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  1. Dungy was only fired once as a head coach and even though he was let go in Tampa he was very successful there, he only had two head coach positions (Tampa and the Colts) so that part of your post makes no sense at all.
  2. Your response is truly stupid.
  3. Your ridiculous and out of your mind if you don't think Brissett (or any other QB for that matter) wouldn't look better playing for that coach in that system with that team, than they would playing for Pagano in the Colts system with the Colts team. Cassel never started a game in college, but when Brady got hurt he throw for over 400 yes in two games and went to the pro bowl, got a big contract and never could hold down a starting job again In his career and he is just one of the backups that has looked all world with that coach team and system, yeah and after five super bowl wins, I would say this coach and system is on to something.
  4. It's not about how difficult it easy to learn the system, it's about how incredibly easy the throws and plays are to make in the NE system (very short, high completion percentage passes) rarely ever asked to make a difficult pass or play, for that matter. Playing Quarterback for the Pats is a lot like auto pilot all the pressure is taken off the QB, unlike the Colts where all the pressure (difficult throws and plays) are put squarely on the QB's shoulders, if you think 16 & 7 have sucked wait till you see this guy away from auto pilot.
  5. This is a stupid trade, brissett didn't even look good in NE system and that is saying a lot, Morris and even Tolzein are better than Brissett. This guy doesn't know the system and can't help us at all, if you can't catch on with the NE coach and system, you have no chance even making the team with Pagano and Chud, if you trade with NE you will get fleeced.