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  1. And those fans voting for the worst opposing team candidates
  2. Hankins still not signed as well.
  3. Wilson is our CB1, however maybe it’s this.
  4. Surprised Delair is not on it
  5. First priority should be Quinton Meeks CB
  6. TY Grant Cain Brent Rogers and Fountain on bubble
  7. You need some new glasses then. He’s young, talented and cheap. Plus he’s a Ballard pick.
  8. I’m hoping Stewart is going to take a big 2nd year jump and become a dominant Dlineman.
  9. Quick get off, maybe new DE
  10. I believe the Colt win the turnover battle and the game. Colts 20 - Rams 10
  11. Rd1) A - Jordan Phillips DT B - Eddie Goldman DT C - Carl Davis DT Rd2) A - Demzel Perryman ILB B - Stepone Anthony ILB Rd3) A -- Anthony Harris FS B - Ibrahem Campbell SS RD4) A - Josh Shaw CB B - Senquez Golson CB Rd5) A - Karlos Williams RB B - Josh Robinson RB C - Dominique Brown RB D - Matt Jones RB Rd6) A - Tyrus Thompson OT B - Jamon Brown T/G Rd6) A - Terry Williams NT B - Marcus Hardison DE/DT Rd7) A - Darren Waller WR B - Anthony Chickillo Edge Rd7) A - Connor Halliday QB B - Wes Saxton TE UDFA - Leon Orr DL, De'Ante Saunders CB
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