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  1. Forgot to mention Larry is a UK guy. So that makes this all the more exciting for me. Please make this happen.
  2. Man. I really want this to happen. We already have arguably THE best OL in the league with the guys we already have. we have one....ONE weak link. And even Glow is not a bad OL. He was a lot better the year before than he was this past season. He definitely had a down year. I’m just saying. He was Pretty good a couple years ago for us. Adding Warford Pushes Glow to the Roll of our main backup O-Lineman. Solves a lot of our depth issues for sure. It’d be nice if (knock on wood) But if a guy can’t go, us to be able to throw Glow out there for a week or 2. So... Adding Lar
  3. A lot of people seem to be undervaluing Okereke. The kid came in last year and killed it when he was on the field. I could definitely see us letting Walker walk and Bobby stepping in next to Leonard. Having them all 3 this season is gonna be pretty awesome, though. I expect Bobby to take an even bigger step (Giant leap) forward this year.
  4. I like Hines in the slot. If Campbell doesn’t break out like he is expected to this year maybe we’ll try this. We also have Guys like Pascal who could be put in the slot if Campbell doesn’t come out of the gate killing it. So idk. I like the idea for real.
  5. Man his brother is a kid. Maybe 19. When I was 19 I was a loud, arrogant and immature jock. We all were kids once. This isn’t a concern of mine and it shouldn’t be for anyone else. Besides his brother is on his way to making a name for himself at Oregon. LOL at lil bro’s comment about the dog. “You know what....He might be a gorilla.
  6. No. It'll be the AFC North and NFC North
  7. yeah definitely. I feel Rivers will have one of the best years of his career this season. And possibly one of the best runs of his career over the next couple seasons. He’s gonna have probably the best OL he’s ever had. He had a terrible OL the last couple years with the chargers. He gets rid of the ball quick anyway. Playing behind this OL which is possibly the best in the NFL he’s gonna have a field day. Then you give him a pair of RB’s like we have in Mack and Taylor, and an all around weapon in Hines, TE’s like Doyle and Burton, and a receiving corps of Pittman, TY, Campbell, Pascall, and
  8. I swear I could see us coming out and going like 13-3 man. We’re gonna have a great year IMO.
  9. Me too man. This is my MLB time of year. Imma big Braves fan. It’s killing me having to go without sports like this. Can’t wait for everything to get started back up and back to running full speed again.
  10. Mostly excited to see “The big 4” All of Rivers, Taylor, Pittman, Buckner will have major impacts from day 1 on IMO. That said. It’s gonna end up being the “big 5” IMO. I’m extremely excited to see Rhodes. He’s always been one of my favorite CB’s. I wanted him in the 2013 draft but yeah. We won’t go there. I’m Just glad we picked him up. He had a bad year last season but I think with a new team, new environment, he can and will revive his career and go back to being one of the top corners in the NFL. I really believe he’s gonna come out and just kill it with us. I’m also in
  11. Like I said I wouldn’t mind bringing him in. I didn’t know about him being a trouble maker. If that’s the case he doesn’t need to be around our young guys. But They’ll also be some more guys become available later on. Guys that would be really nice additions as backup/depth/rotational players. Hope we can bring in a solid veteran OT and a solid rotational Edge rusher. Give me those 2 things and let’s rock.
  12. I’m all seriousness. Prolly best case scenario is a combo of Stafford and Palmer
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