. when teams played outdoor most all of the time weather could be an equalizer too.....I remember some epic games as a kid between power house teams and mediocre teams because of weather....but I digress... No matter the approach the best GM's are the ones who have awareness of situation. What is the make up of team I have inherited, and where does it need to improve to achieve "my version" of building? I think talent evaluation and (process of how that talent is quantified) is the biggest undersold element to the sport. We see every year someone win the off season, someone else win the draft, and 99.9% of the time neither of those teams come in to play on the actual season. The other element that is undervalued in this league is coaching, Venturi is Hyperbolic, but he is right when he says, "Coaching matters" Every team has talent, the staff that maximizes it has the advantage. So Luck in injury, Comprehensive awareness in GM'ing. Schematic superiority in coaching, and finally performance on field all culminate in a successful team.
  11. Every time one of these older threads pop up, the first thing I do is search to see if I said anything really dumb lol ........It looks like we were 1-4 when I chimed in and said maybe we could be 4-4 and a little healthier in the next 3 games but I was seeing a 6-10 finish.......8-8 was looking optimistic to me........none of us knew what to expect with new staff, new players and where/when/if Luck would return to form. I can tell you if someone had said 10-6 in the divisional round with D playing good and run game humming I would have scoffed. It is a situation where I am happy to be wrong, and if that mojo was a viable tool I would say something like were done were toast cant be KC, if that would get us a SB win, I might be tempted to tattoo it on my forehead at this point, house money baby lets just go 1-0 this week! Ps, (full disclosure) I didn't like taking a guard with #6 not because of Quentin, not because we didn't need a guard....I just didn't value a guard (any guard) that high.......I also thought we reached for Leonard, I thought he was bottom 2nd round talent.......and that is why my check stubs don't say "Colts" on it....lol I am still not in the "Ballard we trust" band camp, but I am willing to at least acknowledge it might be a camp worth attending in the near future......
  12. If I may pout a little, I don't wanna lose Eberflus! lol.......since the Manning Era I have always wanted a defense I could be proud of as a fan......back then we had playmakers that made it work for a SB victory, but we never had a defense that we could say, "They can hold their own consistently"..........we still have work to do in that regard, but Eb has us maximizing our talent......and with a little more talent on that side of the ball we could be monsters.......(no pun intended)
  13. That's nice to win awards, but there is really only one award that transcends them all, lets stay focused and just go 1-0! and we will be one step closer to that award. Truth is Nagy and Reich both did a great job, one was in a big market with national exposure, if Reich wins, its because people know their stuff if he doesn't then you know its all about national exposure, we will get more next year on the schedule based on this year where we were the 1 o clock Sunday kings lol
  14. and with that your honor, the defense rests....(well at least until Saturday where I hope it dominates ) lol
  15. Oh I believe he does it to promote the brand "Skip Bayless" he didn't really say anything too nice, he basically said without Demaryius and Hopkins was hurt that's why the Texans and Deshaun didn't win....he obviously watches games but doesn't have the knowledge to understand what he is looking at.....for me, he is frustrating, but its like a train wreck, when you see the carnage you have to look lol........I don't weigh his opinion at all (was going to say "not very heavily" but that was a lie to quote Maury) Entertainment value minimal, train wreck effect maximum, I will rubberneck lol
  16. I would have never guessed I would be saying this, but I hope he doesn't want to leave either way.....I think he has done a great job with what he has had to work with...
  17. Hopefully Eberflus is not distracted by his H.C. interview and he dials up a game plan to slow the Chiefs, lets just keep the focus and go 1-0!
  18. Andrew Luck. The official Neck Beard of the NFL........let that roll off your tongue a time or two
  19. I think keeping with the clown/circus theme going round today, I think I will call this the Bearded Luck, errrr............ Lady................ Bearded Lady thread yeah that's it.......as you were
  20. My level is just slightly off center mass I know, so when I see this thread title I feel obligated to finish the sentence. "This is not a normal locker room.......all of the drinking fountains have neck beards." Seriously I am happy for the team chemistry, and I don't know if its an indictment on the guys saying it or the teams we have had since 1984 to make that statement though
  21. No offense, but these award threads before seasons end is bad ju-ju to me (and not the smith Schuster variety) so to counter act that bad ju-ju I am required by law to state "just go 1-0 this week" there we go hex vexed lol.......as you were
  22. I gotta say the D-Line. The O-line I had hoped would be better based on the draft capital we spent. I don't think anyone could have predicted "how much" better its been, but I think when you spend a 1st and 2nd rounder there improvement "should be expected". On the other side of the ball Darius Leonard was certainly a surprise, and I am in no way diminishing his fabulous rookie season when I say, that LB efficiency is dictated by good D-Line play. And although the D-line hasn't been stellar, they have dang sure been better than anticipated. We have had Turay and Lewis make some spot appearances this season, but the D-line has essentially been good runnin' what we brung talent wise, scheme and placement of personnel have been the biggest reason for improvement and that's impressive. Thus why I give them the nod for "exceeding expectations" as O-line I anticipated better, with the Maniac I had no expectation to draw from at the start of the season, and the D-line I expected to get gashed in the run game and fail to penetrate and pressure against the pass (at least consistently)
  23. Heavy Dose of Mo Allie Cox and Ebron for the win, let them focus on the clown show.......burn them with the jugglers, when they step up to cover the jugglers let TY clown on them deep.
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