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  1. So basically your saying the colts have no play book just 12 or 13 plays for the whole game. I think you summed it up perfectly
  2. I was basically saying if your coach cannot find a weakness of each team and exploit it and changing things when it is not working and quit being stubborn. and yes you do not r keep running up the middle on the 2nd ranked defense in the running dept
  3. They scout each team weeks before they play them. If your scouts and the film does not indicate the strength and weakness of each team then Frank should not be a coach
  4. I will agree with you on this. scoring 35 points you would think that you could not loose. As I has said earlier this team had no goal the day Luck retired. Your kicker was hurt all year. and the defense and offense regressed
  5. I was talking about the entire season so don't get panicked today they might of got some pressure but look at the over all season
  6. I'am sorry the colts are without their star RB and WR. JB is a backup nothing more, The line has regressed this year and the colts cannot get any pressure. The ST is a complete dumpster fire. so their is a lot of work that needs to be done.
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