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  1. Remember when Gregg Doyel from the IndyStar wrote that article in the preseason about how Hasselbeck was old,washed up and done? LOL

    1. ColtsBTM12
    2. Lawrence Owen

      Lawrence Owen

      Remember when 90% of this forum agree'd,and was saying the same thing?

    3. ColtsBTM12


      It was a preseason game and I don't think any of us were losing sleep over the backup QB situation.

  2. Thanks a lot Cincinnati, you had one job.

    1. Stephen


      the bengals always lose to the texans.

    2. southwest1


      I finally thought the Bengals were for real this year & then they lay an egg. Bang up job Marvin Lewis. SMD.

  3. I hate the Patriots

    1. teganslaw


      The Patriots must be a charmed team. Things always seem to go their way.

    2. chad72


      They know it takes 60 minutes to beat them, so they play till the clock goes 0:00, not till the 2 minute warning (cough, cough, Giants :)).

    3. 12isthenew18
  4. I met Greg Toler at the Indianapolis airport last night. Great guy, signed my mini helmet and took a picture with me.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jim H.

      Jim H.

      Shoulda asked for one of his pony tails.

    3. Stephen
    4. tvturner


      Did you ask him why he kept getting burnt on every play?

  5. This game was a sick joke

  6. Is it Monday yet?

    1. southwest1


      Bring on the Jets baby. Let's make sure this "Jet Airliner" never leaves the runway under the helm of captain Ryan Fitzpatrick shall we...

    2. ColtsBTM12


      The Colts really need to play another game to get the last one out of their system.

    3. COLTS449


      No but its almost Sunday my man.

  7. Just drafted Frank Gore on my fantasy team

  8. I don't think anyone would give up anything for him.
  9. That one's gonna sting for Green Bay Fans

    1. ColtsBTM12


      Rivals game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals for Spurs fans

    2. southwest1


      Onside kick blues baby. Ouch...

  10. Let's Go Colts!!!!!!

  11. Colts are locked in at the #4 seed and will host the loser of the Bengals and Steelers game in the first round of the playoffs.

  12. Is there a Horseshoe FAQ podcast for this week?

    1. ColtsBTM12


      I can't find it.

  13. Lets go COLTS!! Lets make this a game to remember!!!!

    1. Dr. Guildo

      Dr. Guildo

      We will remember it alright... and for all the wrong reasons.

  14. I have a good feeling about tonight. Let's GO COLTS!!!!!

  15. Go Colts!! Time to bring home the W!!!

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