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  1. Actually I have no problem with Hines trying the outside. He is very elusive/fast. Almost had the touch. Glad that We were able to score 6 on the next play. None of this should have been necessary though. That was a defensive TD.
  2. I think another reason that TY's production is down this year is that opposing teams are often doubling him up and/or crashing a safety to his side in an effort to take out our best receiving threat. They are are in effect saying, we dare you to beat us with "the other guys" and while that may not be entirely working, it is putting a dent in TY's production.
  3. That's on Ballard and Reich. Players shouldn't be the ones taking themselves out of games or off teams. It's up to coaches and GMs to evaluate talent. This should have happed after week one.
  4. So sad to watch Vi. struggle. Time to hang em' up champ. That should have been a gimme.
  5. I think I've figured it out. Vinatieri can only function under high pressure kicks. Next time we commit holding penalties until it's a nail biter.
  6. Good consecutive runs by Mack has us moving...Finally!
  7. When Flacco is running for first downs and beating your LBs, you know it's going to be a long day.
  8. Jags and Titans are both handling their business. Colts need to bear down the rest of this game.
  9. I was referring to the unnecessary roughness call. I think that could have gone either way. Looks like our d-lineman was tossed.
  10. Man does this officiating crew seem to have it out for the Colts. Geez...
  11. Broncos seem to be rolling. Their offensive line isn't nearly as bad at least against our front four.
  12. May need to start scoring on defense at this pace.
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