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  1. I like the signing for both Mack and the Colts....Mack gets to work his way back from the Achilles with a one year deal and move on for more cash, the Colts get a one year rental on a proven commodity that knows the system......should help Wentz too confidence wise having excellent 3 headed attack on the ground with Hines.
  2. TY Hilton- 1yr thanks for the memories deal not over the top money but finish your career here level Marlon Mack- would love incentive heavy (but team friendly 2 year deal so if all is well he gets paid fair, injured chump change) Justin Houston-Let walk, at better than vet minimum he offers no R.O.I. Denico Autry-3 year mid level for position deal Xavier Rhodes-2 year fair compensation contract (but I think he wants to play for the highest bidder/not us) Anthony Walker Jr.-I would love to keep him if we could, at 3 year team discount rate but I think he goes elsewhere Malik Hooker- 3 year stay healthy incentive laden deal that would bring avg. $ vet min. if injured but I think he moves on Jacoby Brissett - you have to let him walk I would think, he wants to try to prove hes the guy, that opportunity isnt here Zach Pascal-3 year WR 3 $ Mo-Alie Cox-2 yr TE 2 $
  3. I dont think we have enough capital draft wise to get a meaningful QB this year, I think the prudent answer is find a one year band aid be it Rivers or whoever, try to make it with them and hope Eason gets enough rep experience and shows ability and readiness for 2023 while you fill what holes you can outside of QB this season; If Eason doesnt pan out and show strong starter capabilities during this season....then go all in 2023-24 to draft your starter. It is definitely a giant uphill crap shoot no matter what Ballard ends up doing.....there is no scenario that isnt full of mammoth risk...I just dont see this QB draft class outside of the top 2 or maybe 3 that have shown enough to take that big of a risk.....and I think its all but official you cannot count T. Lawerence in that count this year as he has probably already picked a jersey # with the Jags, we just get to wait to make it official.
  4. I just couldn't do it....I mean, I respect his career and talent...but I just couldn't....... its like inviting Satan to the church fish fry, putting him in a suit and tie doesn't make him a better person, he is still the devil after all lol
  5. A couple thoughts on the offseason in general: I dont know if Wentz can be re-habbed or not, but the price is too high to find out in my mind.....they would have to give us picks to take him from my standpoint, and if the picks are not significant, then I would want a radical re-work of his contract....doesnt matter to me that we have the cap room to take his salary or not, to me the value of return is not there to warrant the number to begin with......on some of our free agents, we may lose them to the highest bidder, Ballards M.O. is assess value of player offer contract, let them test market if they get more ....goodbye......kind of a tough love approach using dollar bills lol......... so I would prefer to keep as many of our own as possible FIRST, and then lets see where we are from a cap and need situation before we worry about F.A.'s outside of the locker room...Xavier Rhodes is going to be a bummer to lose, but he kind of hinted that he will go where the high bid is...which probably won't be here.....He was making bank before his play dropped in Minny, to him this was his "prove it year" and he feels he proved it and wants a big pay day again......someone might give it to him.....
  6. As a realist, I pray we don't get embarrassed......as fan I wanna give the Colties a chance to overcome their head scratching schemes or lack there of on offense and defense at times....so Colts 34- Bills 31..... we trail the entire game and cardiac kid a game winning touchdown as time expires........our fan base, pencils us into a SB parade scenario at COVID safe distances, and the realist in me just prays we don't get embarrassed in the second round lol
  7. For me in Best Player available order if you don't mind..... DT, WR, QB
  8. Pascal on the up tick Cain and Campbell Both rookies showing promise, some guy named Funchess poised to come off IR and play in a few weeks......why bring in a #1 with work ethic problems that would have to work hard to get up to speed (see how that doesnt make sense) , trying to figure out why that would even be a "thing" to do....might as well trade for a starting LG while were at it.....This is a talking head to lazy to research a situation, and wanting to connect obvious dots (Reich formerly in Philly) thing.......
  9. Run heavy Colts, peppering the field periodically with short quick passes, and a WR who has consistently embarrassed a group of professionals.....The professionals will eventually over do it to stop the embarrassment.....my magic 8 ball says "chances are" Hilton will put up ok but not highlight reel #'s.....
  10. The "Wait and see if they earn a namers too soon to tell squad" inc.
  11. I dont know if he (EBRON) had a foot elbow or pinky finger down or not before bobbling. For me I get the "spirit" of this rule, but I just have a problem with the rule in general. Was he bobbling it? Yes, but for me I would like to see the rule consider, did he ultimately lose control? AKA did the ball touch the ground at any point? If no, that would mean "he has possession" albeit dicey possession, but if it doesn't come out of your hands/touch the ground then you have possession....dont know how that would be implemented or what have you....but I just remember watching the replays thinking come on, yes he bobbled it but he never lost it.....so doesnt that imply possession if you have something and never lose it? I dunno, I just think the rule needs some tweakage....
  12. Crunked


    I have no idea what to expect......I will stay optimistic until the team gives me a reason to believe otherwise, and I hope they don't change my mind.
