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  1. Imop I can see Brissett coming into play here. Brissett has stated that he wants to start in the NFL for the 2019, 2020 season. Oakland has 3 first round 4,24,27. a second at 35 and a 3rd round at 66 it might be possible to get a good trade with the raiders to get a first and a third for brissett. only if the raiders want to give up on their QB
  2. Archangel

    Colts draft spot

    the lack of pass rush and this being the first year under the DC put the corners at a disadvantage IMOP, As the year went along the corners got better. The colts would pickup a LB and or a good interior pass rusher the corners will be a lot better.
  3. Archangel

    Colts draft spot

    well we played them once I do not see them doing what they did to us during the playoff game. But you are correct need to bolster the defense
  4. Archangel

    We're coming KC!!!!!!

    IMOP if the Colts play clock management and run the ball like they did against the Texans, Make the the KC Chiefs play from behind this is a game that will favor the the colts. I do not like the colts to get into a shoot out type of game with KC who enjoys playing for the big gain. the Colts need to put a spy on the QB like they did during the Texan game.
  5. Archangel

    Kansas City Weather Forecast

    IMOP the Colts are set up to play in the cold weather this year by controlling time of possession and by running the ball. No deep patterns and getting rid of the ball quicker. Also the defense has grasped the soft zone and the Tampa 2, by not letting anyone get behind them. this defense is geared to play from the lead just like the last 2 Super bowl runs. If Andrew and Co, can establish the run and quick throws and get a good lead the KC Chiefs will be one dimensional. I do not believe the weather will be a factor in this one as I do not believe this will be a shoot out.
  6. Archangel

    Tonight's officiating crew.....

    I agree the team commits a lot of penalties due to being a young team. But I have to say I have seen a lot worse when it comes to Holding. The RG for the colts was targeted by the refs tonight for some reason. now I believe some calls were questionable on both sides.
  7. Archangel

    Titans vs Texans?

    Still a lot of games to be played yet. Colts have to play at Jacksonville, Texans, and the Titans on the Road. Home games against the Cowboys and Giants. Houston has to play Titans, Cleveland and Indy at Home. Philly, Jets and Jacksonville on the Road. Titans has Indy, Washington, Jacksonville and the Jets at home. Road games are Houston, Giants. Ravens Have to play at the Chargers, Kansas, and Atlanta. Home against Cleveland and Tampa. Steelers play at New Orleans, Oakland. Home against Chargers, New England and Bengals. So IMOP I would rather Titans loose or the Ravens loose 3 of the next 5. I do not see the steelers loosing at home and Houston loosing against the Cleveland the Jets or the Titans
  8. Archangel

    Blue Wall

    ok who took over for kelly when he got injured
  9. Archangel

    Remainder of the Schedule

    Need to take into account 2 of those games the Colts were missing a few key players. I very seldom mention or blame officials for a lose. But the philly game had to be one of the worst officiating games that I have ever seen.
  10. Archangel

    Glad we didn’t go for Norwell

    I know this is not going to happen. As for a Brissett trade. Not a owner or a GM but I would never send a QB with Brissetts talent to any AFC South team that you might have to play twice a year. I see plenty of teams out their that would trade for him.
  11. Archangel

    We can be 4-4 heading into bye

    if we can get healthy by the time we play the jets we can possibly get to 4 and 4 heading into the bye, the schedule looks favorable and the team has fight in them.
  12. Archangel

    Hines play

    Hines is getting better each week. Just lacks vision getting through the hole needs to get more then a couple of yards but his catching out of the backfield is good
  13. Archangel

    Game Officials

    I believe if I am correct not for sure their is a head Ref each game that sits back in New York and is able to see a bad call and lets the ref on the field know this. I thought they went to this years ago to cut down on crucial mistakes the refs were making.
  14. Archangel

    Patriots predictions

    Without corners and a run game the colts will loose this one big time. I follow the Colts but the colts are not ready for prime time. Have a lot of work in front of them.
  15. Archangel

    Marlon Mack

    I am not a expert on Hamstrings but AC has been out for a extended period of time no preseason and missing 3 weeks regular season and has not practiced so their has to be something I am over looking here.