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Colts @ Titans Sunday Night Football Game Thread


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1 minute ago, LucasOilStadium said:

Colts are the third team to make the NFL Playoffs after  their 1-5 start, and they won 9  of their last 10 games.   Remarkable!


Also credit  Frank Reich for keeping the season alive for Indianapolis.  Reich should be considered for NFL Coach Of The Year in his first year with the Colts.


Colts finish 10-6 for their 2018 NFL Regular Season! Congratulations!!!  On to Houston, again! 


Happy New Year, Colts fans!!!!  See you back here next weekend!  


Happy New Year :banana:

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4 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Luck is 11-0 vs Tennessee, Playoff time now. Watson and JJ will be a handful, should be fun. 


Big time, definitely can't be tossin pick sixes and fumbling in the redzone.  They did that at home vs Houston and were down big but made a ridiculous comeback.  

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    • Because Kirk Cousins and Carson Wentz are both 'sometimes' good
    • Terron Armstead Christian Kirk Mike Gesicki Chandler Jones DJ Chark Marcus Williams   Cut Wentz. Make a huge trade for Russell Wilson.
    • Stafford wasn't going to ever happen, I agree I'm completely happy we didn't sign Darnold or Bridgewater, I've never liked either of them.   As for rookies, Herbert was the guy I was huge on in the '20 class but I don't think we would have ever had to enough to jump in front for him, and Philip was already on the team   There was nobody in the '21 class that I thought was worth trading up for besides Lawrence, and that was impossible as is..   '22 class isn't spectacular by any means, still going to do a scouting review on that position   Either cut bait with Wentz and go for Aaron or Russell; which is unlikely, or -unfortunately- keep him for a year and cut bait afterwards
    • Yeah OT and CB are two positions where there have to be certain physical traits a player has to have for Ballard. We only have to wait about a week though because we’ll get measurements at the Senior Bowl.     On a side note, start that QB topic up because I have some things I’d like to add in lol.
    • Thanks.  Appreciate the clarification.   As to the presser, I did.   Twice.   I try not to confuse that he’s clearly not happy with Wentz with anything else.  But Ballard also said KC did a profile on Wentz coming out of college and the Chiefs were very high on him then.     I don’t know how sold Ballard was on Wentz in February of 22, but I believe that Ballard thought he was the best option at a reasonable price.     Stafford was way too expensive (cost of trade in picks).   Other options like Darnold and Bridgewater weren’t good enough.  Then factor in that Reich knew him and thought he could fix him, and soon we had a deal.    Personally, if we’re going to miss on a QB, I’d rather miss having traded a 1 and a 3, than having traded two 1’s and two 3’s or MORE for a rookie with a high chance of failing.    I’m now open to all possibilities.   Right now, I’d say it’s roughly 50/50. 
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