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    • I’ve been posting this for roughly 3 months, before the draft.    I’m not expecting a big rookie year from Woods.  Mostly blocking, roughly 20-25 catches.   A solid rookie year, but nothing special.   I always try to have very modest expectations for rookies.  
    • First round pick going into year two I'd say he should hit double digit sacks but what really matters is pressures.  It's pretty subjective but if you wanted an absolute I'd say to average the 10th edge in sacks the past few years and whatever that is call it your baseline of expectation.   But I don't think the Colts are thinking in terms of sacks.  They're thinking in terms of pressures in the pass game and in the run game how consistently can he set an edge that limits real estate in the backfield.
    • I think the Colts have a better staff and a better line.  Hopefully a better defense too which is so often overlooked with QBs.  As to weapons I think it's close enough to call it a wash.  I don't think the Colts will be special there in 2022 but neither were the Falcons.   This team seems to me to be a notch below that top group in weapons in the pass game.  But if the defense is good enough the run game gets magnified and things change dramatically.  They'll have less room for error than the elite offenses but you can win a ring with a strong defense/run game and a savvy QB.
    • There aren't ten GMs that I would hire over Ballard.   For me the GM eval starts with that head coach hire because if you hire a strong coach you're making your own job easier but not all the GMs seem to realize that.  His first shot he went after the big fish in McDaniels.  I know McDaniels is reviled round these parts, but the chance that you can hit on an elite HC is worth the hire risk.  Unfortunately it didn't work out.  Frank was regardless a strong hire, and as long as Irsay has this guy at GM he's going to have a team that competes and is in playoff contention.   Question is whether Frank can handle the whole show and keep an entire team on track.  But right now I'm feeling pretty good about this team.  They have a real chance to make some noise in the playoffs.
    • Frank isn't going to be fired early lol. That is silly talk. Odd that Vegas feels like that with those odds. Now if we don't win the division or make the playoffs who knows?? But that decision will obviously be made at the end of the season.
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