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  1. I don't see PC as redundant at all. TY is going to be working the mid to deep parts of the field and constantly threatening to take the top off the D. Our other receivers and tight ends are going to be occupying the safeties and linebackers across the middle of the field. PC is going to potentially do either or will even be coming out from the backfield like Mack or take very shallow crossing routes just past the LOS and using his speed and YAC abilities. Reich is going to have a lot of fun working with all of these options.
  2. I wonder if the staff evaluated what they had on the D-line and concluded that the men were "good enough" but with a stronger backend could become great. The strength of this draft class was definitely on the defensive side of the ball, particularly the backer and secondary positions.
  3. No, we're all saying there are plenty of great players still to be had and it doesn't justify making a pick here just to be in the first round. Ballard also gained a pick for next year in the process.
  4. We all knew going in that we needed a pass rush. This game should only make the case in full for Ballard. Just like he fixed the O-line, he needs to fix this pass rush and get another wide receiver that can break coverages.
  5. I almost completely disagree. Ultimately there are "pillar" players in almost every round, but the GM has to have the eye for them. Case in point...and this is a very small sampling... Josh Norman - 5th round CB - 2011 Gino Atkins - 4th round DT - 2010 Jason Witten - 3rd round TE - 2003 Cam Chancellor - 5th round S - 2010 Justin Houston - 3rd round LB - 2011 Richard Sherman - 5th round CB - 2011 Antonio Brown - 6th round WR - 2010
  6. As a high-schooler I watched my beloved Oilers lose that game. I'm now over 40 and the guy that crushed my youthful dreams of watching my team play in a superbowl is now coaching my favorite team to hopefully a super bowl run of their own. The irony is unreal for me this year.
  7. I'm all for keeping him around, but more as a back up. I keep seeing him miss assignments (saw some tonight) although he did eliminate the penalties after that Titans game which was ridiculous.
  8. Sometimes playoff experience involves having a bad game. It's hard to learn anything when things are going great. Didn't he almost have a pick too? I think had that gone right we might not be having this thread.
  9. I see Glo as the weakest link now and could see us picking up a guard in the 4th or fifth round. Hope we can keep him for depth though.
  10. My concern is getting into a habit of going soft against premier teams like KC or NE. Eberflus needs them to be able to put teams away if the offense goes on holiday.
  11. I'm not thrilled about the O in second half either...man, I'm sweating out this last quarter. But I think they can pull this one out.
  12. I think Eberflus being offered a head coaching job is about to go up in smoke. His ultra soft defense is about to lose a game where his club had a 21 point advantage going into the last 15 minutes.
  13. The absolute silence from the offense is freaking me out. What the heck guys?
  14. Should we lose Eberflus, there are good candidates out there. Example, Todd Bowles who was D-coord for the Cardinals. He may one of those guys who is a better coordinator than head coach.
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