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  1. Indy was still 0-2 against AFCE teams not named the Patriots, with one game to go. They got crushed by Buffalo and NYJ (lose each by 2+ scores), but actually made the Pats game competitive. I think priorities here are off a bit.
  2. There is nothing less shocking then a Patriot loss to the Giants.
  3. I was reflecting on Reddit last night how Campbell is really an outlier as far as head coaches are concerned. Usually you'd want a HC with some sort of coordinator experience, either O, D or ST. He has none. Can anyone remember the last coach who was hired who was not a former coordinator or at least a college HC? I know he's a rah rah guy, but you have to be able to game plan. Coaches with experience tend to game plan better.
  4. Do you have stats to back this up or are you guessing? Pats D is currently ranked 7th in the league in points allowed. Last year they were 8th.
  5. His point and my point are similar. You are going after the Patriots for giving up yards, but the Colts have been decidedly worse at giving up yards as well. You can't with one hand say that Pats D is bad for giving up yards to Jax but then with the other hand ignore the fact that the Colts did the same thing. You can say the Colts were injured, but the Patriots lost 3 HUGE names from their 2014 team that they are going to have to adjust over 2015 to replace. Everyone has excuses.
  6. And since two of the opponents are common opponents I should mention that the Colts gave up 342 yards and 147 rushing to the Bills, 431 yards with 142 rushing to those same "Jacksonville freaking jaguars" that you just dismissed. AT HOME.
  7. It makes more sense that a good LT like Solder was struggling with injury that lead to the 5 sacks rather then uncharacteristic poor play. When he was replaced the sacks went away, still it's an overall talent downgrade at that position unless they do something like move Vollmer over to that spot.
  8. Pats just lost starting LT Nate Solder for the year with a torn right bicep.
  9. Dropping from 11th in yards allowed in 2014 to 25th in 2015?
  10. Pittsburgh with Ben is a top 5 offensive team. And since then the Pats have given up 349, 293, and 264 yards with two of those games being on the road.
  11. Hard to gain sympathy when the Greg Doyles out there burn any positive karma that might be gained from being media underdogs.
  12. I am generally puzzled by the mentions of the Pats games against Jax and Buffalo as being "soft". Both of those teams are common opponents this year in the first quarter of the season and probably a pretty good measure of how the Colts and the Pats will perform against each other. I guess I have trouble understanding why beating Buffalo and blowing out Jax wouldn't count when the same two teams won and barely lost, respectively, to the Colts and is being ignored?
  13. Extremely subjective and questionable at best. They gave Vick a +.1 for last night which included a +.5 for run blocking.
  14. PFF has them at pretty dead average, but it's deceptive considering how liberally teams are passing on them. So why run?
  15. Considering the Colts TE production and run D, I am not sure you are asking the right questions.
  16. Are you claiming that neither of these two players could help the Colts at all?
  17. Saban would want full control and totally hands off for Irsay right down to his twitter feed.
  18. It's just one good deal at the very beginning of his tenure. That's one hell of a honeymoon you are giving him.
  19. The offense is currently not set up to play to Lucks strengths, IMHO. There is only one person to blame for that.
  20. No mention of the missed line calls that allowed blitzers free lanes to Luck?
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