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Colts Vs. New York Jets Monday Night Football Game Thread


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they did this last game till they got worn down and then they got blamed for the loss

I know.... People can't put things in perspective. Our D has kept us alive and in these first two games. Our offense though....right now I'm honestly scared to think about the rest of this season with how they look at this point.

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Two games in a row I do not understand the gameplan on offense.



I would take help from anyone that knows what the hell they are talking about, which excludes you.


Settle down, you two


Don't defend it. You mispoke. The time out absolutely had to do with the miss since it was an entire different kick and situation.

Yes, perhaps my use of the term "icing the kicker" was inaccurate.  I still don't get the point of taking a timeout there.  Regardless, it's done with now.

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Gore only 7 carries. 2 excellent runs called back by penalty, but still, I think this putting him on a pitch count is b.s. He's a beast and he should be in as a FEATURE back.

I still think the offensive play calling completely sucks. Manning and that system used to feast on teams trying to blitz. I am becoming glowingly dubious of Pep Hamilton. Really upset with the inept offensive play.

Defence is playing really well, generally. Finger crossed on Davis passing the concussion protocols.

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    • you misunderstood, i did not say shaq was related to the others
    • That is a great post. If only people would see a disagreement as a way to see things from a different perspective as opposed to a personal affront, there would be less bickering.  That is why you are an analyst.   You really missed out on the earlier days of the forum. Was @Dustin  still here when you signed up? He wrote up some fantastic scouting reports that got lots of responses. They were so thought-provoking. Did you follow the 2015 draft? Dustin wrote scouting reports on many players. He was one of the very few who liked Grady Jarrett and wanted Grigson to select him early in the draft.   I value this forum a lot. Many fans have come and gone. When I first signed up in 2014 there were fans from other teams posting all the time. It was a lot of fun. It still is.
    • I think the Pittman signing is gonna take a while.  CB had to see how he performed this year.  He had to see what Pittman's agent wants.  He had to see what the market will bear.  Pittman is a non-standard WR.  And he's still our best one. I wouldn't worry, unless Pittman all of the sudden hires Malki Kawa as his agent.
    • I've been here since 2017.  I joined because I wanted to post my "My Guys" list of draft choices, as if I was the only person in the world who was this obsessively attentive to the draft, and I would get oooooo's and ahhhhhhh's and "we're not worthy" from all of the peeps on the forum.  Ha!  Not only were just about everybody as obsessed as I was, there we people on the forums who dug more deeply into the draft than I ever did!  Yeah, I got surprised. I've grown to appreciate all of the people on the forums.  Not just the easy going people, but the also the cantankerous one.  Who argue a point as if their very lives depended on it.  All of the people whom I disagree with.  And there are a lot.  But because of them, I get viewpoints that are not my own, and I learn things.  And I am glad of it. Here's to Everybody!  And I'm very glad to know all of you.
    • Who are many of the players that Ballard let go did?    As a result of signing Leonard?      To the best of my knowledge,  there’s one.  Okereke.  When Bobby left Ballard publicly said he would’ve kept Okereke had they not signed Leonard.  Ballard doesn’t often publicly second guess himself like that over a player.  It’s the only time I can remember.      If you’re going to point to Autry and Houston, their decisions were BEFORE Leonard — not related.   Otherwise, I don’t know who you could be referring to?       
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