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  1. Redefine bonafide star, I watched Mathis and Freeney from their start and it was not like they come out of the starting gates as the duo sack masters of the NFL. It took them time to find to find their chemistry. It will take time to find out what you got in a rookie. If anybody notices most of your hardworking players come out of the 2nd and 3rd rounds. I'am not knocking on you just saying by looking on this thread how disappointed some of the comments are.
  2. Here is my picks for the first four rounds. IMOP 26. Lawerance or Tillary which ever is available 34. Allen out of BC or Risner out of KS 59. Mcgary out of Washington or Edwards out of Wisconsin 90. Johnson Jr out of Kentucky or Hooker out of Iowa. I believe the Colts still need to build on the O-line and D-line and I would see what happens during OTA's and see who gets cut for WR's and CB/S this year this is my honest opinion
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