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  1. was not even aware Smith was hurt
  2. The sad thing now that the Refs did the holding calls. they will be watching the colts extremely close the next few games.
  3. For the first time this year was able to watch a game and well watched the 1st quarter and this team is just horrible, no offense no defense and no special teams if this is how they are going to approach every game then I guess iam glad I quit watching footbal
  4. no they traded and got taylor the rb
  5. IMO if correct I believe luck was injured during the first game of the season against Buffalo, And also If I may say That pep Hamlitons offensive schemes was total garbage and this is why he got fired. I for one could not predict how luck would of done last year, So lets go into this year training camp and see what we got and see what improvements have been made before their are any predictions. We do have a new OC and line coach, Plus we have a new DC,
  6. need to spend more time talking about the player then what chuck says. for one i do not live in Indiana so I follow the the forum to catch up on players progression during the off season and minicamp,
  7. FULL ROSTER EXPAND #40 Edwin Jackson Position: Linebacker Height: 6-0 Weight: 230 Class: Senior Hometown: Atlanta, Ga. High School: Westlake SENIOR (2014): Most athletic member of the linebacker corps… Works every day to get better on and off the field… Flies around the field and covers the field sideline to sideline… Analyzes plays quickly and attacks accordingly… Disciplined leader who pushes his teammates to reach unprecedented levels of success… Sun Belt Conferenc
  8. I dont mind the pick is was a need probably could of traded down a couple of spots but hey we got a OL who can immediatly start IMO.
  9. LT- Castanzo LG- Mewhort C-Draft Martin in the 3rd if still their or Bohem and or Allen in the 4th RG- Draft Ifedi in the 2nd versatile player can play guard or Rt RT- Good Use Reitz as a back up Also their is Dahl and Westerman who are guards and can go in the 3rd Still think colts will draft Defense in the first
  10. i think billings is the guy the colts maybe take. but as i said we need O-line but the colts i think have 3 starters for sure and i think the second round the colts will get 1 of 2 players i mentioned and in the 3rd its possible the centers will be their in the draft . th is will make the FA signings a lot better if you know what you have in the draft
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