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  1. This game should be over, yet we are doing everything in our power to keep it close
  2. Can't see the defensive guys going full tilt now to be fair. The game is more than over
  3. If we lose today? Is today the perfect time to turn around our season? Or does a loss today all but confirm our playoff hopes are vanished? thoughts..
  4. Must be one of those sessions where they skip the details and just look at the pictures then
  5. Same old slow predicatable offense. What do these guys do all summer?
  6. Just purchased premium sideline seats in Club Wembley with the players ticket release. 2 of us going to be there.
  7. There goes our pathetic season. And some of you thought we would be 14-2 LOL
  8. Ive let the wife turn it over to X-Factor. That's how bad this is
  9. I really hope we don't make the playoffs. Time for some huge changes
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