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  1. Very poor effort for three and a half quarters , I guess you could say good effort for half a quarters, this is not a great Panther team, they have barely beaten seven not very good teams, watch next week when they get beat down, playing their first opponent with a winning record. I just don't see anything to be proud of at all, unless this is bowling, where everyone gets a trophy. It's not whining to point out that this team sucked for three and a half quarters, it did, there are no participation awards in football.
  2. What makes you think that, we barely beat the Titans, Jaguars and Texans. I could see the Jaguars or Titans beating us or winning this horrible division over us, we are no lock to win the worst division in football, that's how far this team has falling, I wouldn't be shocked to see the Titans or Jaguars finish ahead of us.
  3. The coaching staff is killing this team, I don't think we were ever a Super Bowl contender, but we could be a lot better than we are showing, I believe Luck is hurt more than they are saying, because he is struggling to throw with zip, when he needs too, and that is causing him to look down his receivers. Luck is regressing in this current situation and that is what worries me, his confidence is at an all time low and he looks like a deer in the headlights. This team is unprepared and lacks discipline or leadership. This could get worse before it gets better with our schedule.
  4. Pagano and Pep put this team at a huge disadvantage before the game every starts. The (deer in the headlights) look of this team, is the lack of preparation and discipline of the head coach. The horrible play calling is the lack of knowledge of Pep. Pagano gets out coached each and every week, this team deserves better. Pagano is a great guy, but he is killing this team. We need a coach that gives us an advantage, and a coach that can make adjustments and holds players accountable. I know that we have made the playoffs three years in a row, and all the other things that the Pagano apologist w
  5. I know it's not cool to defend Thornton and he can whiff on some blocks, especially in pass protection,the holding calls have got to stop, but when he pulls, he wipes his man out, physically he has everything you need and he can pull with the best of them, I hope they continue to let him play and hopefully he can improve in the weak areas, we don't really have any better options.
  6. Gore has long been one of the most respected players in the NFL. He overcame knee injuries in college and the NFL and came back as good as ever each time. Gore is business like in his approach and works his but off to master his craft, it's no wonder he is so respected league wide. One hell of a football player, glad he's a Colt.
  7. He is spot on as usual, I sure hope the coaching staff does some of the things he is suggesting. This coaching staff has got to put the players in a better position to succeed. 3 step drops, rub routes and bunch formations are exactly what this offense needs to get it's confidence back, that and running the ball more, this will all open it up more for the downfield passing game. The coaching staff is making it very hard for the offense to be successful. I don't understand why the coaching staff can't figure this out. All of this would have went a long way to winning Monday nights game. but the
  8. I have a better chance of winning the lottery, than Luck leaving the Colts
  9. I would like to see more of Moncreif and Dorsett, I think there is still a place for AJ in certain formations and routes, but he is really struggling to get separation. Dorsett needs to get his feet wet, he does get good separation, he will still make some rookie mistakes, but will only get better the more he plays.
  10. This 0-2 doesn't resemble last years 0-2 at all, we had a chance in both games last year, we were destroyed in both games this. I wish I could watch those two games an conclude that there is nothing to worry about.
  11. Anderson is a beast and Parry looks pretty good too, nobody was very good on offense, but if I had to choose one it would be Moncreif and he didn't do anything really special, it's just that the rest of the O was so bad.
  12. The O-line is horrible and Pep does nothing to help, Pep has to calls plays to help the situation, dink and dunk, screen passes, draw plays and short passing game, he just continues to call deep drops and patterns that take time to develop and time is what we don't have. Chud should take over for Pagano and Pep, there is no way he could do any worse.
  13. Could Thornton or even Goode be any worse than Lance Louis, This team will never win a Super Bowl with Chuck Pagano. The Colts have had the success they have had in spite of Pagano. Win or lose we get out coached every single week. Andrew Luck played like crap and he has regressed, and that is to be expected, the O-line is horrible and you can not expect a QB to get better when his beatings get worse each and every year. This is not like last years 0-2 start. This team has big problems, they are not close to being competitive, the QB is shell shocked and the head coach and O-coordinator are wa
  14. Does anyone really feel confident going to Tennessee, we have absolutely no reason to believe this team can beat anybody.
  15. Win or lose, you can always count on the Colts being out coached, always it's as sure a thing as there is, in the NFL.
  16. Pagano and Pep are killing this team and when luck is playing like crap this team is horrible. We have been out coached every game since the last game BA coached. Pagano is a great guy, but a horrible X+O's in game coach and Pep is no better at his job. I think this teams has gotten where its at in spite of Pagano, much more than because of anything Pagano has done. The Jets defense is laughing at the Colts offense you can hear it.
  17. Receivers can't get separation, Luck looks like crap, no pass rush or protection, if not for the solid play of the defense this should be a blowout, very lucky to only be down by 10.
  18. Defense has played very good, have been put in a hole all night long. Anderson will be a star.
  19. 1-Herremans was horrible, he was slow to his blocks and got beat often, lets hope this doesn't continue. 2-Trent Cole looked slow and old, I hope he was not going all out as he did not looked explosive at all. 3-Montori Hughes showed nothing and we really need him to step up and make plays. 4-T
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