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  1. Man...That Pittsburgh - Seattle game was awesome!!!!

  2. I hate Cam Newton

  3. I am guaranteeing a win tonight.

    1. 12isthenew18
    2. COLTS449


      Yeah. This s*** is getting ridiculous man. I know what will help though. More mediocre offensive linemen in FA. And the love and support of our awesome general manager. My bad dude. I turn into a redneck when we're getting beat.

  4. Its game day son. Lets go Colts. Lets thump Tennessee and show the world we're still an elite team. And btw. Who's everybody watching at 3cst? I'm thinking i gotta go with the Bills and Dolphins.

    1. Jared Cisneros

      Jared Cisneros

      Agreed, we need this win. Lets dominate in all three phases and get our game back. I want to see 100% effort from everybody today.

    2. Jared Cisneros

      Jared Cisneros

      Bears and Seahawks are on for me at that time. I'll be watching them.

  5. Happy Birthday America!!!!

    1. southwest1


      I'm trying to catch up on my status updates which I've put on the back burner for awhile. No matter how much older I get I always go & watch city fireworks. I never buy fireworks on my own, but I do enjoy grand finales at the very end with all the pretty colors.

  6. Coca-Cola in a glass bottle rocks!!!! Thats my inteligent thought for he day lol

    1. Synthetic


      Try freezing it. Just make sure you take the cap off first, and don't let it freeze totally. Let it get a little slushy and then try it

    2. COLTS449


      LOL that's what I do.

    3. crazycolt1


      They always tasted better when we would pop the caps off while they were still in the machine. Dixie cups are boss!

  7. LOL at UConn's womens coach calling NCAA Men's basketball a joke. lmao. What an *.

  8. What a game last night UK Vs ND. My boys are on their way to number 9. UK baby!!!!

    1. southwest1


      WI lost to you guys last year, but this year should be 1 heck of a dogfight. Bo Ryan knows defense my man. Good luck C449!

  9. Its time for NCAA March Maddness!!!! Is everyone pumped? My boys are about to dominate this thing. Lets go UK. Lets get 9

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. BrentMc11


      OK...I did pick UK to win it if that counts :)

    3. radiogirl


      It doesn't......

    4. BrentMc11
  10. 30-0!!! UK baby!!! The alpa male of the NCAA.

  11. Snowed in today guys, seriousley. We've got about 6 inches so far, and suposed to get about 12-14 all together by tomorrow. Pretty unusual for Ky.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. COLTS449


      LOL, not very much at all. I think 5 plows and 5 salt trucks. I live in a sub division out of the city limits though, with a big hill to go down to get to the highway. One neighbor's already tried to get out and failed. He's ok though. I don't mind it for a few days, just sit back and watch some TV, lol.

    3. oldunclemark


      Take it easy down there...Its been a tough winter..but it cant last much longer (wow..5 trucks might not get much done)

    4. southwest1


      I'm more than happy to divert WI snowfall to other regions of the country. We've had bitterly cold temperatures this winter but no massive winter wonderland dumps this year so far. Knock on wood. Sorry for all those areas who don't have the resources or equipment to move it out of the way.

  12. Anyone else watch Zach Levine in the dunk contest? Jesus Christ that kid's got some athleticism. LOL, WOW.

    1. kjyb


      yess hes a machine! lol

  13. Something you might find cool given your musical tastes.

  14. Anyone else excited about the Playoffs but sad the season's over??? LOL, I'm like this every year.

    1. ColtsBTM12
    2. southwest1


      Yeah, as the Playoff take off, it means the NFL season is inching ever closer to a close again. Sad yes, but it just means that the best football is ahead of us for February. So, it's not all bad. But, I get what you mean C449.

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