  13. Little surprised by Tyquan Lewis.....and I am still convinced Clark only made the team because there was no one else who could play T. after Haeg.
  14. Playing arm chair GM I would NOT extend him now, there is no upside to that action, other than a warm fuzzy factor to his team mates by saying look how they took care of JB. And since I would anticipate no negative backlash if they dont sign him now, I say let the season play out and make your determination from there... As far as what #'s this year would he need. I think it's relative to win's and losses and how they occur. If he proves to be a competent "game manager" type, does enough to win, doesnt give away games, that is obvious the low end of the offer scale, and anything in a shade better than that, all the way to pro bowl mvp super bowl winner is another.... I think the last reason/reasons (and I would hope the least likely to occur but still a statistical possibilty) is what if he totally melts down on the field blows it, gets a catastrophic injury loses his mind in an off field incident or any of those "thank GOD we didnt extend him" reasons...... Let it ride and adjust at seasons end....
  15. I wish Luck nothing but the best. And I respect his decision to retire.....as a fan, I do still feel a bit betrayed, and it will take time for that to fade. It wasn't so much what he did, but when and how it went down......both in regard to the timing and the future of what the Colts "could have been". And the hap-hazard way the Colts thought they were planning to "manage" the announcement. Didn't leave me feeling any warm fuzzies, or that I could fully trust what comes out of 56th st going forward.
  16. Congrats Clem-Dog. .....for me I have proven intense study (2018) gleaned as many points for me as (2019) blind guessing, better not quit my day job, but great fun either way.....thanks Doc for the fun!
  17. So rare to be right....so I am pimpin' it lol.....enjoy the draft.......as you were.....etc...etc....
  18. What about Ben Benaguo TCU Edge Rusher......probably didn't spell it right, but hopefully I got close lol..... fast and slippery with a good motor, the highlights I saw were impressive but he seemed a bit thin for an NFL end....maybe that's the knock
  19. The last two years I followed all the rhetoric closely leading up to the draft and failed miserably. So be warned, I am coming in this year (thanks to work) with no idea whatsoever in what I am doing so I expect great things lol Round 1 - #26 A: Christian Wilkins DT B: Brian Burns Edge C: Dre'mont Jones DT Round 2a - #34 A: Chris Lindstrom OG B: Josh Jacobs RB (although I don't know why) C: Jerry Tillery DT Round 2b - #59 A: Jonathan Abram S B: Joe Jackson Edge C: Parris Campbell WR Round 3 - #89 A: Julian Love CB B: Jachai Polite Edge C: David Edwards OT Round 4a - #129 A: Jamel Dean CB B: Kahale Warring TE Round 4b - #135 A: Tytus Howard OT B: D'Andre Walker Edge Round 5 - #164 A: Tommy Sweeney TE B: Miles Boykin WR Round 6 - #199 A: Shareef Miller Edge B: Kris Boyd CB Round 7 - #240 A: Sione Takitaki OLB B: Zach Gentry TE (just cause he is a physical freak at 6'-8") and given Coaches reliance on the TE position to eat people up....seems like a red zone no brainer.....but what do I know.
  20. Side bar factoid (ahem as it were:) I believe I read on MMQB, that 61.2 percent of "marquee" free agent signings never make it to the 3rd year of those contracts, thus supporting all the front loaded/guaranteed money by most players who fall into that category. Thought that was interesting to read.
  21. Ballard, said it best last year when asked if he ever considered trading Luck at any point. "I'm not putting that on MY resume"
  22. I can't say there has been a splash player signed yet that I would have been happy with the salary they got if it would have been a Colts move.....so I'm good.....
  23. Hey we signed Chris Milton to a one year flyer....if you say it slow, and in French....it might "sound" like a big splash.......warning disconnected thought on the same theme....read with caution.............What makes a big splash? A rock? what does it do right after that splash? sink straight to the bottom.....puddle jumpers for the win!
  24. I was an advocate of trading for him last off season, due to potential (and at the time his "I have grown up/reformed stance" ) but now that a season has passed nothing really changed for him....He could be a phenomenal force on the D-line for us......but he is apparently just as disruptive in his personal life as he is on the field......that's too bad.....sometimes those types of players eventually "get it" and it clicks, and they change, and sometimes they never get it......and its a train wreck signing.....if we could turn him loose on the field and then put him in stasis after each game and transport him to the next venue and bring him out of it at the start of the next game, I am all for it lol
  25. Although I would agree expectations are higher, and deservedly so, I never feel comfortable at this stage putting a win loss total to it. Each season is its own beast, I think this season was that as it unfolded with our start of the year vs our finish. Injuries and other things you can't factor in, and can effect the outcome each and every year, so until we get closer to September, I will refrain from assigning a win loss prediction. So for me, improving on our talent base, improve upon our execution and the ability to stay a bit more even keel. I think the KC game illustrated this point perfectly in that it was a perfect storm of talent, coaching and want to, to get us there but it took all of those things clicking to even make it to the playoffs, there wasn't enough talent behind that curtain if any one of those areas faltered. We need more base of talent and resource to draw from so that if one thing lets down, we can still hang and run with the big dogs......
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