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  1. I want Chubb. I want the Colts to have a formidable defense.
  2. I'm happy and this feels like a good move, but time will tell
  3. If Coby Fleener got $7 million plus per year with the Saints then Jack Doyle is definitely worth $6 million per year. I don't think we overpaid. I like this deal.
  4. So that leaves AV as the only player that is still left from the SB 44 quad and he was on IR
  5. I really never cared about insignificant psi levels especially when we got beat by 38 points and I'm a die hard Colts fan. Brady set the record for single season TD:INT ratio at 39 years old and had a sensational season. He got his team to the first seed in the playoffs and he's still the best QB in the league.
  6. They made Hoyer look like a pro bowler today lol.
  7. The defense will hopefully be better when we get guys back, but it'll take time for those guys to comeback and return to form. And the way people are continuing to drop like flies, it really could take some time .Due to injuries, I don't know if we will ever get a true glimpse of the potential of our defense this season. But yeah, we need to win on Sunday. I won't be too confident or optimistic until we get that first win.
  8. Yeah but we don't have the benefit of the doubt either. The way the Colts have looked these first two games I would be scared of any team.
  9. When I first looked at our schedule when it was released, I quickly thought to myself that we needed to get off to a fast start (5-2 or better) within the first 7 games because they are all winnable and like you said the final 9 are much tougher. These next few games will be huge and I truly believe they will define our season. Even with the division up for grabs, if we don't get hot right now I just don't see us making the playoffs because things get much tougher past week 7. We can't afford to be 3-4 or worse going into a stretch of games that includes KC, GB, Pit, NY, and Minn.
  10. Chargers 38 Colts 24 Rivers will shred us and our offense won't come alive until the end of the 3rd quarter. Hope I'm wrong but this is my honest prediction.
  11. I don't have any confidence going against the Chargers. Rivers has crushed our dreams many times in the past regardless of who our coach or QB was. He has our number tattooed on the back of his hand. Then again, our secondary is also decimated which won't help the situation.
  12. Kelly should, at the very least, be an upgrade over what we've had at center and I think Joe Haeg could be a stud. There's no reason why the O-line shouldn't be improved this season unless we are just decimated with injuries (which is always a possibility with us)
  13. Of course I'm worried. Mewhort's injury is a huge blow if the rumors are true and we have infinite injuries on defense. We better pray Andrew stays healthy for 16 games because we do not have anything close to Hasselbeck at the back up QB position. Luck will have to carry us again this year, but I still believe we could go something like 10-6.
  14. I was at the Denver game last year. It was the first Colts home game I've ever been to. I had a blast. Going up against an udefeated Denver team, we were 3-5 and I didn't think we had a chance based on how we were playing at that point in the season. For the Colts and Luck to pull out their best performance of the year and beat the eventual SB champs when I happened to be there to see it, it was special.
  15. I meant "the good" with Andrew Luck, not the show.
  16. A while back I decided to boycott this show entirely. It's just too frustrating to watch. Skip obviously has some serious beef with Andrew. The good outweighs the bad by so much but all Skip wants to talk about is the bad. Meanwhile, he can continue raving about his boys RG3, Manziel, and Tebow.
  17. It's not just about the stats (although Luck's were better), it's also about the wins. And the fact that Luck won more games than Manning did in his first three years with very little talent around him is a testament to how good Luck was when he first came into the league. I'm not saying he will have a better career than Peyton, but there's no denying his first three years were better.
  18. He's still young, going through growing pains, plus he was really injured last year. I have faith he will improve because the O-line improved, running game should be improved, plus he learned a ton from last year's struggles. He's still the best player on our team and we still go as far as he can take us.
  19. It's about competing to win a SB every given year but it's also about sustained success. It always takes time to develop certain players that you draft, they usually don't hit their prime as rookies. Most of the time the patient approach of drafting/developing players has been more successful than going all in and aggressively pursuing free agents. I think Grigson and Pagano are starting to take the patient approach.
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