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  1. I must have watched a different Colts-Raiders game. Almost ALL of his throws were where they needed or should be. These receivers can't get separation or catch the ball when they should. How many dropped passes today?
  2. And that graphic is likely to change after the TB/NY game. Man that was a great game! 4 TD, two ran in himself and 336 passing yards!
  3. This is the graphic that made me pause what I was doing today. JB rolling up right between Patrick M. and Tom B. If Obi Wan Jacobi can keep doing this the QB is not our problem. We should always have a winning chance. Just keep bringing in the talent through the draft and building a solid all-around team. Not the unbalanced teams of the past. Sometimes I think the superstar QBs can cause GMs to lose focus on that.
  4. I'm not so sure. Had Ebron caught that touchdown pass, JB would have been 22/27 for close to 200 yards and 3 touchdowns. That's very efficient. I don't think Mack would have necessarily had to carry the ball that many times or Hines would have been in the mix more. That said, time will tell if JB is the real deal or not.
  5. I don't see PC as redundant at all. TY is going to be working the mid to deep parts of the field and constantly threatening to take the top off the D. Our other receivers and tight ends are going to be occupying the safeties and linebackers across the middle of the field. PC is going to potentially do either or will even be coming out from the backfield like Mack or take very shallow crossing routes just past the LOS and using his speed and YAC abilities. Reich is going to have a lot of fun working with all of these options.
  6. I wonder if the staff evaluated what they had on the D-line and concluded that the men were "good enough" but with a stronger backend could become great. The strength of this draft class was definitely on the defensive side of the ball, particularly the backer and secondary positions.
  7. No, we're all saying there are plenty of great players still to be had and it doesn't justify making a pick here just to be in the first round. Ballard also gained a pick for next year in the process.
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