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  1. Though no one will consider losing Wayne to be a good thing, I can almost see this as a blessing in disguise. There's no question that Luck will sometimes stare Reggie down for too long. With him not on the field, I can see this forcing Luck to develop stronger relationships with some of the younger players that will be around for much longer. It'll help Luck's development and those he's throwing to. It obviously means that others will have to step up big time, but I can now see players like Fleener and Hilton becoming the players we really want them to become.
  2. I understand that he's a rookie, but I'm always seeing issues with his accuracy. He doesn't seem to throw a "well placed ball". He's only going to continue to improve, but there are times when he looks way off. I see balls thrown behind receivers, I don't see him leading receivers. Am I the only one? Also, what's the deal with the hard-snap and then having the o-line drop into their stance? This isn't high school football.
  3. But according to your logic, a running back is a product of his offensive line. And while I agree with a good majority of that logic, I think it's still fair to say that athletic ability plays a role, as well. If you were to put Adrian Peterson in a blue and white jersey, our running game would improve--how much is determined by how the offensive line works together, but no running back on this squad has the ability that Peterson has. I think that's why people are already writing the Colts as struggling in the running game--they don't have a proven player. Same goes for the offensive line. Th
  4. Yeah, make sure to give credit where credit is due. If its someone else's work, that should be acknowledged. My impression was that, while reading, it was you that wrote the article.
  5. I've got to think that physical ability has got to play a role in there somewhere. I might have the right attitude and all the will in the world, but put me in front of Haloti Ngata and let's see what happens. I'll go as far as to say that our running game will improve compared to past seasons, and while I hope we can establish a power running game, I just don't see it happening anytime soon. I might be looking too far ahead, but I hope--with all the cap room we have next year--we make a serious run at Jake Long. Kick Castanzo to the right side and suddenly our line got a heck of a lot better
  6. I lol'd just reading the title. Great nickname!
  7. I read on BR that Edds' injury may be a torn ACL and may be out for the season. What did you see?
  8. I think the writer is referring to the sentence about Wayne and Collie. It would be a longshot to supplant either of those two. I don't think it would be a longshot supplant Ross.
  9. As much as I hate their football team, I don't think any cheerleader squad can come close to the Charger Girls.
  10. I think coaching is the difference maker. When you've got guys that show emotion and get on top of their players, I think that does a lot for a team.
  11. Not insulting you at all. Reddit loves traffic. I did well if I just sent another user its way.
  12. You, sir, got a good laugh out of me.
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