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Colts Vs. New York Jets Monday Night Football Game Thread


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they did this last game till they got worn down and then they got blamed for the loss

I know.... People can't put things in perspective. Our D has kept us alive and in these first two games. Our offense though....right now I'm honestly scared to think about the rest of this season with how they look at this point.

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Two games in a row I do not understand the gameplan on offense.



I would take help from anyone that knows what the hell they are talking about, which excludes you.


Settle down, you two


Don't defend it. You mispoke. The time out absolutely had to do with the miss since it was an entire different kick and situation.

Yes, perhaps my use of the term "icing the kicker" was inaccurate.  I still don't get the point of taking a timeout there.  Regardless, it's done with now.

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Gore only 7 carries. 2 excellent runs called back by penalty, but still, I think this putting him on a pitch count is b.s. He's a beast and he should be in as a FEATURE back.

I still think the offensive play calling completely sucks. Manning and that system used to feast on teams trying to blitz. I am becoming glowingly dubious of Pep Hamilton. Really upset with the inept offensive play.

Defence is playing really well, generally. Finger crossed on Davis passing the concussion protocols.

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