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  1. 1. Fix Centre, Guard, Right Tackle Position. O-line is number 1 priority. 2. Find out who is going to be rushing the passer next year. Get rid of Trent Cole. 3. Find a #2 CB. 4. ILB depth. 5. RB to complement Gore. 6. Cut Andre Johnson, waste of money.
  2. Our d-line is a strength. No surprise here. LBs also were pretty solid tonight.
  3. team first, player second. he is a sore loser and was a loser in college. not mentally tough at all.
  4. This guy is freakin awesome. Seriously looks like one of the best 3-4 DTs in the whole NFL right now.
  5. Watt did nothing on us! What a performance by these guys. Bravo.
  6. O-line was great tonight simply for the fact that Watt did nothing.
  7. you think the Pats ever let that happen? nah, cuz they aren't a joke of an organization top to bottom like us.
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