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  1. You're absolutely right about that. The only team in the East who's won any playoff games since realignment outside of NE is the Jets. Buffalo can't even sniff the playoffs & Miami got there when Brady was out & they got their teeth kicked in by the Ravens. Titans got to the AFCCG in 02, won @ Baltimore in the wild card round & gave NE all they could handle in Foxboro the following week in the 03 playoffs. They also won 10 games in 07 & was the #1 seed in 08. Jacksonville had the 3rd best record in the AFC in 05 behind us & Denver at 12-4. They went 11-5 in 07 &
  2. Uhhhhh you do realize we were just in the AFCCG 2 years ago right? And keep in mind we've given the reigning SB champs all types of fits over the years despite them having an elite defense. And other top dogs in the AFC such as the Chiefs, a healthy Ravens team, & Bengals we too have given them fits over the years. I'll give you our issues against Pittsburgh & NE, but that's mainly due to the fact our offense hasn't shown up & put the defense in bad spots & that's a no no against Ben & Brady. As for the division, just how good is Houston's defense? The way I see
  3. Jacksonville's offense scares the hell outta me. Bortles is essentially a clone of Andrew & the Allen bros are emerging superstars along with Yeldon & Julius Thomas is a top 5 TE when he's healthy. If Marquise Lee ever gets his stuff together, look out.
  4. Lots of old foes on the schedule(DEN, SD, KC, PIT, NYJ) but should be a fun season!
  5. Anticipate seeing them in January. The NFL season isn't right w/o those 2 teams playing each other at some point.
  6. When Calvin Johnson is on your schedule annually, you're gonna get smoked at times. Yes he got smoked here & there pre 2014, but that year was really bad since he gave up like 7-8 TDs with terrible technique & his fomer teammate Cromartie said the same thing & a player of his skill set shouldn't allow that to happen. His technique improved greatly & going forward he'll stay in the upper echelon of CBs.
  7. He's been named All Pro the last 3 years & has the most INTs in the league since 2011. If you're gonna fault him for lining up on the left side for his entire career up until this season when he did shadow the opponent's #1 WR & did his thing, then I guess you should also discount Vontae for lining up on the right side for his career until this year when he too shadowed the opponents #1 WR.
  8. So explain why he shut down the best WR in football last year?
  9. Vontae wasn't healthy for a good part of the year & the only game you can say he played poor in was @ Pittsburgh but AB gives damn near everybody the business just ask Chris Harris. When Vontae was healthy, ask Sammy Watkins & Demaryius Thomas how they fared against him along with Allen Robinson.
  10. 2014 he got smoked then after the season he revealed he was diabetic. This past season he got his weight down & played lights out.
  11. But he took $90M to go to Jacksonville & Brock took $72M to go to Houston & Danny got $28M to go to Chicago. He's talking out both sides of his mouth on that one. If all 3 really wanted to stay in Denver, they would've sacrificed some money. Not faulting any of them for chasing the money, but don't say that after the fact y'all cashed in.
  12. The only thing he does better that Fleener is block. Let's not play ourselves here, he doesn't touch Coby as a pass catcher & in Chud's offense history has shown that he wants TEs that can ball out as pass catchers. With him being our #2 TE now, if he does a solid job in that department, I'll be more than pleased with it, but to say you'd be alright with him as our guy is a bit of a stretch since we haven't seen anything that would validate that.
  13. You're spot on with everything you said, but in defense of Allen, he was tragically misused last year along with Fleener & if we're gonna be honest, both were relatively misused since they were drafted. Fleener was a non factor in BA's offense but Allen wasn't their rookie year. When Reggie tore his ACL & Dwayne injured his hip then 2nd year, then Andrew started to throw Coby the ball more. 3rd year, while they became the 1st TE duo in NFL history to have 8 TDs a piece, Dwayne had only 29 rec for 395 yds & Coby did post career highs in TDs & receiving yards, I felt there were p
  14. Oh of course not. You only can be loaded on both sides of the ball for so long before players leave via FA. Just ask the World Champs & to some degree the Bengals. Even Seattle after they won it all.
  15. Did defenses stress over how to stop him??? Sure didn't.
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