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  1. No not quite. He's solid. He's not great. He hasn't lived up to his potential but he's still a solid starting safety.
  2. I wouldn't care, but Reid is a starting safety. We don't need another safety. Hooker is going to be a star FS, and we have two very good options at SS in Geathers and Farley. I'd go with Farley tbh. He was a beast last year, and should have a true breakout season if he takes another big step forward. As for the other....... The only reason any owner or GM cares about signing a player who didn't stand for the anthem and protesting the wrongdoings going on is because.......It makes certain people get all crazy. So they're scared it'll hurt their rep, the teams rep, hurt on ticket sales, run fans off, etc. Most people understand you have the right to protest. Especially when they're protesting against racism and cops murdering innocent people.
  3. They both suck. Green is a special teamer/backup Safety. Morrison is a backup LB, and shouldn't even be our main backup. Hopefully that's Walker. Morrison is a 2 down downhill thumper who.......Sucks. 2 wasted picks and I'll firmly believe that until I'm proven otherwise. Especially when you look at some of the guys we could've had instead of Green. A 2nd RD pick. Pathetic. Our potential breakout players are, and yes. We have a few. But..... Haeg, Mack, Anderson, Ridge, Basham, Hooker, Farley, Geathers, Wilson, and Hairston. Other than guys like Hooker, Farley, Geathers, Mack, and Anderson who have all shown what they can do, and are expected to be really, really good players. Especially Hooker. He should be a top 5 Safety this year. Expect no less. But yeah. Maybe we can get 3-4 kids to really take big steps forward and become household names. But other than those 4. Preferably Haeg at RT, Wilson at CB, Basham at DE.
  4. I could see Allen going before Rosen personally. He's a true boom or bust, but he has a much higher ceiling than Rosen. It all depends on what the team thinks about he and Rosen. If they feel they can correct Allen's weaknesses, etc then I think he goes before JR. And also, the Jets have Teddy for a year, so they may feel they could roll with him as the starter and let Allen sit and develop for a year and take over in his second season. I'm interested to see how that plays out.
  5. Yes. You're exactly right Jared. It could go either way. What will determine the "Winner" of our trade back with the Jets depends on the talent we come out with. If we land 2 big time players in RD2 and still get a blue chip beast at 6 we win that trade even if the Jets get their man at QB.
  6. Meredith is a very talented and young WR. He was becoming a big time WR and a breakout player, then tore his ACL last season. This would be a really good signing. I'd straight up offer him 10-12 million for a couple years. Try and keep them from matching
  7. We need Hurns too. Grant is a great addition. Really solid number 3 WR who could have the best year f his career with us this coming season, but we need the big 6'3 freak. Hurns has kinda been up and down and had some injuries, but he's got the potential to be a 1,000 yard WR year after year. Maybe even turn into a borderline WR1, at the worst a really, really good WR2. And he hasn't played with a top tier QB. With Luck healthy Hurns could be a star with us.
  8. 2-3 years ago I'd be like heck yeah Slauson baby !!!! LOL. But yeah. He's not the same player now. That doesn't mean he wont come in and ball out for a year, but.......Anyways. Why the ___ didn't we just go after Sitton ??? Who was a top 5 Guard last year and would've been a killer stopgap.
  9. Maybe we can get him signed today. Anybody have an update ?
  10. Yeah. This was a stupid move. I dont care what the reason is it makes zero sense. Hankins is a stud. So now if we don't sign Suh we're stupid. That's about the only way to put it. If we don't we're stupid. But this makes me wonder something. If we were going to release him why didn't we go after Richardson ????
  11. There's a possibility we still get Chubb in RD1. I wouldn't place a bet on it but I wouldn't be surprised in the least. Saying that I also wouldn't be surprised if we moved down again. Maybe a trade with Buffalo. Get those two 1st rounders and two 2nd rounders. That'd be sweet. Get Davenport at 12 or something.
  12. My first thought when I got the notification this morning was Will Hernandez, Darrius Guice, and DJ Moore.
  13. No we weren't. And I don't understand why anyone would think we were. We signed a bunch of old guys that were past their prime. Winning FA would be like (Using guys from this years class) if we'd brought in like.... Andrew Norwell, Allen Robinson, Malcolm Butler, and Avery Williamson to go along with a couple vets that still balled out like Josh Sitton.
  14. Sign Pugh, Jensen, and bring Mewhort back on a 1 year deal. We'll have 3 starting caliber Guards to fight for 2 starting spots. Pugh could be a big time steal. He and Jensen could both have their best years under their next contract. Castanzo - Pugh - Kelly - Jensen - Haeg
  15. He can be great at Guard IMO. He was played out of position too much with the NYG. He graded out really good in I think 15 and 16. Back to back seasons playing mostly Guard. He's not a very good Tackle. IMO. As long as he's 100% healthy. He could come in and be a top tier Guard.
  16. LOL. Yeah. I got tired of getting my hopes up and being let down. So kinda chilled out this year. Same expectations. Same letdown. Just didn't go nuts on the forum .... But no. If we sign 2-3 good players I will be here acting like a 12 year old. LOL.
  17. Solid depth signing and another young player who could come in and breakout.
  18. I'd freaking LOVE to have Suh in Blue and White. He's a beast. Top 3 at his position. He would bring some nasty to this defense and that's exactly what we need. Some players with swag. In your face types. We have needs at Corner. too bad we didn't trade for Peters and Talib, then now sign Suh. Not only would that've drastically improved our D, but that would've given us some of the most aggressive players in the NFL. But we can still get Suh. Think about this..... Chubb - Suh - Hankins - Autry...........Then Sheard, Basham, Simon, and another draft pick at backup DE, Woods, Anderson, Ridgeway as the backup DT's. That is more than solid. That's a heck of a DL...
  19. Now lets make a few splashes. Bring in Jordan Mathews, Ryan Jensen, Josh Sitton, EJ Gaines, and Zach Brown
  20. Solid signing. He had 5 sacks this year and is versatile. Wonder where he lines up with us ??? DE ?
  21. Jensen would be a really good signing, and he would slot right in as one of our starting Guards. The thing that sucks is we need 2 Guards. Jensen would be awesome along with Norwell, but the way it is now. Sign Jensen and Josh Sitton. Bring Mewhort back too. That would give us 2 really good starting Guards and depth. Or sign Jensen and Sitton and draft Hernandez in RD2. Either way it fixes our O-Line. Maybe we sign Fleming to play RT as well.
  22. I'd consider it. It's real possible we could trade back with Denver and still get Chubb. We trade back from 3 to 5. We get Denver's 2nd and 3rd RD picks. 1-4 is Barkley, Darnold, Rosen, Allen... We get Chubb and have 2 2nds and 2 3rd's to grab a RB, G, LB, WR in some order.
  23. 2 things we don't talk about much. I guess because 1) We have Jack Doyle and yes he's awesome. and 2) We're 99% getting Chubb. But it wouldn't surprise me one bit if we signed a good EDGE rusher and/or TE in FA. Pernell McPhee would be alright. Okafor, Murphy would be nice too. Or a vet like Peppers but doubt he signs anywhere other than Carolina. Okafor was in the midst of a breakout campaign this past season before getting injured.
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