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  1. And those fans voting for the worst opposing team candidates
  2. Hankins still not signed as well.
  3. Wilson is our CB1, however maybe it’s this.
  4. Surprised Delair is not on it
  5. First priority should be Quinton Meeks CB
  6. You need some new glasses then. He’s young, talented and cheap. Plus he’s a Ballard pick.
  7. I’m hoping Stewart is going to take a big 2nd year jump and become a dominant Dlineman.
  8. Quick get off, maybe new DE
  9. Day one starter at RG which he has always played. Would not be surprised for him to become a Pro Bowler. Love the pick.
  10. Holton Hill signed with Vikings....off field concerns but could have pushed to start for us. also they signed Hurcules
  11. Meeks signed with the Jags that sucks for us
  12. It's not LB specific unless Ballard reached for a need. There were much better talent still available at many positions
  13. Hope we can get Hill, Meeks, Scales, Cobb. They all would play on Sundays for us and make this draft more bearable.
  14. Not really but if you think so. Lol I feel we we should look at Sweet with one of our 1st two second round picks cause he won't last much later than that.
  15. No sure Sweat or Hand will make it out of the 1-2 round. What makes you think they would be available in 4-5 round? Also dump the TE and inset LB
  16. Colin: "is Luck throwing?" Ballard, "Soon".....with a beat your butt his is smirk!!!
  17. Not good if true. I personally felt worst about him coming back after his interview yesterday and now this.
  18. Reich does not call the plays for the Eagles the HC did and prior to that in SD he did not call the plays. Strange, but must be a reason for this. He is a good QB. Coach.
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